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League of Legends Build Guide Author shinussiel

Is there a Rocket in your Pocket? Nope, just Corki

shinussiel Last updated on December 23, 2010
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

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Expanded Mind
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Utility: 8

Hello and welcome to my first build ever! I have chosen Corki. A very underused champion who excels in destroying teams in seconds and dominating middle lane. He has been one of my favourites for along time and is probably my most used champion. Although he is 6300 ip I think he is worth every penny and should not be overlooked because of the price.

Summoners Skills
Skill Selection
Play Style
Early Game
Mid Game
Late Game

One of the best middle laners in the game
Eats tanks with his E ability
Great escape or chase with W (you can also go through walls)
Can scout bushes safely with E and can reveal stealthers (die akali!)
Amazing ultimate being easily spammable and does great damage (this is why he is the best middle laner)
Great passive (more damage)
With so few Corki's you can surprise the enemy

Very squishy (one bad move can mean one dead corki)
Takes awhile to get good at (be patient)
VERY mana hungry even in late game (GET ORACLES)
You will most likely be the main target which brings ganks and going out of their way to kill you.
Stuns are your nightmare and usually mean the end of Corki
Not that great at 1on1 (stick with your team at all times)
Being 6300 ip he can be a pain to farm for but is definitely worth it!

Summoner Abilities

Ghost: My favourite, I use this on just about every champion. Great for chasing and if used with a good W you can easily get away from a gank.

Teleport: Great with most champions, allows you to shop and get back to your lane quickly, save a turret and backdooring (not suggested with corki). Overall it allows great map control and I reccomend it highly with Corki.

Clarity : Pretty straightfoward, I understand why people get it but once you get into mid to late game it becomes more or less useless when you get Oracles.

Cleanse: A good ability, but not that great with Corki. It may get you out of a few tight situations but if you ever get to where you need it you will most likely have the whole team on your *** and you'll die anyways.

Heal: Straightforward but once again not suggested with Corki as you will most likely be getting focused and die anyways.

Ignite: I have never been a very big fan of this. Might get you a early kill or 2 but the amount of damage it does isnt much and as corki you can usually get low health targets with your Ultimate.

Exhaust: An okay ability but once you get a Frozen Mallet it becomes more or less useless except for the blind but if you need to use the blind chances are you will die regardless.

Flash: One of my favourite abilities and one I use with Corki at times. Gets you out of tight situations and allows you to jump through walls but with corki your W ability is more or less your own flash so I don't use it often.


Pew Pew Pew and watch them fall. This is a basic damage build, you can change it if you like but I find it to go quite nicely with Corki and have had much success with it. It focuses on Offensive which is a must when playing Corki unless your AP (BLEH). The few points in Utility are just getting that improved ghost and whatever else I found useful. Not too much thought put into the masteries but I find masteries are really what you like so do what you want! This is a guide and I hope you don't copy me exactly and put a little YOU in YOUR Corki.

Skill Selection

Very straightforward, grabbing all 3 at first as you should on just about any champ and then maxing E then W then Q. I find E to do the most damage and in the laning phase its all you need to kill the other champion if they are stupid enough to engage (never engage in laning phase) After E I max W for the reduced cooldown allowing you to get away or chase more often, and of course after that I max Q. I dont find Q all that useful to max as unless your ap the damage isnt much and fighting other champions it's alot harder to kill them as Q has nowhere near as much damage as E with this build.


This is a basic Damage build and it's what I use. Same as Masteries you can do what you want with it as it's for how you want to play Corki. But I find these to be most common and have granted me with great succes. The armor penetration (very important on Corki) boosts damage more than flat damage would and it helps with killing tanks, in combination with Black Cleaver you will be a Tank Eating Machine! The attack speed is pretty self explanatory and it really shines early game before you get any attack speed increasing items. But as I said before it's really what you think is best and there are alot of different rune combinations that can work. Though I find this to be the most effective.

Item Selection

First I get Doran's Blade and a Health Pot, some guides will say Doran's Blade isn't the best choice as you have to sell it later on. I personally disagree as the loss of selling it is only 200 (no problem with corki) and it has all the stats Corki needs early game as Corki is a relatively weak early game champion, but not to be underestimated. The extra health helps alot as Corki doesn't have much and the lifesteal and awesome as it allows him to heal from any harasses and stay in the lane longer and lastly the damage is pretty straightforward.

