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Vladimir Build Guide by synczop

AP Offtank Infected Blood

By synczop | Updated on October 25, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hi, this is my first guide, I Hope you like it. Vladimir is one of my favorite champions in the game, the amount of damage you can put out and sustain you have is incredible. This build may not seem like the ideal build for Vladimir, but i have been using this build for a while now and have won about 80% of all games I have played with vlad. Just a quick explanation of this build, specifically the cool down reduction. The CDR allows you to spam your Transfusion(Q) which can do up 250 magic damage plus the bonus magic damage for a total of around 400 magic damage, and healing you for a large amount. The other items should be obvious on why I chose them.
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Summoner Spells

Ok, so I see almost everyone taking flash, never ghost and they always say the same thing, "but you can flash over walls." my response to that os, "what if you fail flash? what are you going to do then?" with ghost, even if you are slowed, activate it then use your sanguine pool and the slow should have ended by then, allowing you to run away fast and also being able to avoid taking any more damgage from your enemies
The reason for taking ignite is pretty simple, use it in combination with your ultimate.
Since Vladimir's ultimate(Hemoplague) increases the damage an inflicted target takes by 12%, ignite is a great way to secure the kill.
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Skill Sequence

Your first point will always go into your Q (Transfusion), maxing it first.

Your second point should go into your W (Sanguine Pool) just for the utility, allowing you escape any ganks if used correctly. You should max this ability last.

Your E (Tides of Blood) should be taken at level 3 for better farming. keeping the stacks of tides of blood up will help with regeneration effects on you. Max this ability second

Your R (Hemoplague) is your ultimate, and like all other ultimates, take a point at level 6,11, and 16.
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Runes and Masteries

My runes and masteries are very self-explanatory.

9 health per level seals for the extra ability power per level because of Vladimirs passive.

9 Flat magic pen marks

6 Flat ability power glyphs and 3 Flat cool down reduction glyphs. (already explained why you take cool down reduction in the introduction)

3 Flat ability power quintessences

Masteries are pretty basic, just taking one point in attack speed to move you down the offensive masteries.
The defensive masteries will give you health per level and a bonus 30 health points giving you even more ability power from your passive
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Do not go into a team fight first, wait for your tank to initiate, and then wait a few seconds, and then thats when you should go in and use your ultimate. Vlad can make the difference in any team fight. just remember to target their ADC first and then their support

Thank you so much for checking out my guide, again this is my first one so if you have ideas on how to improve it, go ahead and leave a comment.
League of Legends Build Guide Author synczop
synczop Vladimir Guide

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Infected Blood
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