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Shyvana General Guide by martypants

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League of Legends Build Guide Author martypants

In Depth How to play Shyvana In Season 4. Multiple builds.

martypants Last updated on December 7, 2013
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Shyvana Build

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Hi Summoners Introduction.

Hi guys my name is Martin and I have a love for playing Shyvana.
In this guide you will learn how powerful Shyvana actually is and how much utility her build actually has. You will learn that there are way better options then and on Shyvana. you will learn that there are a number of more effective builds for Shyvana.
In this guide, I will brake down each previous typical build witch you have seen / studied,
And compare them to my builds. Hey guys this is my first guide, So If You have any thoughts at all ore feedback, ore notice any errors, ore questions please feel free to write me as I will be updating everything.
Let's burn!

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Who is Shyvana and why

Shyvana is the best/fastest jungler in league of legends.
You may argue Her ganks are bad you say. Then your overlooking the soul purpose of Your she dragon lady's skill/kit.. Her Soul purpose as a champion is just to control the jungle. shes 100% jungler and she does so effectively that You won't need any ganks when done correctly. your ability to counter and duel the enemy jungler is more then your team could dream of asking for. She has the best dragon and baron control in the game. A level 7 dragon is better then two level three ganks. Her job is to jungle so effectively that there won't be enough room in summoners rift for the apposing team's jungler.

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Pros / Cons

Fastest jungler in the game. She can take out a ward faster then any champion . Objective control. High dps high burst. Good Amazing cc With the right build. Very tanky . Very good pealing advantage. Scary ult . Prepare to initiate a team fight and be the last one standing. The coolest looking champion in the game. Op tank op damage. nuff said. No cons when played properly .

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comparing a standard ad page.

First were gonna start talking about her kit, How to make the most of her abilities. some people will go flat ad on Shyvana and this is one of the worst ideas. we need to find out what she does. what her abilities scale with. 15 ad runes at the beginning of the game is just going to get a couple hit points to her W and auto attack damage and proc the % on her Q. That's all...

What about her passive? what about her flame breath? what about her ult? How do we synergies a build to amplify and unify her abilities into one combo package? Further more. How do we get the right itemization to keep her effective all game Even while on the defenders side? The most important thing to keep in mind when building Shyvana is making the conscious decision if your team is the defending side ore offending side. Because her defensive items are all so as offensive when that decision is made correctly. I want you to carry your whole team to victory. even when your team is suffering.Don't build the AD carry page on this jungler!!! :))
You don't need 21 in offence to doTones of damage ether

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Another more conventional rune's and AD

So here another rune page that isn't as troll as the ad carry page. but modified for Shyvanas targeted damage output.]]
You can see here already more damage in shyvanas combo.
flame breath damage and damage to her W is gonna be way higher then that of 15 Ad runes.
Plus ult damage.
Now with this rune page feel free to do your 21 in offence. It's fine. 21 in defense. its up to you. That is a solid flexible rune page to ether tank with or squishy,carry Shyvanas. if u want early damage hybrid quints are the best on shyv, You won't fall low of damage mid game. lets look at another.
if You still like the adc page try this one, Because is better then the AD page. Ok so Shyvanna apparently is one of the top 5 champions that scale amazingly with AD. plus the 9 in offence.
You will be doing godly amounts of damage through out the game, Even when building tanky.
You need to try this one. You will be surprised.
I get the whole armor pen thing but damage is damage and scaling damage is 50 extra attack damage, at level 18 with just 9 in offence. giving you more damage points to your W,and E That's like getting a free AD Item from the shop. freaking Op. I've played with all those above rune pages on Shyv, and still do, But still not optimal. whats better?

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What Your Misses Dragon Lady really wants and needs to shine. First build a

