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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kourbem

in depth jungler ww

kourbem Last updated on April 8, 2011
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Quick guide

This section is a quick review of this ww for all of those that don't want to read the whole guide or those that have already read it and just want a recall. Remember that you will miss lot of tips, tricks and (i hope) relevant information just reading this section.

old: 21-0-9
new: 21-0-9

38% attack speed

Start items: Cloth Armor + Sight Ward + optional Health Potion
Early game items: Madred's Bloodrazor + Boots of Mobility
Mid game items: Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel + Wit's End or Sword of the Divine
Late game items: The Bloodthirster + Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel
Summoner abilities
Cleanse or Ghost (just in ladder and in weird cases) + Exhaust

Big wolf --> BBB Golem --> little wolves --> Spirits --> Lizard --> Golems --> Wolves --> Base to buy Madred's --> Spirits --> Enemy BBB Golem --> Dragon.

This is the fastest jungling method that i know (without smite) to take dragon as fast as you can, just a few seconds before min 7 you will take it, but read jungling section because it has 2 moments of really high risk.

Wolves --> BBB Golem --> Enemy golems --> Enemy lizard --> Enemy spirits --> Wolves --> Spirits --> Lizard --> Golems --> Base to buy Madred's and boots --> Enemy BBB Golem --> Dragon.

This is my favourite one, relative low risk and first gank with boots. Sadly it can only be done if there is no enemy jungler, it takes dragon about 1 minute later (around min 8) than the first one and probably you will have to heal yourself a bit after the dragon before gank.

There are another jungling methods, check the jungling section.

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There are lots of ww guides, but i feel like most of them have been written without testing ww in depth. Even, those that seems more professional have certain details that i strongly reject. I have been playing ww from long time ago, since first season starts i cannot check how many ww matches i have but im around 700 (just with ww) matches so i think that now i have enough experience to write my own guide with own tips and all that stuff.

Before start i have to remark that this guide is quite long, you would like read it if you are ww interested, you can read it anyway, that's for sure, but i think you will really enjoy it if you play ww or are interested in play ww in the future.

Ok, here is the main idea you always need in mind... EAT'EM ALL! EAT EAT EAT!! JUNGLE, MINIONS, CHAMPIONS WHATEVER IT IS, EAT IT!!!

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Eternal Thirst
Each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 6/12/18 health. Each successive attack against the same target will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick.

Imho one of the best passives. This is what makes you be the best jungler in conjunction with Hungering Strike (see below).

TIP 1: If you are in a 1v2+ (i.e. your mate has just been killed) focus one enemy until kill him to prevent Eternal Thirst to starts staking over and over. This is important also for jungling.
TIP 2: The amount of life healed will increase at level 7 to 12/18/24 and at level 14 to 18/24/36.
TIP 3: The amount of life healed doesn't has any relationship with the amount of damage done.
TIP 4: The faster we attack, the greater the amount of life healed.
TIP 5: The duration of the stacks is 4 seconds. If you are attacking an enemy (champion, creep, no matter what) and you stop for more than 4 seconds, you will need to start stacking again.

Hungering Strike
Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+1 per ability power) and 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 100% of the damage dealt.

The other ability which makes you the best jungler. It deals in most cases a huge amount of damage, other times it will be your salvation in a really hard battle (those that you are caught with about 2% of your life and the enemy with about 80%... fortunately in about 97% of 1v1 cases you will win).

TIP 1: It makes MAGIC damage.
TIP 2: It is not affected by blind, so if an enemy Exhaust you, Teemo Blinding Dart you or anything else... show him your teeth and eat him.
TIP 3: It is one of those "can-be-casted-twice-in-combat" (abilities with 8 secs cd or less).
TIP 4: It has more range than autoattack, many times will be the finisher against a running away champion.
TIP 5: If you have just kill an enemy and a tower is hitting you this ability can be your salvation casted against a minion.
TIP 6: You shouldn't start a combat with it unless you are already hurt. If you have the whole health and start the combat with it you will loose the healing property, start attacking 2, 3 or 4 times (depends on attack speed and the enemy you are facing) and then use it.
TIP 7: In combat use it as early as you get hurt, not when you are nearly to die. As mentioned above, this is a "casted-twice-in-combat" ability but just if you use it early, specially when it is not maximized.

Hunters Call
Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions. This increases Warwick's attack speed by 40/50/60/70/80% 10 seconds. All friendly champions gain half the bonus.

Nice for teamfights, destroy towers quickly and jungling.

TIP 1: It makes ww be one of the few champions that has an ability that affects the whole team at level 1 (gangplank, ezreal, sona are others). It's almost mandatory for the really weird but AWESOME and FUNNY tactic of take down a tower before the first minute xDD. I have tried it with friends and it can be done, not just against bots... Riot has decided to really nerf this tactic increasing the armor and magic resistance of the tower over 200 in the first few minutes of the match and also making the tower destroy wards with just one shot. Thanks Riot for destroying such a funny tactic.
TIP 2: Don't be too conservative with it, cast it everywhere, against minions, towers, champions, jungle. It's almost always ready when you need it and it doesn't spend too much mana. The only situation that you should reserve it is when you know that there will be a fight soon (in less than 10 seconds).

Blood Scent
Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within 1,500 / 2,300 / 3,100 / 3,900 / 4,700 distance of him; Upon sensing an enemy at low life he will gain 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% Movement Speed.

This ability is a double-edged sword, but definetely is great.

TIP 1: You just need run a bit more than your enemies so this will be the last increased ability.
TIP 2: If there is a weak champion near you, blood scent will disclose you, this can be used in lots of ways, there is not only what you see, but also the psycological gameplay. For example you can use it to walk near a weak enemy and scare him by making him believe you are preparing a gank, then you can go jungle again an even if the mask dissapear in his head he will still being frightened for a short time.
TIP 3: Is activable, remember that, sometimes it's useful to prevent an enemy champion from running away while you reach a better gank position. For example, lots of times before a mid gank i disable this spell and wait in the bushes until the mid laner enemy is pushing my tower near enough to let me reach him without using Infinite Duress, then before get out from the bushes i enable blood scent again. This cannot be done if the mid laner enemy knows that you are near because of the mask.
TIP 4: Dying disables blood scent, so remember enable it when you respawn (this is a **** up).
TIP 5: Doesn't reveal stealth champs but gives you the movement speed bonus anyway. This will be really helpful to alert you if there is an eve around you, since sorakabot has shown how to use the jungler eve (you know, that one with revive and smite) a lot of people is using that eve.

