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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoctorOctogonapus

Incoming vs. Outgoing(Ap)

DoctorOctogonapus Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kog'maw, The mouth of the abyss.

In this guide I will teach you:
1. Abilities
2. Item build sequence
3. How to read enemies and kill them in their turret from your turret
4. Taking mid vs. lane, Laneing phase, and Team fights
5. Lastly, How to drive the stake, that is sheer terror of you, into the heart of the enemy

1. Abilities

Passive: Icathian Surprise
- One of the most hilarious and annoying passives in game. Just cause you didn't kill them, and if you get them low enough, or unless they have a spell or are Tryndamere, you get a kill before they do. Now there is a surprise in store for the enemy if your mid or any lane really. This passive activates upon death and the kill is not recorded until Kog explodes. So if you can get your enemy low enough but he kills you first, just chase the bastard down and ta DA, you get first blood. Fun times!

Q key: Caustic Spittle
- I don't usually get this ability till about level 13 simply because to AP Kog it is not really that great, and is a waste of mana in my opinion to cast. Its stat boost is really all it's good for. However, in the skills build I said to get it at level 5 just for a point, but its really up to preference.

W key: Bio-Arcane Barrage
- This ability is kind of a snowball because the more points into it, the farther away you are from your enemy. It take a percentage of the targets max health in damage, so its good to use on tanks or high health enemies to bring them down to size.

E key: Void Ooze
- Ah bread and butter, how they taste so good together. This ability you want to max first. In late game this and your ult can clear an entire minion wave in the whistle of the ult. It is one of the best harassing abilities in game simply because of its reach and damage. You can be well out of the turret and still hit your enemies, minions, or be across a wall and not even see the neutral minions you just killed.

R key Ultimate: Living Artillery
- How do you tell the difference between Incoming vs. Outgoing Artillery? Simple, a nice lady with a British accent saying "You have slain an enemy!" or "Legendary!" This is in my opinion THE best ultimate in game for four reasons. 1. You can basically hit an enemy that is standing under their turret while your standing under yours. 2. It has the damage to chunk anyone. 3. It's spammable. With a 2 second cool down and only costing 40 mana. That is until the 5 stack debuff that increases its cost(5th stack costs 200 mana to cast). Tanks, squishy Champs, Carries it doesn't matter who. I don't know how many times I have gotten a kill when I was in the enemy base, and they are running for the sanctuary of the fountain when out of no where, SPLAT "You have slain an Enemy!". and 4. It puts a debuff on them that allows you to see them in bushes or in stealth, so you can keep the heat on. The last part is also great for checking bushes or checking the fog of war because even if you don't hit a champ but hit a minion, it will show what or who is next to that minion or champ. This is the ultimate harassment ability and will save your turrets almost everytime, and it will get you *****ed out almost everytime too.

2. Item build Sequence.

When starting off grab a Meki Pendent and some Health pots and head to your lane. After you get around 850g head back and get your Chalice(500g) and boots(350g). Then get items to build Rylai's usually starting with Giant's Belt(1100g), so you don't want to leave lane till you have enough for at least that, and your Boots of Mobility so around 2200g. After that grab the components for Catalyst the Protector(1325g). Then either save and get Rod of Ages out straight or enough for Blasting wand(860g). Next is Zhonya's, so you want to save up for the Needlessly Large Rod(1600g) first. After that the last item is really your choice and based on your situation. If you are dieing a lot figure out who it is that is killing you(i.e. a mage, a physical dps, a tank etc.) and get a defensive item. Banshee's for mages, some armor for physical, or a Void staff for the tanks. However, if you are getting killed a lot you are doing something wrong. Usually you will not need a defensive item, but it happens from time to time. After Chalice and boots the whole build is your choice, these are suggestions I have used but every game is different for me and what I'm in the mood to buy. Another fun build which I didn't suggest in the items choice section is Boots of Mobility, an 5 Archangel Staves. I have nearly one shot dps champs with a single ultimate shot.

3. How to read enemies and kill them in their turret from your turret

So I said I would tell you how to read people, right? Well here it is. GO PLAY KOG'MAW! Haha, but seriously I can't tell. Every person is different, and I do mean EVERY person. What I can tell you is this, just watch your enemy, when you get to six put a few ulti shots off near them. Watch where they go when the shot lands. Keep doing that. You will soon notice a pattern, usually. Not everytime, whenever I play against another Kog I always remember one word. Serpentine. Just run away from Kog like a snake go left then right or vice versa. Kog's ulti is on just enough of a cool down to make it hard to keep up with that. After you have learned the pattern, for example you notice they keep going to the left then to the left more, just lead them a little and they will walk right into it. That is the other part of reading people, learning to lead them. If they are running from you and are almost dead you can't put your shot on top of them cause it will land behind them. Put the shot ahead of them and it will land on them, and if they are low enough you will get a kill.

4. Taking Mid vs. Lane, Lane phase, and Team fights

-Taking Mid vs. Lane
I prefer mid. Now when I first tried out Kog'maw, I didn't want mid. Reason being if you are bad mid, your feeding, and if your feeding that pumps up that champ, and well as the saying goes "It's all downhill from here." Now that isn't always the case I have come back plenty of times from that, but not as often as I would like to say I have. If you are just starting on Kog'maw go with a lane instead of mid. That way you have some support from another champ. Another good practice is to go into a practice game with a friend, meet them in mid and tell them to dance. Try and hit them as much as possible.

-Lane phase

-Early game(Level 1-5, 0:00-10:00min): Always start with your E key ability (Void Ooze from here on will be E key). This is a great harassment tool and will keep them running. Try aiming for a champ, but if the minions are piling up prioritize minions. Once you get W key (Bio Arcane Barrage) a good combo is to slide the ooze(E key)under them to slow and kill minions. Then hit W and and start hitting them till Kog starts chasing them, and break it off. Just keep them in their turret with E and W making sure your slaughtering the enemy minions, try the combo out going for a kill but not under their turret. Till you get to 6.

-Mid Game(Level 6-14, 10:00-25:00min): Now you have your ult start laying it on thick aiming for kills and harassing your tail off. Don't worry about running out of mana. Your ult only costs 40 mana, and that regens quickly. Which the cost doesn't change from level 1 to 3, just wait for the ultimate debuff to drop and start dropping them. Make sure you are always in the back of your team and I mean back. When you get to 11 and have level 2 ultimate, keep the enemy about half between you and the max edge of you ultimate with your team between you and the enemy. AP Kog'maw is not about yourself, so if your someone looking to be the total **** kill stealer, Please refer to an AD Kog guide not this one. AP Kog'maw is about the team. If someone is getting chased by an enemy, get to them, lay down E key to slow the enemies, then start laying down your ulti to scare off pursuers. If the enemy miraculously disappears (first check baron with your ult of course) always check bushes with your ult. If you and your team are chasing them down slow them down with E key and remove them from the material plane with your ulti.

-Late Game(level 15-18, 25:00-??min): If it isn't over by now just keep up the pressure with your ult, chunking the enemy HP bars while your tank and dps finish them off. At the end of it all you will most likely not net yourself mass kills like you would with say Warwick, or Xin Zhao but you will not have anywhere near the deaths they do either. Plus you will have truck loads of assists and "Thanks Kog for saving my *** there!"

5. Lastly, How to drive the stake, that is sheer terror of you, into the heart of the enemy

-If you have read this guide and done your job this part is already done.


Well thanks for reading, if you did. Comment it. If you need some in game advice my handle in game is Dococtogonapus. Thanks again.

Dr. Octogonapus signing off.