I try to farm enough so I can buy my boots when I go recall but don't stay in the lane if you are really as it will most likely end in death. The boots I get the majority of the time are Berserker Greaves but it depends alot on the other team. If they have alot of cc I get Mercury Treads and if they seem to be getting away or are fast perhaps Boots of Swiftness are in order. Really, you should know which boots to buy.

Next I go for Black Cleaver, this is an amazing item with Corki as his E causes on-hit effects which means he eats their armour even more! And the damage is amazing and you will be taking chunks out of their health bar every hit.

After this I will go for Frozen Mallet, mostly for the slow but the extra health adds some nice survivability. I get this most games as I find quite a few champions can get away as Corki has no slows so really it ensures the kill and the extra health aint half bad either, and dont forget the slow can be used to get away aswell!

Once I get Frozen Mallet I am usually destroying their team and can get Youmuu's Ghostblade which gives me even more dps and it's activate is amazing. I always get this item as it really works well with Corki giving lots of dmg which Corki needs and the attack speed allows him to kill his opponents even faster!

Usually after Youmuu's the game finishes before Bloodthirster and unless I have to I don't recall so I usually dont get this item but the added damage is great and the lifesteal gives him better 1on1 capability and also he can steal health off minions or jungle monsters.

Play Style

With Corki I play very offensively which gets me alot of kills but also quite a few deaths. Dont fear death, as a squishy dps you should get used to it as one bad move can get you killed in a few seconds. With Corki it often comes down to kill or be killed and you either survive or die, but if you get out of a gank with low health dont be afraid to throw some rockets behind you! If they are really desperate you can get them quite low and then surprise them by jumping at them with W and killing them instead! Corki really is full of surprises and alot of people underestimate him.

Early Game

ALWAYS GO MID! I can't stress this enough, even if you have to piss off a team mate stay mid. Corki is just such a good mid you should never go side lanes. As Corki I always play passively when laning, getting last hits and nothing else. But just because your playing passively doesn't mean you can't kill the opposing laner. If they are stupid enough to engage W behind them activate E and spam Q bombs until they are dead. Very few times have I ever died while laning and NEVER have I had my turret go down. Once you are level 6 you really shine as one of the best mids ever. It's a very low cost spell making it easily spammable. Whenever you have rockets always shoot them, preferably as the enemy champion but it is also great for farming. Once you have The Big One ready make sure you hit the champion. Don't forget it's AOE so if they are hiding behind minions you can still hit them. Harass until they get low and if they are out far enough use your W to get behind them and kill them! if they get away with low health try and kill them with your rockets! Nothing is better than killing them with a rocket at max range!

Mid Game

As Corki you shouldn't be running around the lanes trying for a kill. I usually stick mid until their turret is down and farm farm farm! Corki is best when he's more farmed up than his enemies and he'll make them regret not farming mid as well. Unless your turrets are being attacked by enemy champions I do not suggest leaving your lane. And trust me, you wont regret it.

Late Game

This is where Corki is the most fun and this is why I play him. At this point if your farmed up and doing well you will be able to destroy their whole team with your E and if they run you can catch them with W. But don't get too cocky, although Corki has some of the best dps in the game you have some of the lowest health in the game and if you make a bad move you will most likely get ganged by their whole team and wait for a respawn with a mad face. One of the most important keys to playing Corki is positioning, something I can't explain too well but you will become good at after playing him for awhile. You want to try to be somewhere where you can damage their whole team but still have a way to escape if things go wrong. Not the easiest thing to get the hang of but when you've mastered it you will become a extremely useful asset of your team and the other team will probably be raging at you. Another thing you should remember is even in late game Corki has a bad mana pool. ALWAYS GET GOLEM BUFF! You should never be without it, its so good with Corki that it should never be overlooked.

I hope you enjoyed my build as I have put quite a bit of effort into it. This is my first Guide so any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, this build is subject to change so if you find anything you think should be changed tell me in comments and I'll see what I can do. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy playing Corki - The Daring Bombardier!