Infinite Duress
Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them for 1.7 seconds. While they are stunned, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times for 33% of his attack damage plus 40/60/80. Infinite Duress gains an additional 30% lifesteal bonus.

TIP 1: Remember, this ability can interrupt another champion's ultis (kata, galio, nunu, janna, miss fortune...) so it has another use than just making damage.
TIP 2: It makes ww attacks 5 times so any item that says something like "attacking an enemy" stacks with it... There are at least 4 interesting items than have sinergy with this spell, Wit's End will steal 210 mana and makes 210 extra magic damage, Sword of the Divine will always makes 100 extra magic damage, and if you really control it could even do 200 extra magic damage ;). With Malady it makes +100 magic damage and also will reduce magic resistance in 24. An finally the nerfed The Black Cleaver :(. This item is no more what it was, but still has a bit of sinergy, it will reduce 45 the enemy armor.
TIP 3: Hungering Strike + Infinite Duress + Hungering Strike makes an abusive amount of damage and heal about 80% of your life, this combo means almost enemy kill or tank running away. He has to be really feeded to resist it.
TIP 4: It is interruptible so every stun, silence, dance, terror, etc... will stop your ulti and the damage will not be done, so take care with that. I still need check if blinding can also prevent the damage.
TIP 5: This stun is UNCLEANSEABLE.
TIP 6: It let you jump over walls, this could be really funny if you have wards xDD.

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Even being a jungler i dont feel that 30% of neutral minions buffs are needed, 15% suits really well to me and this let me do %5 more damage in every attack... and this ww really attacks a lot...

Other point here is your summoner spells... We will see that i use Cleanse and Exhaust, so i improve exhaust with its mastery. I know i can use Ghost and then improve it and then take advantage of that lonely point spent in "Good hands", but i strongly prefer Cleanse, it suits better on me :), even to permit a lost point in "Good hands".

This is what i actually take, for sure you can change it and experiment with it, you can even feel that other builds are better and could be true for your kind of gameplay, the above is just the build that best fits my gameplay.

There is another build that in some weird cases i take. First of all you must know that i use to play this build in about 1% of my matches or even less. I only play it in ladder. What i need to happend to take this build is, since i will be seeing what champions the enemy team are taking, is that they don't have enough stuns, immovilizations to make me think that Cleanse will haven't enough weight instead of Ghost, so i change the good hand point for haste.


But as i had said, this build is really weird because i use it in ladder and it's also weird that the enemy team don't have enough stuns, immovilizations.

There is another good build:
20-0-10: This one will slowdown the early jungling significantly but you will have the buffs almost 3:15 mins instead 2:50 mins. Sadly haven't the +5% damage increased makes that we will need one hit more per creep at the jungle (you can check it in a practice match). Moreover, i haven't check it out, but if you use this build, a Health Potion at the beginning will be mandatory for survive the BBB Golem (read jungling section).

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This section is really really important, the runes i use have great impact in early, mid and late game, let's take a look:

38% attack speed

As i said, this is the fundamental of this ww build (imho, the best). This will let us reach at level 18 with our fourth item an attack speed of at least 2'366 and at most 2'467 (depending on the item), which is almost the cap of 2'5. Also this runes let us jungle at level 1 WITHOUT Health Potion, Smite or Ignite.

This ww will start with +42% attack speed, 38% from runes + 4% from masteries, which will finally ends with an attack speed of 0'945 at level 1 without Hunters Call.

Since i wrote the guide, the runes have been the most controversial section. I know that most of you prefer another seals and glyphs and it is normal think that so lot of times you have asked me about another runes in the commentaries. Ok, for all of you i will speak deeper about this runes and their justification.

Why all AS runes?
Ok, attack speed is the main point of this ww. As you can see through the guide i try to maximize the attack speed in order to reach the 2,5 cap. For this reason marks and quints are justified, but even with this reason, i have more reasons for them. At level 1 if you don't use marks and quints of AS you cannot kill golem without pots. Take in mind that Eternal Thirst have sinergy with AS, the faster you attack the more you heal, and also take in mind that only AS has sinergy with your passive, damage doesn't has sinergy so AS is considerably better than ArP and damage runes.

But i have checked that with just marks of AS and a pot i can kill BBB Golem!

Yes, that's true but if you buy just one pot at the beginning you will need to wait about 20 seconds (or even more) to have enough money to buy Madred's Razors and/or Boots of Speed, depending on which jungling method you are using. In both methods I return to base with the money almost exact to buy the items, if you spend 35 gold in a pot you will spend time later, remember it.

Ok, even with all of that, i still want another runes, what will you recomend?
:s. I guess the ones that best fit your gameplay but let's take a look to what runes i think fit better on this ww. Even though, i recommend you buy the AS runes if you play enough with this ww and like it, meanwhile you can use this as seals:
Greater Seal of Evasion: Dodge is always good, you can dodge not only champion's attacks but also creep's attacks which could be interesting at early jungling.
Greater Seal of Clarity: Well mana is a bit tight always until Banshee's Veil, this can help you to have less mana problems and let you spam even more Hunters Call.
Greater Seal of Resilience: Maybe they could help a bit at the beginning with creeps and early gankings making you being strong, but they will loose effectiveness too quick.

And this as glyphs:
Greater Glyph of Insight: Some guys are using them... I don't like them because just about 1/4 of the damage is magical, the rest is physical.
Greater Glyph of Celerity: It's an option but CDR has really low impact on ww, so i wouldn't use it (wait, i don't use it! i just use AS!!).
Greater Glyph of Intellect: This runes gives you +100 mana, that means that they will let you cast Hungering Strike one more time specially in the first few levels. Could be interesting against junglers.
Greater Glyph of Focus: The same as CDR/level. CDR has really low impact on ww.
Greater Glyph of Shielding: Will make you a bit harder against magic damage. Could be interesting if you like to buy Sword of the Divine, Malady, etc... more than Wit's End.

I will insist again, AS seals and glyphs are (imho) far better than anyone of these runes. They give +12% attack speed. It is not an incredible boost BUT seals and glyphs won't give you an incredible boost in any stat xD.

