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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TremoXcore

In the trundle the mighty trundle

TremoXcore Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all this is my trundle build this is what you have to look forward to with trundle:

-Fast Striker
- Turns your enemy's strength against them
- Can run away fast from those near ganks
- Has great scouting tactics
- Hard to get away from

- Not as tanky
- Can only handle a few champions cause hes not tanky
- not that much ability power
- Mana hungry

Summoner Skills:

Exhast: It is great for keeping your enemy there while your smacking him in the face, also helps when you need to run away and they seem to be catching up to you.

Flash: I find this helps more because ghost you run out of your corruption to fast so you use flash then corruption and i find you can get away easier or cetch them that way

Ghost: This is your second choice if you don't like flash you will find though it doesn't help as much as a well timed flash

Smite: Only if you plan on jungling which is not what my build is for

Clarity: You shouldn't be spamming your skills enough to need this and if you are i suggest running and getting blue buff.

Cleanse: Can be nice if they have stuns and slows like crazy i would trade it out for the exhaust if anything cause you need your run tactic

The rest of the summoner skills i find are pointless from odd time to time i see people use ignite but late game it won't benfit as much as exhaust or cleanse.


Greater Mark of Strength: This will help give you a little extra well needed damage to smash chunks of health out of your enemy

Greater seal of alacrity: This gives you some attack speed so you can hit them more often mixed with your bite attack turning enemy's strength around on them is alot easier

Greater glyph of clarity: Some cool down reductions for your ultimate this makes it so you can spam it that tad faster and they might think its still on CD

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: This gives you some extra health so your not as squishy as most striker trundles i find these to help with almost any character.


Doran's Shield: This helps make you not squishy and stacks good with your passive for great early game health regen. The only down side about choosing this item is you do not have a lot of mana to burn and it doesn't turn into anything.

Boots of swiftness: These are great they give you faster running speed to chase down combined with your contaminate. If you feel your too squishy and just getting murdered and there not doing it for you then i suggest merc treads cause they always come in handy too.

Warmog's Armor: I get this just to help with making you not as squishy i also find it works great with your passive as well. Its just a all around great item to have for trundle expecially late game cause its easy to stack it.

Stark's Fervor: I find this helps you and your allies in champ battles gives you attack speed so you can strike faster. Also this gives your allies some life steal plus other buffs which helps greatly in battles.

Last Whisper: Since they changed it to no longer give attack speed the armor pen is amazing on it. I find it is more useful now with the armor pen to smack right through the defense you already stole from them also gives you some attack power.

Blood Thirster: This is to gg it if your doing not bad. Stack the blood thirster and with your passive and also your other healing methods late game if your around creep inless they take you out quickly your not going to fall that fast. Expecially with life steal going on.

Frozen Mallet: you can get this earlier on if you want but i find its a last item if the game is not already over. The slowing and health are great but i find that the other items help you more earlier on but near the end if you get his its nearly impossable to run from you inless they have back up.


Rabid Bite: This is your first skill for obvious reasons nothing says hello like a bite to the face and using there attack damage against them early game if they are hiding in a bush.

Contaminate: This is so you run faster striker faster it helps with those last hit kills and chasing someone down or even running away if you get supressed also great scare tactic usually when you use it people run.

Pillar of filth: you get one point in it and don't worry till the end this is so you can slow them or push them into or away from the turret, it's also great for scouting since it gives you vision in bush's. This skill does no damage thats why you only put one point in it.

Agony: This skill is like your bread and butter in the champion battles you focus the biggest tank or someone almost dead to gain yourself some more stats making you harder to kill.


Early game: You will want to play defencive hit them if you can but don't get to aggressive mostly focus on last hit kills. If you want to rush the bush's at the start throw on your bite and run in since it stays up for a bit and is the next attack

Mid Game: By now you should hopefully have your ultimate and then you can start ganking focus your bite on the strongest striker your facing and then aim your ultimate at there best tank. This is up to you its what i do because then your hard to kill cause you sapped two people stats and used them as your own.

Late Game: By now you should be chasing down champs with fast movement speed if your not then they are just owning or its just not your day. Late game you should almost be tanky great for taking out turrets also helps a lot in those champ battles remember your more a support/striker then you are a solo/striker inless its a 1v1 trundle is scary 1v1.