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Akali Build Guide by iMoogle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iMoogle

iMoogle's guide to akali mid

iMoogle Last updated on December 20, 2011
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I know this guide seems a bit shady but hear me out. I like to go mid with Akali because if she gets all that gold and xp to herself she is a really unchallenged champion late game. BTW I didn't bother doing a mastery and rune setup because i'm not level 30 yet I will update this later though when I am at level 30

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If u focus on your passive I like to main AP and AD because when you have all that magic power it can really be hard for the enemies to escape just using your melee will deplete their health immensely. Dorans Blade is great early game because if you have your passive (I cannot stress having your passive) you will torture most champions early game. secondly I like to go ahead and buy the Blasting Wand because with that you have more AP for obvious reasons. Next I take the Phage for the health mainly and the slow. I like to take the Pickax next if I cant already afford the Rageblade. The Rageblade is by far a must have for Akali it increases your damage done and it gives ur passive a boost in AP to do more melee damage in increments. I like to get the boots whenever there's no real reason to get them late game if you have shadow dance but I highly recommend getting it because you can chase and run better. Rylai's Scepeter for AP. I then take a life steal path toward getting the Hextech Gunblade

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Alright here's the dreaded chapter you've been waiting for I cannot live without Akali's passive
if you don't activate it with runes and masteries your dead though before I was level 20 I would just get a tad bit of rune AP help though I don't recommend buying runes unless your level 20 because by then you will have enough IP towards your runes if you haven't been spending it like I told you to. :P

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The Kill

Akali is an interesting champion because she can solo almost anyone. What I do for the attack sequence is to go ahead and use a Shadow Dance to get to the champion (NEVER SOLO 2 CHAMPIONS UNLESS THEY'RE REALLY LOW AND YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET THEM AND THEY'RE NO WHERE NEAR THE TURRET)and then pop a twilight shroud, mark of the assassin, and the crescent slash, wash rinse and repeat (ignite is helpful too).

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Alright beginning farming is easy. Mark of the Assassin the champion then farm the minions while staying out of the enemy champions area of fire. Follow my sequence guide to when you start using crescent slash to weaken enemies. Since crescent slash has such a low cooldown time it makes it almost too easy to farm.

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Well guys time to wrap this thing up if you wish to see anything else let me know in the comments below since I hardly get on this website contact me at thanks for taking time to read this guide and I'll see you later.