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Summoner Abilities

Here you can pick a lot of combinations, i mention the most important ones:

Cleanse+ Exhaust: The one i almost always pick. I feel cleanse is mandatory, being stuned is a **** up. Exhaust makes you really dangerous on 1v1 if you know how to fight (needs timing an knowledge about your enemy). Also exhaust can save mates and avoid an enemy champion to run. This combination on 1v1 is extremely dangerous. Since exhaust has been a bit nerfed, now it doesn't blind, it reduce the physical damage a 70%. Even with the nerf, exhaust still makes us a killing machine.

Cleanse+ Teleport: As I said in almost all games I pick the above combination, but there are some cases that I can take an advantage from teleport. When I play with a friend that use Shaco, he knows when and where put the Jack In The Box to let me teleport there and probably make between both 2 kills (isn't it true, lalen? xDD). You can take also advantage with wards. Also sometimes in ladder if you see they have a jungler this spell is nice because it permits you do to the enemy jungler a really annoying move that i will not say here, it is my little secret muajajaja... I no more use it because now I use a new jungling method that let me take exhaust instead teleport (check the jungling section).

Cleanse+ Ghost: As metioned earlier, i loose a mastery point in "good hands" and it could be spent in ghost. This spell is awesome with our to reach a lane really quick, to help a mate or to gank... or even if you need now jungle far away, imagine you are in the enemy golem and now you should jungle the enemy lizard and the enemy mid tower is still alive, this is a good moment to ghost yourself too. I don't like this combination because my opinion is that with a carry you should always get one defensive spell and one offensive, these are two (mainly) defensive.

Cleanse+ Ignite: Ignite could be casted against minions or jungle monsters also, helping you jungling if you dont have 38% attack speed in runes (what is mandatary for not to buy the potions ;) and will not reveal you are jungling in the loading screen.

Cleanse+ Smite: Ok, most of ww out there use smite that's why i comment this combination, now my opinion: smite is awful. For ww it has no use, ww can do the whole jungle without it (check the videos in jungling section) and is useless in teamfights, 1v1, ganking... And the worst part is that it reveals you are a jungler in the loading screen and this is REALLY REALLY bad. There are also people that says that smite accelerate the jungling, that's not true, when you have killed every creep you will have to wait until they respawn again with the consequent loose of time, if (again) you check the videos you can notice that this ww reach certain creeps in the same moment the creeps are respawning, try my jungle with smite and tell me when you return to base to buy madred's. The only real advantage that smite has is that you can steal buffs to the enemy jungler, but if you are smart enough this could be done without smite. Go on, use it if you want but i strongly recommend you start to take another summoner spell.

These are the most viable combinations, even though i just use the first one because it makes ww be a killing machine.

As i had commented in masteries section, there some weird cases where you can also take:

Ghost + Exhaust: Hope there are really low stuns, immovilizations in the enemy team. This combination let you chase even Kassadin! (if there is no walls). If there is an enemy jungler these spells plus counterjungling jungling method = kill the jungler.

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Another important thing is when should we return to base and buy. We all know that returning too many times is bad. Let me say here that postpone as much as you can return to base ends 90% of times with you returning to base just because you have been killed. If you take too long to return to base that means that the enemies have better equipment. In battle, equipment is a really important part, no matter if you have 3 levels more than an enemy if you also have saved 3,5k gold. This 3,5k gold should mean you have more attack speed, more damage and eventually more movement. So please, dont postpone it too much... So, here comes the next mandatory question, when should i return to base? I have design when you should return to base based on my experience of dying stupidly just because i decided to make just one more gank until red buff expired with my nice 3k gold and just razors and boots ¬¬.

The first time you return to base depends on which jungling method you are using (check jungling section). If you use the first approach, you will return at 4.36 to buy Madred's Razors. After that there are two options, the regular one is return to base to buy Boots of Speed but if you have made one successful gank you can jungle a bit more and earn 1k gold, AWESOME! when you have this amount no matter what, return to base and buy Boots of Mobility. But if you use the second approach (the one i recommend) you will return to base and buy Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed at the same time. The next time to base should be with 650 to buy Boots of Mobility, the movement speed is really important.

Next time you should have 2025 and buy Pickaxe and Recurve Bow, if the game needs it you can also return with 1050 gold and pick just the bow. Next time is in the moment you reach 775 (or 1875) gold to evolve into Madred's Bloodrazor.

Here comes different branches depending on the game:

If you decide that Banshee's Veil is what you need, save 1190 gold and return to base to buy Negatron Cloak, Elixir of Fortitude and a Vision Ward, then go and take nashor (check baron nashor section). It will be nice if you can save another 475 gold and also buy the Ruby Crystal. The next time you go to base is with about 2k gold to finish your veil.

If you decide that Guardian Angel is the choosen then save 1550 gold and buy Chain Vest, Null-Magic Mantle, Elixir of Fortitude and a Vision Ward, then as you can guess, take nashor (check baron nashor section). Next time save 1500 gold and finish your angel.

Next time save 1050 gold and buy the bow for the offensive fourth item. Depending on which item you have decided to buy save enough money to finish it with the next trip to base and if possible also for Vampiric Scepter for The Bloodthirster.

Next time is when you save 1850 gold for a B. F. Sword, and the next time to evolve it to The Bloodthirster.

Finally if the match takes too long, 2 times more, one with 700 or 740 gold to buy Negatron Cloak or Chain Vest, depending if you sixth item will be veil or angel respectively . And the next one with enough money to finish it.

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Ok, this is fundamental so i considered it has enough relevance to create a section just for it. Just a clarification, BBB Golem means for Big Blue Buff Golem. There are two "junglings". The early one which is really accurate and i'm working on improve it. The later one that is more free for you to choose where you are. Now, first of all lets talk a bit about killing the big golem.

Killing the BBB Golem at level 1
Some time ago it was easy to kill this creep and it had no risk, but right now killing it is far more risky. With this exactly build of ww (runes, masteries, buys) you will kill the golem just a fraction of a second earlier before it kills you (if you don't make a critic attack, we just have 2%). Also you need to know when you have to cast Hungering Strike, if you cast it too early or too late you will be dead. It can be killed without potions but if you don't trust yourself buy one and use it. Check the videos for how you have to kill it.

Early jungling, first approach
BBB Golem --> Wolves --> Spirits --> Lizard --> Golems --> Wolves --> Base to buy Madred's --> Spirits --> Enemy BBB Golem --> Dragon.