OK You can get plenty of burst from 45 ad and hybrid pen, But what about the actual champion your playing, your overlooking something. Shyvana's passive, it's the reason why You attack everyone. It's her everything. You will be not ganking lanes as much as u will be attacking everyone that is in front of you AFTER LANING PHASE.
Just by auto attacking things her abilities get cool downs. Its the most OP Passive ever.
Her Dps Helps Her Cast. think about it. The ad page and Hybrid pen thing will just make her a little cast Bursty. But You need consistency. What she really wants is to pound things faster to get excited, Building up her furry faster. so she can be ready to explode all over the enemy team in dragon form. when her attack speed is at it's peak she becomes Multi Ultasmic.
This is my go With my lady dragon.that's it. Make sense? Use your friendly Exhaust for ganking. What you get here is 12 attack speed and 38 damage at 18. attack speed faster ult faster cooldowns and longer lasting W , More 2% to max health hits with her E. by the time your duration on your W is done, Your jungle camp will be cleared. don't do 8 Ad and Attack Speed, Do scaling. You will do more damage at level 8 your building to grab dragon without anyone noticing and team fights. Best items For this build . Wriggle's Ore I get wriggles. It is still pretty Op on Shyvana with it's armor and attack speed. I was worried that it was a huge nerf. because of the reduced life steal, But I'm liking it a lot more then the previous. It now seams like Shyvanas core kit item. 25 attack speed and 25 armor is badass now. more attack speed means more ults and more ganks, keep that in mind. It is arguable that Golem is better, I only build Spirit Of The Ancian Golem if I'm made the choice that my team is going to be the defending team from the start of the game. if you pick one over the other you will notice your play style change dramatically. don't ever let anyone tell you that one item is better form the next Item in league Of Legends, that's just plain stupid. Just always keep your champions kit in mind,Blade of the Ruined King, Is now your second item. You have now 15% life steal, More attack speed. BOTRK is now as Useful on Shyvana as it is on Vain, It's a must get. Using your Flame breath will give you 2% to the targets max health in damage With each consecutive auto attack. And stacked with BOTRK's , Each auto attack will do 7% to each champions health. This item on shyvanna Is more op then ever, That's why you not just attack the squishier champions but the tanks as well, No one is safe. wit's end.. You could use wits end with Hybrid pen Runes Like the pros With Sunfire Deathcape maybe but not as effective. You Will be getting Spirit Visage instead.To synergies 20% more heal to BOTRKs and wriggle's. and for armor , You get Randuin's Randi's or Ran-Do-Wins. I like a lot on Shyvana, Cause of the slow and health. I get this over SunfireSunfire. Randoin's makes you tanker when fight Dbp champions. Remember your a DPS/Caster Hybrid. Not a Renecton ] Caster. It makes sense to get Sunfire on renectone, He jumps in and out quite frequently and he needs damage in between his cooldowns. But Shyvana's Dps gives You more Cast, So you need to slow those enemy auto attacks, Because Shyvana jumps in and stays in longer. people may rush Sunfire, will help her magic damage, But attack speed just prolongs Shyvana's W anyways, An extra 4 seconds on her W may be the best option when it comes to getting in and out. Get ] Trinity Force It's so good on Shyvana, You can build this item any time of the game. Movement speed, Some crit damage So important, you get 475 crit with my build, Sustenance to her ult and E and movement speed bursts and attack speed. I like all these items Because You can stop building them depending on whats happening and finish them latters, Depending on whats the priority. They have a good build path. I'm Not going to tell you what boots to build , Because boots are the most situational item in the game. It's up to you. Each item in this build not only does synergies with each other but synergies with Lady Dragons kit the most, Not some Black Cleaver,siriously not optimal. its an item for ad casters, not dps. the cooldown reduction and armor pen and health. has nothing compared to Blade Of The Ruined kings attack speed witch gives your abilities Cooldown reduction, And life steal to compensate for health. and You can't compare armor pen to percent to health damage. I'm not going to mention any famous summoners names that build these seconds rate items on Shyvana, But you guys could pick better items. Ravenous Hydraa good item for Top if You want. nothing bad about this item. its damage and life steal and health regen. It's basic. You can also jungle with this item. I can use this in place of wriggles. But recommended getting your lantern first then selling it for Hydra so You won't fall behind in early jungle clear. At least keep wriggles till you have the need for Hydra. as wriggles is the cheapest way and fastest way to secure Dragon Compared to any jungler item. Keep in mind building Your Ravenous Hydra could take the whole laning faze to build.

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Who needs boots. lots of damage.

Alright I'm going talk about movement speed and shyvana. Take note of this build.Ok, Have a quick look. two movement speed quints, armor, fleet of foot mastery.
Building your movement speed with damage items. Trinity Force and Zephyr. a build that takes into account all of shyvana's kit. Giving you an extra slot for something other then boots. make it a tank item ore a damage item. your runes and mastery page WILL synergize with those two items, witch synergize with shyvana's kit.
E damage, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Burst, Ult Damage and Tenacity, Not to mention the Trinity Force's new passive with 20% speed boost. Your going to build this faster then you think, Because Your not going to spend 1000 plus gold on boots. You can sell boots after this build too.
Now,The reason why your having tank masteries up there is obvious. your going to do too much damage ore too much tank Witch ever you build from then on. From then on You can be a tank, ore a carry, ore bruiser.
Witch ever your preference. The rest of the items are up to you.
Just try it!
It"s a Pentakill Shyvana build here , And every bit of it makes sense.

