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Tryndamere Build Guide by Nyhmon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nyhmon

I'm gonna die, and all of You comes with me

Nyhmon Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Welcome Mr. Guest

You are now reading my -Tryndamere - The Barbarian King- Guide. It's my way to play him, probably not perfect but allows you to :

- Gank in early games, that is really hard with carry's
- Dominate after you got the Infinity
- Slay everyone in late game under/after ulti
- Solo Baron Nashor, after you bought the second Bloodthirster
- Be the "Tank" of your Team, start the teamfights
- Free beer and womens!

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Im choose AS in early game. That's why we buyinandfirst. With more AS you can easily gain RAGE from minions. RAGE is extreamly important in early and mid game, more crit->bigger numbers->pwnage!

After(around lvl 10-12 if your team isn't sucks) you can gank and rush more easily. Always ask/look for help from your teammates, you are immortal yes, but only for 6 seconds. Don't care about killsteals, focus on the game and don't start abuesing its just destroys the morale.
with, allows you to do really heavy damage really fast. In late game if you are good, you can solo the match. (once i've done it :) ) It doesn't matter whos your enemy, if you hit them 2 times they don't have any/much hp left. (except tanks...grrr)

Tryndameres biggest problem is his ultimate. In teamfights if you don't use it before u hit an enemy, you die. It's a half second intervallum. Thats why so many! When you rush into 4or5 enemy, use your ulti, hitting them hard (2-3 hits an enemy) you have so many lifestealing, boosting your hp. It's just enough to kill one often 2 more enemys after ultimate! Than you gonna die if your not lucky. But you surely died with an ace. :)

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, im used,for a long time. But i've realized it's wrong. Tryndameres general ability isand(spinning slash,mocking shout) and i've never used my summener spells in sharp situations. Just for being sure the enemy dies. Now im usingand. It's excellent for last hitting/chasing and it can be a lifesaver to.

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Tips to Win

Always communicate with your teamc Communication is better than cheats. If an enemy is missing from your lane say ss. Do not argue, do not feed. Push your lane, help your teammates, kill as much enemy as you can. BUY WARDS! WARDS can be LIFESAVER. Always buy a ward or two to your lane. Play smart in early game, play hard in late game. Always use mocking shout first, not spinning slash. Use your ulti as late as you can (a half second count too) and if its active, kill as many enemys as you can. Care about dragon after you've got infinity, care nashor after you've got the second bloodthirster.

Sorry for my bad english, it's my 3rd language :(

Have Fun

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PASSIVEIt's 35%!!! Crit chance when full. Always harass minions to keep it full, before entering battle
Qquit when you die - It's your most important ability. It gives you heals in early game, big damage at 1hp, but uses your fury... Use it Smart, and only when it's needed.
Watch that, im so fast - Haaa, u think u can run from tryndamere? Muhahahahahahaha
Everytime you cry - It's a good finishing move, minion farming ability, FURY farming ability, Flash ability, Escaping ability.... whoooo nnneeeeds moooore?
Raping you, and forget the rest - NOW YOUR IMMORTAL