This is the most basic jungling method, and the quickest one to take dragon. It takes 7:00 mins and gives you level 6, and madred's. It has low risk (just a bit at BBB Golem and at Dragon) and is nice if you want to rush dragon and continue jungling after that.


Early jungling, second approach

Wolves --> BBB Golem --> Enemy golems --> Enemy lizard --> Enemy spirits --> Wolves --> Spirits --> Lizard --> Golems --> Return to base and buy madred's and boots --> Enemy BBB Golem --> Dragon

This method takes about 8 minutes, so is slower than the previous one BUT have 2 main advantages, one is that you will get boots at the first return to base so you will run more in the first few ganks, the other advantage is that you will have the red buff for the first gank. With the previous method the red buff will expire killing the dragon or the enemy BBB golem. The main problem it has is that you need no enemy jungler.


Early jungling, third approach

Enemy wolves --> Enemy BBB Golem --> Golems --> Lizard --> Spirits --> Wolves --> BBB Golem --> Enemy Golems --> Enemy Lizard --> Enemy spirits --> Wolves --> Enemy golems.

This method is a route through the whole jungle. It could be nice if you pretend to gank at top BEFORE going for your madred's and boots because you will gank around minute 7. With this method you will reach level 6 and also your solo laner (usually top) too, and the enemies at top will be level 4 or 5, so you have an important advantage, you both have the level 6 ability and they don't. This gank should means 2 kills, then you will return to base and buy in just one trip Madred's Razors and [item=Boots of Movility].


This method is a variation of the second approach and is my most used method in ladder.

I use to play ladder too, and i have realized that people there play really much better than in normal matches (sadly there is always a feeder that ****s up the match). I also have realized that it's much more common that the enemy team also has a jungler (don't surprise me), so I have been forced to study and develop another jungling method that fits better against other junglers. The main idea here is control the other jungler, if you control him you will win the jungle and your work will be done.

I cannot speak about times here because this jungling strongly depends on the other jungler, but if everything goes right you will have the first blood :).

Ok, first of all, do you remember that Sight Ward i told you is mandatory? Well, this time we will not spend it to see if the other team will gank us. One way should be covered by us and if possible, the other way by a mate (you cannot cover two ways). At 0.50 go to the enemy liz and put the ward there, then go back to your wolves.

Wolves --> BBB Golem

Reached this point the situations vary depending on the enemy jungler jungling method. Sometimes he would have taken the Golems, you will know that because you will see him with your ward ;). In this case he will probably has gone to take wolves and BBB Golem, you can take his lizard until he comes again. Take it and go to enemy golems, they will appear soon, kill them but take care because the enemy jungler will be there soon, you will see him with the ward. You should try a combat with him now, you have more level (so more abilities) and the red buff (he doesn't), sadly 98% of junglers have Flash or Ghost so they will scape most of the times, this is a pitty but np. Continue with the enemy spirits unless you are really hurted (but i don't think so), the enemy jungler will be at base. Then go to your wolves --> spirits --> lizard --> golems and then go to base to buy Madred's Razors and a ward if you have enough money or even Boots of Speed. Then you should go to the enemy golem and put the ward there to know when it respawn (will be soon) and to kill the enemy jungler there. At this point if everything goes fine you have win the jungle, now the enemy jungler cannot do anything against you.

There are another situation, when the enemy jungler start with wolves and BBB golem you have time to kill one or two enemy golems, try it but if the enemy jungler appears (you will see him with your ward :), leave the enemy golems and go to the lizard bushes. Wait until enemy jungler appears and start to killing the liz, when he is with about 1/3 of life attack him, probably you will not kill him because he will run (as explained in the above paragraph) but np, take his lizard, then his spirits (if he hasn't took them) and start your jungle, wolves --> spirits --> lizard...

The important point is interrupt its jungling method and buy wards to control him. Wards for enemy BBB Golem and enemy lizard. Take care because another enemy champion can go to liz to help. All of this is quite risky so be really careful.

And here is a trick, if the enemy jungler is Akali then don't buy Sight Ward, buy Vision Ward instead ;).

Mid and late jungling
Later in the game you should priorize ganks and teamhelp over jungling but you have to do it fast, to continue jungling and growing up. Here i dont have a well-defined way but i have some tips:

- You must have in mind that you need to be almost always with a buff or two if possible.
- Having lots of jungle creeps alive means that you are doing wrong your work.
- You will have a buff for 2:50 mins with the improve of +15%.
- About 2:10 mins after expire a buff, the creep that gives it, is near respawn.
- When a teammate begs you for stay in his lane while he is buying you should try to go there (your teammate should advice you a bit early "hey ww please come here when you can, i need b", no "hey ww i go b, get my lane" and you are in the other side of the map).
- If your team start to go into the jungle and taking blue or red buff or even regular creeps you should ask them to stop that until you are level 13-14. It is not avaricious, the jungle is how you grow and get gold it is important that you are the one taking all in it, say it to the team. For those that don't play a jungler but have one in the team, understand this please, it is REALLY important.
- From level 14 you don't need to take everything in the jungle, sometimes you will be pushing at lanes so you can farm minions. At this point if someone of your team ask you for a buff be generous and let it to him... but check if that is a good move, I mean, if you are 8/0/3 and an Ashe that is 2/7/5 is asking you for the red buff, tell her that it will be more useful for you because you are playing better than she, sometimes people don't realize this kind of things.

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Facing champions

In this section i will tell you how fight against any champion, some of them are quite easy to kill, others needs to be careful and there are just two that are really difficult and one that is almost impossible. Ok, when i say "this champion is food" i don't mean that he is bad, is just that against this ww he can die quite easy, but remember that every champion can defeat any champion so always take care and remember, RESPECT YOUR ENEMY!:

Akali: Hybrid, about 2/3 physic, 1/3 magic. She is a pain in the ***, she can make a lot of damage in a short period of time and the Twilight Shroud is a **** up. You should have a lot of care facing Akali or you will be dead quite easy. Oracle's Elixir and Vision Ward will be really helpful. Akali can also be a jungler so you need to take an extra care. This is probably the third most difficult facing.

Alistar: Magic. He is a tank and you are a tank destroyer, Madred's Bloodrazor and Hungering Strike will make him cry, even though it isn't fast to kill him so try to gank him far from a tower or he will run away. You can interrupt his combo of Pulverize and Headbutt cleaning the stun.

