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Zilean Build Guide by Paroxysm#79150

Invincible Support Zilean

Invincible Support Zilean

Updated on June 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paroxysm#79150 Build Guide By Paroxysm#79150 2,735 Views 0 Comments
2,735 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Paroxysm#79150 Zilean Build Guide By Paroxysm#79150 Updated on June 21, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity



This Zilean Strat is a long time in the making and well tested. If it doesn't work for you I can't tell you why. The goal of the strat is to make you the perfect support NOT the leader in kills. Though when executed properly your score should look something like 7-3-25 or 4-0-18 which are the last two games I played. Your score doesn't really show it but your the carry with the stacked cooldown in this build and Zileans Alt you are keeping the whole team Alive.

p.s. This build was Designed for lvl 30 players if your a low level DONT buy ruins yet save your ip for level 20 to buy teir 3 ruins and instead of the items shown above get archangels staff, Cooldown reduction boots, Morello's evil tome, abyssal scepter, Deathcap, gaurdian angel its basically the same build with different boots and the order has changed.
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Runes Are Ability power marks and cooldown glyphs and seals. Some people like to stack ap and really make the bombs hurt off the get go, but the fact is you NEED high cooldown reduction mid game and the items you need to buy first to do well don't include that very important cooldown reduction. Besides with the added cooldown you can drop 4 bombs on someone in the time you could drop 2 with added ap so your initial damage is really the same
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Masteries are A basic utility set up with a little extra AP. Nothing really to be said.
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Item build order is extremely important so Here it goes
Early Game

-Tear of the goddess
-Sorcerers Shoes
-Guardian Angel


-First Counter Defensive Item
Abyssal Scepter or Thorn mail
Depending on the enemy
-Morello's Evil Tome

Late Game
-Archangel's Staff
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Skill Sequence

skill sequence should really depend on what the enemy is doing. Q(bomb) should always be first and always followed by W(Rewind) so you can drop double bombs on people by hitting Q W Q. Your E that speeds up allies and slows enemies should be upgraded as needed it's really good early on to stop over aggressive tower divers or to help your escape if you find yourself taking allot of damage, but should be put off till later if possible. I put one point in at 5 simply because you don't want to miss out on the enemy slow that could turn the tides when people start grouping up at level 6 with there Alts all ready.
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Summoner Spells

Clarity- Your going to be sucking a lot of mana
Clairvoyance- This being a Utility Build this Spell really comes into effect.
-When planning team fights
-checking dragon and baron
-early on to see if you can advance into there bushes for that first blood
-check the blue buff for a jungler harass
The advantage is huge. I cant count the number of times I've saved a team mate from running into a trap or exposing an enemy alone in the jungle for the team to gank.
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Added Tips

- bomb rewind bomb early on is a great harass
- late game it can be a long way to go to get back to the battle take the time to speed up not only yourself but other newly revived or backed ally to the front line. By speeding them up then yourself then them again you might just get back into the fight faster than your enemies expected
-Timing your alt is key and very important to be on the right person. Before using your alt when there at half health try just speeding them up they could back up quickly and another dps could be the new source of attention and if not you still have your Alt up.
- Most Kills = Deserving of ALT (A.K.A. why did you revive the person doing no damage)
-Timing your bombs. The first bomb on a target will explode if a second one is planted. You can use this to rack up some kills. When the enemy is almost dead plant a bomb wait for your dps to lower them a bit more then set the second one when you know the damage will finish the job
-Suicide Bombers. Why be close to the fight when you can put bombs on your own minions and have them run in for you
-Be the bait. Zileans ability to revive himself makes him great for trap setting inform your allies of the plan then get ready to alt yourself. After someone has overextended to kill you or exposed there position your friends come out for the kill and you get away as always.
- always rewind when your alts on cooldown you want it back as fast as possible mana is less important
-In this Build particular your almost a TANK. After you get used to having your guardian angel revive and your Alt revive its funny to watch an entire team focus you, technically kill you twice while your team takes them down one by one and you get away unharmed. (you want to save your alt for others if possible, its just something to remember for the unique situations that sometimes occur)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Paroxysm#79150
Paroxysm#79150 Zilean Guide
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Invincible Support Zilean

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