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Ultimate crowd control build tanky.

Ok this is a very crazy build and its Amazing! Best achieved with quintessences of movement speed. This build is going to allow you to slow every member of the enemy team it's amazingly tanky build. high damage output its more then valid build. Wtf is that A Rylai's Crystal Scepter?.. yeah. One of the main items in this build. DRAGON FORM: Shyvana now scorches the earth where she walks, leaving a trail of fire for 5 seconds that will continually deal the same Magic damage per second to enemies that pass over it. Your W going to proc the 35% slow every second. no one will catch up to you, Everyone will be slowed. Shyvana's flame breath will have a little more damage to it but its going to also slow your targets 35%. Flame Breath in a cone will slow everyone it touches. her ult will slow 35% . build this combines with Iceborn Gauntlet
And the tenacity of Mercury's Treads You will be pouncing around the teamfights with loads of CC and ease of movement. Randuin's Omen is going to slow everyone who attacks you by 20% pluss its 100% active. When Shyvana ults in, it will slow everyone in the guided path. with Randuin's active,Slow 100% E slow, and W slow, proc a Iceborn Gauntlet passive to your Q slow, , your going to get more then a 200% slow. the enemy team wont be able to positions themselves, Get away, Or even initiate, Building frozen mallet though I don't think is as good. Slow only applies to single targets. note that Iceborn is area of effect passive and armor and ability power for her ult and E and give u cooldown reduction and it is more cost effective. take note that u want her rune page to have scaling AD not Hybrid pen for this build ,Because The passive on Iceborn will scale off her physical damage and do more damage then if You had Hybrid pen. You can build Spirit of the Ancient Golem for more tenacity if You want. Tenacity does stack. but I actually get spirit visage ore Banshee's VeilBanshee's Veil instead. Or both. Probably best to start off with Ancient Golem then sell it. It's a good starting item.

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Your play, Wards and Ganking.

In early phases of the game, try to fine out what buff the enamy team is starting at, If the enemy team has a jungler that uses Mana they will probably start at blue, for exampleLee sin has the option of going red ore blue, but Elice 80% of the time will start at blue. this is very important. if your purpple/ top team and the enemy starts blue You canWait in the brush at number 1 where wraiths are on the map till red spawns, use your trinket to check. Sometimes Adc and support will be guarding, so use the trinket man! Wait till 155, then start their red. it's important that Your team doesn't go into other bushes they may risk being seen. You don't want to be Seen.If the enemy team sees an invasion they may just as well go to your red and it will spoil the whole play. You can solo red with no leash, Activate two health potions, After You steal their red , You have time to gank mid or get their wraiths as weal . don't do wraiths if your going to gank because the enemy teams jungler will be done with wolves and may assist. After wraiths go to solo blue When You go to your red You will already have out leveled their jungler, And if they are in your jungle trying to get red You can get an easy 1v1 Kill. Stay out till level 4 or 5. if your able to gank a lane or pick up first blood, or get any lane experience your gonna probably be level 5 ore even 6 before You go back. Snatch your boots and , Your trying to get a to try and secure dragon. take note (Spirit Of The Ancient Golem won't allow you to solo dragon) Buy the time you get your lantern. You should be the appropriate level to try and have a go at dragon. buy wards. place one at dragon, To make sure no one is watching. if your support is a support dragon will be warded. and You can ward these areas. after dragon you did your job, now go build your items. and wreck face in team fights.

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Ok here is a chart of a typical game, standard items and masteries and runes. My Shyvanas damage is off the chart. Magic damage was that of an Ap carry and physical damage was that of an Ad carry. , As u can see I was very tanky too. and all I had for damage was a wriggles lantern and a blade of the ruined king. You have to make sure that You get your flame breath off before attacking every time , No flame breath? no harass! that's the rule. very important. ore your gonna do less damage. don't harass with a flame breath. that bonus damage is just for you now not your teammates. the whole thing about Shyvana is one skill enhances the next skill. She is the most energized champion ever. using one of her abilities means You have to use the other ones. shes not a harass champion. if You build your Shyvana according to this guide , your lady dragon will be able to force her way in, Get the kill, Takes the damage and get out alive, its very scary. I hope you guys try this build before you make any comments. And I would like to thanks you so much for reading this as far as you did, And big hug and kiss for taking the time to read this to here! I will be posting videos soon. :)


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