Amumu: Magic. As a tank, he is hard to kill but with time he will die. Remember he has an stun with Bandage Toss so dodge it (is easy), this is important specially in teamfights because after that he will cast Curse of the Sad Mummy and you will need to clean it.

Anivia: Magic. This bird is a bit hard in early game because you must use all your firepower to kill her and then you just have autoattack for the egg so try it with a mate. She has lots of slows and a stun, you should clean the slows because the Flash Frost is easy to dodge. There is a tipical move with Anivia, if she respawn from the egg she will immediately cast Flash Frost to stun you and run away, just move a bit when Anivia has respawn and you will dodge it and kill her :).

Annie: Magic. Take care, she can do a lot of damage in a short period of time but usually not enough to defeat you. Wait until she spend her stun, clean it, jump on her and destroy her.

Ashe: Physic. Quite easy to kill, jump on her, when your stun has gone, Exhaust her and continue attacking, her response will be Enchanted Crystal Arrow clean it and yum yum. FOOD!.

Blitzcrank: Magic. Also knowns as BIGcrank, he has no danger alone, he is easy to defeat, as a tank he isn't as big as another tanks, as mage he is quite weak. His Overdrive isn't a problem, he will cast it when he is low life and with Blood Scent we will chase him, moreover if you haven't spend your Infinite Duress you can use it now if he is near a tower.

Caitlyn: Physic. Hits hard and have a few important tricks. Take care with her when defending a tower or in a teamfight, but in 1v1 she has no much possibilities, as any physical ranger the exhaust will be a **** up for her. Reserve your Infinite Duress until she cast her 90 Caliber Net, if you do not she will scape from you.

Cassiopeia: Magic. Imho a bad champion. She is easy to gank and kill but you have to have Cleanse for her Petrifying Gaze. I haven't played against her since patch, she had been buffed, she will be harder know but i don't think she will be a problem know.

Cho'Gath: Magic. You will be his nightmare :D. Madred's Bloodrazor and Hungering Strike will make him cry. Just try to avoid Rupture or if you didn't you can clean the slow or even jump on him and yum yum. FOOD!.

Corki: Physic. He is not a problem but he can try to run away with Valkyrie so exhaust him and start attacking him and when he use it cast your Infinite Duress on him and kill him.

Dr. Mundo: Physic. He is big but you make a lot of damage for him. When he realize he is going to die will cast Sadism, you should wait until this moment to cast Hungering Strike + Infinite Duress, he cannot survive this... if he does try to chase him a bit just to cast again Hungering Strike, if he is still alive let him survive, he deserve it.

Evelynn: Magic. Bad champ, no matter she can stealth, if she try to gank you at the jungle you will not die, she cannot kill you until the stun has gone, then you will cast all your power on her and she will die miserably. FOOD!.

Ezreal: Physic or magic (look at items). This champ is quite annoying, he can scape relatively easy because of his Arcane Shift so try to use your Infinite Duress after he cast it. He also makes a lot of damage in a short period of time so try to gank him with whole life or maybe you would find yourself as a happy kill. With time he will be easy to kill.

Fiddlesticks: Magic. Don't make me laugh, i can heal really much faster than you. Just clean (if you need it) his Terrify and kill him, he cannot use his ulti in a 1v1. If he suddenly appears casting his Crowstorm jump on him and say "hey hey! take it easy my friend, you still don't have such a fast healing". The funniest part is when there is a jungler fiddles, go into his jungle and steal it, and if he appears kill him. Just take this in mind, fiddles can take dragon at level 2! yes, that's right, most of people don't know that but fiddles just need blue buff and then dragon, maybe it would be nice if you use the Sight Ward in the dragon's pool because this move is a **** up. FOOD!.

Galio: Magic. He is hard but not enough, the only thing that can afraid is Idol of Durand but this is cleanseable :). The others spells are easy to dodge. Just attack him and kill him.

Gangplank: Physic. Ok, in early and mid game he is easy to kill, but you need to remember that he can Remove Scurvy and clean your ulti, yes that's true. This change a lot in late game. When he has life steal, attack speed and that HUGE amount of damage you just can defeat if you have Exhaust and you better kill him quick...

Garen: Physic. As a dps he is easy to kill because you heal too much for him and you have Exhaust. As a tank he is really really hard but with time you can kill him.

Gragas: Magic. As a mage he can do a nice amount of damage but not enough to kill you, what is annoying of him is Explosive Cask when you think you will kill him soon he will send you far away and will run away with Body Slam. The point is use Infinite Duress just before he do this, but probably he will be alive after it and will do it anyway.

Heimerdinger:: Magic. I have seen just one Heimer since THE NERF. Now with just two towers is really easy to gank. But remember he has an stun so try to dodge it, even though you can clean it and eat him :). FOOD!.

Irelia: Physic. I haven't play enough against her to determine how to fight against her... although she is easy to kill...

Janna: Magic. **** **** ****!!! Janna is specially designed against ww :(. Yeah, that's true, and what is even worst is that she makes his team quite more hard too. Look, with Tailwind everybody will run more, so they can scape from you. Howling Gale will lift you and make you loose time (is like an stun but you cannot clean it). With Eye Of The Storm your Hungering Strike will not make damage and will not heal you. And finally with Monsoon she will heal that almost-killed champion and will send you far away... The most annoying champion for ww.

Jax:: Physic. Dodge? No matter, he will cast his stun just one (two at most) and you can even clean it (but usually is not needed). Even if he is a bit feeded you just need Sword of the Divine and he's over, but believe me, you don't need it at all, just attacking him is enough. FOOD!.

Karma: I cannot play lol right now, so i cannot talk about her.

Karthus: Magic. Karthus is not a big problem but the fact is that he is almost always at mid what means that he is bigger than you and is not so easy to gank. He has just one cc and you can jump over it and also clean it so you will not have too many problems to kill him.

Kassadin: Magic. Kassa is a hard champ not because his damage, he doesn't make enough to make you suffer but for its silence (cleansable) and his teleports. It's almost impossible for ww to defeat Kassa because when he figure out he is in danger he will just jump and jump far away. Don't focus on him because you will be loosing your time. Even though you can kill him, if you are making high damage you can wait until he teleports on you then use Hungering Strike and attack him and about 3 sec later jump on him, if this don't kill him he will teleport far away and bye bye Kassa. One tip more, never start the combat with Infinite Duress. Why? well, this spell has a range of 700, Kassadin's Null Sphere has 1150, and? what happens? Well, Kassa's ball take a little time to reach you, sometimes what happens is, ww reach the distance to permit kassa cast his ball, the ball is summoned but before it hits ww, ww reach the distance neccessary to cast his ulti, since this will teleport ww near kassa, kassa's ball will corrects its way and will hit us, interrupting our ulti... THIS is a **** up, so never ever start with the ulti.

