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Build Guide by Basuru

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Basuru

It was all in Vain.

Basuru Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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1. Intro.

Heya, this is my take on Vayne. No doubt it's not very unique, but hey.

- Stupid Consistant Damage.
- High-ish critical chance.
- Eats Tanks, Car... Everything.

- Squishier than a Jellyfish in a blender.
- Will attract focus so fast you'll be dead in seconds if you make one mistake.

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2. Moveset.

Righty. Moves.

Innate -

+ Awesome for chasing. Chances are you won't notice to much early game. But with Tier 2 boots and your Ultimate active you'll cover distance like a trooper. On speed.

- Overconfidence. Remember that although you can charge in at high speeds; You run away at pretty average speeds. Keep it in mind.

Q - Tumble -
+ Covers distance towards, or away from target.
+ Nice bonus on the damage of your next shot.
+ Beautiful harrassing tool.

- Easy to overextend, or accidentally tumble into range of turret. (Not to be confused with a purposeful tower-dive, which with a Flash ready to go, isn't a problem.)
- Same as above, but into a gank.
- Not massively reliable for escape. (The cooldown commences once the shot with bonus damage has been unleashed, so effectively you'll be waiting about 8 seconds.)

Summary; Tumble is good. Phreak said that 'Vayne is Tumble'. Without it, she'd get waaaay fewer kills, and most likely die alot more. Use it at all points of the game, and if you don't pick this as skill number 1, then the game will probably kick you out automatically.

W - Silver Bolts -
+ Nice damage bonus. Early ranks are a little underwhelming, but fully levelled you'll chew through any Rammus dumb enough to try and solo you.
+ Combo's well with Q.

- Without Attack speed (Which this build doesn't focus on.) You need to be very mindful of your hits. Tumble + AA + Tumble will leave your opponents bruised and battered at all points of the game.

E - Condemn -
+ Good escape tool. I call it the 'No you don't' button.
+ Will make team-mates in danger love you. If you are confident you'll be able to escape too, it can be used to push back an enemy chasing an ally. (If, you also manage to pin them to a wall, the tide will completely change, and instead of your ally getting a death, they'll walk away with an assist, or kill.)

- The CC and additional damage is situational. People will notice if you keep trying to get them between you and a wall.
- Miss-timing it when intending to use it for a killshot, can give your target a ticket to freedom.

R -Final Hour -
+ Not much to say here. It's generally awesome. Makes Vayne better at killing stuff.

- Same as the Innate; can lead to over-extending and subsequent death.

(Will add other summaries soon, I think the points I raise are fairly self-explanitory for now.)

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3. Items.

Yep. A simple build. AD and Crit are your friends.

Only note at this point; If the game isn't going well, be it a leaver, or just a bad game, switch Trinity and Infinity.

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Gotta edit some vids, and cut up some screenshots of success with this build, and a couple of tactics videos.

Edit 1: First Video (doesn't show the build, but shows a good use of condemn.)

- Basuru

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Update Info.

1.1. Added link to a fight showing some pretty cool tower-defence.