Katarina: Hybrid, about 1/3 physic, 2/3 magic. Kata is a **** up, her Killer Instincts will make us heal the half and this is dangerous. Even though she just can kill us using her Death Lotus, this is the moment when we cast our Infinite Duress and after that Exhaust to avoid her to run away and kill her.

Kayle: Hybrid, about 1/2 physic, 1/2 magic. Kayle is not hard enough but with the team will be a **** up because of her Intervention, remember always this because if you don't you better have almost whole life or you will die.

Kennen: Magic. Try to dodge his Thundering Shuriken because if you dont you will be stuned twice, reserve your Cleanse for the stun with his Slicing Maelstrom and use all your firepower in that moment, use Infinite Duress when he try to run away with his Lightning Rush.

Kog'Maw: Physic or Magic (look at items). He is easy to kill but in the first few ganks you must care with his Icathian Surprise because he use to be at mid and that means he is bigger than you.

LeBlanc: Magic. She is quite dangerous because she can make a lot of damage in a short period of time and is a champion hard to fight because she moves a lot. Try to gank her if you know she hasn't the []

Lux: Magic. She is weak and don't have enough firepower to kill us alone so try to focus on her. Remember she has two cc's Lucent Singularity and Light Binding so try to avoid the last one or if you couldn't then clean it. FOOD!.

Malphite: Physic. This tank is really really hard because of his Granite Shield if you face him first start attacking him until this shield has gone, don't waste Hungering Strike nor Infinite Duress until it has gone then you can cast all your stuff. Clean his slow when he try to run away.

Malzahar: Magic. Care! this mage can defeat you really fast. Now his Nether Grasp is not cleanseable so be really careful, wait until he has casted 1 or 2 of his spells and then jump on him.

Master Yi: Physic or magic (look at items). Both of them are quite easy. A veil completely nullify ap yi. Take a bit more care with dps one, with his Highlander you will loose life faster than him, when you are about 1/3-1/4 of your life is time to Exhaust him and he will run or clean it, most of the times he will try to run, since he run faster than you it's time to cast Infinite Duress, if he is not dead he is almost so just finish him. FOOD!.

Miss Fortune: Physic. She is quite weak if you want to kill her clean his slow and attack her, maybe she will try with her Bullet Time, interrupt her with your Infinite Duress and all hope is gone.

Mordekaiser: Magic. OMG! such a hard and strong tank! It's quite difficult to you to kill him, moreover most of them use Ignite so take really really care when attacking him. Don't focus on him, in late game he is weaker than in early and mid game, but don't get this wrong, he is still really really hard.

Morgana: Magic. Her Dark Binding is easy to dodge so do it. Attack her and she will has no hope, maybe she try it with Soul Shackles but they need time to stun you... enough for kill her and even if they stun you, you will clean them and bye bye.

Nasus: Physic. This tank is not enough hard, even with his Fury of the Sands you can defeat him BUT only if he cast it to survive, if he use it for starting the combat just run.

Nidalee: Physic or magic (look items). If he is magic just dodge her javelin. She isn't as weak as she seems because of his heal and because she runs a lot. Wait until she try to scape to cast Infinite Duress and then Exhaust.

Nunu: Magic. Attack him until he try to scape, jump on him, and kill him. Use Cleanse against his slow. Another moment to use Infinite Duress is to interrupt his Absolute Zero. FOOD!.

Olaf: Physic. BEWARE OF THE OLAF!!! Ok this is quite simple, run as fast as you can in the other direction. Olaf can defeat you in almost all combats. You cannot do nothing against him. Ok, that's not definetely true, you can beat him but is the hardest battle you can have. His Ragnarok will make him laugh about your Infinite Duress and your attack speed. When he has half of his life he hit harder than you and heal more than you so this is the moment to use Exhaust. Try to run when his ulti is on and when it expires then try to kill him, if you can survive 6-8 seconds you can do it. Remember, if you aren't with whole your life, a buff or two, and all spells ready (specially Exhaust) don't even try it.

Pantheon: Physic. Don't waste Hungering Strike against his Aegis Protection and clean his stun and everything will be fine. FOOD!.

Poppy: Physic. She is easy to kill in 1v1 because her Diplomatic Immunity is useless but she is quite hard in teamfights because the same, just don't focus her until 1 or 2 enemies have been killed. The method to kill her? Just attack her and use [spell=Exhaust if needed], reserve Infinite Duress for when she try to run away.

Rammus: Hybrid, about 2/3 physic, 1/3 magic. He is the hardest tank, his Defensive Ball Curl gives him an insane amount of armor and magic resistance, even though he is easy to kill (but longer), the problem is that he is always with a mate (he should be) and with his Puncturing Taunt will make you change your focus and this is quite annoying, you will probably use Infinite Duress against the other enemy champion to reach him again.

Renekton: Physic. I cannot play right now LoL, i haven't played against him.

Ryze: Magic. Take care, Ryze is one of those champions that could kill you really really fast but is weak. If you achieve to cast Hungering Strike or Infinite Duress during his combo you will heal enough to stay alive and kill him. Take special care if he is feeded.

Shaco: Physic. CARE CARE CARE!!! Shaco is an annoying champion and is the second hardest battle you can have. You need Exhaust him and attack him, not the clone, remember that if you select one them and he has no items (you could check this at the top left corner of the screen) he is the clone. Also remember he could be jungler, this could be even more annoying. You will need timing and experience to defeat Shaco regularly.

Shen: Hybrid, about 2/5 physic, 3/5 magic. Alone is not a problem but since he is a tank he will run if you find him alone and his Shadow Dash will make him scape. In combat try to not to spend Hungering Strike against Feint and neither against his mate with the shield of Stand United. You know, easy to kill but it will take a long time.

Singed: Magic. He could be a tank or a mage, anyway he will be hard to kill because he runs a lot with Insanity Potion and Mega Adhesive will make you stick to the floor. Try to use Infinite Duress in this moment to jump over the green spot and reach him, after this you will run more than him because your Blood Scent and you will be able to chase him and kill him.

Sion: Physic or magic (look at items). Since you can clean Cryptic Gaze the AP variation will be easy to defeat and is the most played. Surprisingly the dps version (not too much played) is extremely hard against us, if you see one try to avoid him because even with Exhaust he can resist until it has gone and after this his Cannibalism will make him recover an insane amount of life, much more than what you can. The only way to kill him is timing and coordination between Hungering Strike, Exhaust, Infinite Duress and Hungering Strike, if you haven't killed him after all this stuff RUN.

Sivir: Physic. Imho she is the worst champion. She has no possibility against you. Just jump on her and eat her. Anyway you should know how to avoid her boomerang. FOOD!.

Sona: Magic. She will be always with company. She makes her mates quite hard, try to focus her but this will be difficult. When she is in the teamfight maybe is time to push another lane alone to make them split up.

Soraka: Does she really makes damage?. Ok, if there is a Soraka on the enemy team, as fast as you reach level 6 and take the red buff go and gank her lane. Kill her, is really easy. FOOD!.

Swain: Magic. He cannot recover as much life as you and neither as fast so you just need to attack him and will be done, but take care with all those cc's when he try to scape, clean them if you don't avoid them, specially Nevermove. FOOD!.

Taric: Magic. He is a tank so he is hard. Remember he can heal with Imbue if he is with a semihard or hard mate because this could make a battle turn around against you.

Teemo: Physic. So cute, so weak :). He will try to make you suffer using Blinding Dart, clean it and jump on him to reach him, after this just use Exhaust and bye bye. FOOD!.

Tristana: Physic. Tristana is weak but is the master of scapes with her Rocket Jump and Buster Shot. Don't try to kill her unless you are with a mate. Also she makes a lot of damage so be prepare to jump on her if needed.
Trundle: Physic. He is a jungler so control him from the beginning of the match. He use to be a tank, is not dangerous by himself but care with the mates that will help him. Reserve your Cleanse for his Pillar of Filth, if he goes into combat don't reject, try to kill him, he will realize that he cannot kill you and then he will try to run away, with his Contaminate he can do it, so try to use your basic combo Infinite Duress + Hungering Strike to kill him when he try the run away.

Tryndamere: Physic. Ok, Trynd is a champion that if you don't know how to fight against him, will kill you, if you know how to do it he will be easy to kill. Here's the algorythm: Both will start to attack the other, you will be winning because of your healing, when he's about 1/3 of life or 1/4 he will cast Undying Rage, this is the moment where you should run away, you will run more than him because of Blood Scent so he will use Spinning Slash to reach you. You can just resist 3 or 4 attacks of Trynd so be ready to let him hit you twice and then Exhaust him, now he will realize he is in danger and will try to run so you have to chase him, how much time has elapsed since Undying Rage? Oh! ok... 1, 2, 3, Infinite Duress, bye bye Trynd :).

Twisted Fate: Hybrid, about 2/3 physic, 1/3 magic. Tf is weak so he is a nice option for gankings. Since his yellow card is not dodgeable you need to be ready to clean it unless he is far away from a tower, in that case he will run less than us with Blood Scent so maybe you could wait the stun (is not too much). In a face to face this champion has no hope against ww. Even though his Destiny could be a **** up because it reveals us to everybody, don't try to make nashor until he has use it! Take care with that because if you start to attack nashor and he reveals you then the enemy team will know that you will try nashor soon and then they will cover it and will be much more difficult to take. FOOD!.

Udyr: Physic. You can see him as a jungler, is not a problem, you are faster than him. In the combat don't get afraid by his Bear Stance and its stun you can wait until it have gone, just autoattack him and use Hungering Strike, this will be enough, probably he will try to run away with the Bear Stance, you should run more than him but if not then use Infinite Duress.

Urgot: Physic. In my opinion he is really bad. It cannot be said too much about this champion because he could be the less played one. He will be easy to defeat, but if you are with low life and he begin to chase you you should clean his slowdown as soon as possible.

Veigar: Magic. We have no ap so his firepower is really diminished against us, also he is really weak. Just jump on him and when he use his Event Horizon clean it and finish him. FOOD!.

Vladimir: Magic. This vampire is quite hard, don't stay around him or he will use Transfusion over and over. Start attacking him and using Hungering Strike he will loose life faster than us so he will try to scape with Sanguine Pool, don't clean its slow, wait until he is back again and use Infinite Duress against him.

Warwick: Physic. Emmmm, well this is quite funny, how defeat ww with ww (lots of w's here). Ok, since the most common ww use Smite i just can say "sayonara baby". It's quite simple, use Exhaust and attack him, use your Hungering Strike after his one and everything will be done, when he try to run use Infinite Duress or chase him (depending on his remaining life) and bye bye :). Yes that's true ww is FOOD! for ww (but go on, keep on using smite!). Remember that now ww's stun is not cleanseable.

Xin Zhao: Physic. Be ready with your Exhaust and everything is done. After your first flight with Three Talon Strike use Hungering Strike, the rest is continue attacking and use Infinite Duress if he try to scape with Ghost.

Zilean: Magic. This one could be a bit annoying with his Time Bomb and Time Warp, if his summoner knows how to use it we should avoid it. In a combat you will feel the need of use your Infinite Duress to reach him after Time Warp, this is a wrong move, if you cannot reach him then don't go into combat get out from there. You MUST use your ulti just to kill him, i explain it, the common move of Zilean is cast on him the Chrono Shift a bit before he die, you need lot of experience and timing here to know when cast on him Infinite Duress in order to kill him with this attack, the stun will prevent him to cast his ulti, but if you use your ulti and he is still alive after it you better have ready Hungering Strike and be faster than him or he will respawn, if he does don't stay near unless you have most of your life.

Of course this is a general vision, every battle you will have is much richer and complex than just a paragraph so don't take this as a bible of combats, is just a general vision of how to do it in a 1v1 most of the times and with every spell ready so it is an idealistic vision of the facings. As i have said in the first paragraph of this section, RESPECT YOUR ENEMY!

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How to fight

In this section we will speak about how to fight, when is better to use an abililty and when is better still waiting and stuff like that.

Hungering Strike + Infinite Duress aka BC - Basic Combo: This is your typical combination further than just autoattack. You should use it to finish an enemy, specially if this enemy have "nearly-to-dead" tricks (like zilean or kayle), the reason is that this combo makes a lot of damage in a very short period so it can surprise your enemy and don't let him enough time to react. You must use it if you are nearly to die or even before if your enemy have "nearly-to-kill" tricks (garen is the main example). Almost always after this combo you will have Blood Scent activated, so most of the times you won't need Exhaust, in fact is weird use it for chase.

Hungering Strike + Infinite Duress + Hungering Strike aka EBC - Extended Basic Combo: This move is awesome, it almost always means a kill. This move can be done since level 5 of Hungering Strike because of its 6 secs of cd. I recommend you start the combat autoattacking your enemy and when you are still quite healed (about 3/4 of your life) cast Hungering Strike and then continue autoattacking for 4 seconds and then cast the rest of the combo, it's better to be able to make a lot of damage near the end of the combat than in the beginning. Ww is a champion that could make a lot of damage in a short period (because of his BC), for your enemies will be much more complicated to learn how to play against you if your progression of damage is not linear, but care if you made a logarithmic progression and you haven't killed your enemy the combat could turn into a problem. The goal is to have a exponential progression. Ok, i know this could sound quite weird, that's the "mathematical" explanation. You have a linear damage progression when you made (more or less) the same damage at any time of the combat, this is not nice because it will be quite easy for your enemy control the timing and be much more accurate. Logarithmic progression of damage is when you can make a lot of damage in a short period of time but after that you have nothing to do, the main example of this is Ryze. Ryze is a champion that his kind of play is "R, i go near an enemy (walking, flashing, whatever), W, E, Q, if he isn't dead run run run". Ryze makes a lot of damage very quick but after that if his enemy is not dead... well, probably Ryze will die. This kind of progression is only useful if you know you are going to kill you enemy, ww can do a lot of damage but not enough (usually), that's why start casting Infinite Duress + Hungering Strike is really bad, that will not kill an enemy and after that you have nothing to do except autoattacking. An exponential progression is just the oppossite, you make more damage near the end of the combat than in the beginning. This is the best progression because it is hard for the enemy to learn how to defend against all of this damage. When you are playing this kind of games the brain tends to think that if in 4 seconds of combat you have made him X damage, in 8 seconds you will made him 2*X damage, with exponential damage progression that's not true, you will make far more damage than 2*X (a linear progression), so when you start to make far more damage your enemy brain will think "HEY!! this has change, now this ww is making me more damage, OMG! I'M DYING!! QUICK, DO !!!", this will take time to your enemy brain, this time could vary from 1 to 2 seconds and you can make a lot of damage because thanks to the stun of Infinite Duress and the blind of Exhaust you can even extend this slice of time, preventing your enemy from running away. Why the brain tends to think in a linear progression? Because is much easier. When you are playing this kind of games there is no time to stop, think about the best move and then do that move, you have to trust in your instinct, playing more and more will train your instinct, but feed it with rational facts will accelerate its effectiveness. Examples of natural exponential damage progression champions are Tryndamere or Olaf.

Hunters Call + Go into combat aka SC - Starcraft... sorry, Starting Combats: Ok, you are a jungler and a ganker so most of the times you will know that a combat is approaching (because you are going to gank xD), so never forget to enter into combat casting it first of all. Most of the times it will last as long as the combat 1v1, but in 2v2 it could expire before the second kill so try to cast it as later as you can.

Team fight, i will not start aka GOC! - GO ON COWARDS!: When teamfights start sometimes you could feel that you can jump with Infinite Duress and then your team will go into combat. First of all, unless you are in premade you should never trust your mates, even less with this risky tactic, because of the life steal it could work, but it won't work most of the times, so don't try it. Your Infinite Duress is to interrupt that op ability for teamfights, for example kata's ulti or galio's ulti, so you will not even enter into combat until something important has happend. In ganks you are the starter, but in teamfights you should try to be the 4th into go into combat. The 4th because you are a melee (so you need to reach the enemies) and you are a mid/high armor/mr champion and also can heal himself.


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Pros / Cons

1. You are a jungler so at early game you will not die (anyway, take care)
2. Since you are a jungler, your team has a solo laner that will grow as fast as mid laner. That means 3 big champs (mid laner, solo laner, and you)
3. You are almost always hide, perfect for gank.
4. You are a champion that can kill in about 3 secs from since level 6. Or assist, doen't really matter who make the kill, the important is the teamplay, not finished with 50/0/0.
5. You can take nashor solo really really early.
6. You are really dangerous in 1v1.
7. Ww has a lovely skin, GRANDMA!!! :)

1. Ww is not bad at late-game but the reality is that he loose effectiveness in late-game, so take care. This doesn't mean you are useless, just means that you should take care...
2. Since you are a jungler this means that there is a solo laner. Not all champs could be a solo laner, so you force your team to have one of those champs.
3. Solo lanes are harder than any other lanes. So you cannot let it to a noob. Or the game will be a fail.
4. Annoying a jungle is easy, taking part of the jungle will annoy the enemy jungler.
5. If you are ganked and killed it almost means you are out.
6. Ww has no nukes, it must be used with care in teamfights, you cannot start... even more, you should be the last champ to go into battle.
7. I have friends with less than level 20, sometimes i play with them. In these cases the best champs you can take are those with nukes, capable of kill the whole enemy team. Even against noobs (not so noobs) ww is far as useful as for example, morgana, vlad, nunu... you know, nukes champs.
8. Ww is less useful (less useful! not useless) when you play with people that don't know how to play with a ww.
9. The items progression is a bit expensive in my opinion.

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Im not english, im spanish, thats why i have this awful writting. Im sorry, im trying to improve my english. I hope this guide is understandable for anyone.

I continue improving this ww so if you like this guide check it regularly because it can change.

Also if you like it it would be nice if you can rate it :P.

If you feel that i miss something or want to know something specific that is not in this guide just write a comment and i will answer it, those comments can help me to improve this guide.

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Special thanks

All those friends that helped me to improve my ww's skills (lexicographically).


And, of course, those that had played with/against me.

Also leaguecraft for all this stuff to facilitate guides creation. And for sure riot, for develop such a good dota.

And also you for reading.

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- Record and upload videos of counterjungling and solo nashor with regular items progression.
- Improve Irelia and Renekton and Karma.
- Search for a better karma pic.
- For long term, i can record videos of maybe a whole regular match and also videos facing another champions (between levels 13-18)... this is almost impossible.
- Continue with the combos section.