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ADC Itemization on ADC - Common mistakes and breakdowns - Patch

ADC Itemization on ADC - Common mistakes and breakdowns - Patch

Updated on September 3, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lecheez Build Guide By lecheez 13 1 13,573 Views 8 Comments
13 1 13,573 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lecheez Build Guide By lecheez Updated on September 3, 2017
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Hey there everybody !

After doing a lot of coaching sessions with various people. I realized that majority of them struggle with understanding the impportance of buying proper items. Final builds on ADCs are normally the same and do not really have as much variety but the way you get there might sometimes bite you in the back. So I decided to write a short guide on how not to fall for common mistakes that people do. And once again the people who normally make mistakes like that ranged from bronze to low diamond. So probably some of you will find it at the very least a bit useful.

I do ADC coaching session for free. If you are intersted you can come over to the stream and ask for one.

Enjoy and thanks for checking out the guide !
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The beginning

When do we want to start Doran's Blade ? Well all the time. Unless you are playing a champion that might have a really bad laning phase such as Twitch and especially if you are playing one agaisnt a poke lane or bully lane. Such as Draven + Nami or Caitlyn + Sona.

When do we want to start Doran's Shield ? I will make a short list on when to go that item.
1)If you are against a poke lane. Example: Caitlyn + Nami , Jinx + Sona.
2)If you are playing against a bully lane and you are playing a late game ADC. Example: Kog'Maw vs Lucian , Twitch vs Draven.
3)Sometimes if you want you can go it against Twitch. Since Twitch's passive it will constantly proc the shield. So if he auto attacks you once you will literally heal up since it does 1 true damage early on every second.
4)If you have a melee support and you are playing against 2 ranged. Example: Tristana + Braum vs Sivir + Sona. Since once against if Sona will auto attack you , you will pretty much heal up all the damage she does to you. And once again , in that scenario you are a late game ADC so all you need is to survive the lane.

When do we start Cull? Well , normally never. Unless you know that you will not have any fighting happening you might pick it up as your starting item. But I would not recommend you to go that unless you know what you are doing. Normally you want to go that if you know that it will be a farming lane and you know that you will not lose it. Because right now it is all about the bot lane. And if you are going go get camped with this item in your inventory it might not be as good because the stats that you gain from it are pretty mediocre. But in the end it does help out. You can go this item after your first recall if you want.
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Break down of the current ADC items.

So why did I put this image up ? Pretty simple at the moment ADCs that need the least amount of gold to get their powerspikes are the meta ones. Since you need some early game damage as well as shredding tanks and not having problem building those items.

Tristana , Twitch and basically anyone who are going the double Zeal items with IE are the ones that are extremely good at the moment. The only downside is that some of them like Caitlyn got nerfed to the ground yet still she is being picked in pro play. Because once again she is pretty much the same lane bully as she was before. The only problem is her late-game is not as strong as it was due to attack speed nerf. Also as you can see right now the shift towards the 8600 item paths are much more popular even on champions that did not buy those items before. The champions that I am talking about are Twitch ( he built Blade of The Ruined King into Hurricane into IE) and sometimes even Sivir goes for that path.

You can see that Xayah is one of the champions that do not go the double zeal path and instead still sticks to the Essence Reaver build. Once again , there are a lot of reasons why she wants to do that but right now I will go through the Cons of going the Essence Reaver build. As you can clearly see that in order for Tristana to get the spikes you need 800 gold less. That is 2 kills and 8 cs or roughly 35 cs. So if you think that you will be always ahead in CS in that case you can pick up Xayah since she is a strong pick and is really versatile. Aside from that you get little to no attack speed in that build path and because of that you lack the extra probability of getting a crit in your auto attack.

I want to do a brief breakdown of Kog'Maw , he is really good right now. The only problem is that he takes a lot of skill to become a monster. Also you need to build a comp around him so sometimes in soloq it might be a bad pick despite the fact that his items are even cheaper than Tristana's and the early spikes are much better and much cheaper. Also I have put 2 items in his 3rd item slot. Since sometimes you might want to go BoTRK simply if you don't have a champion with Ardent Censer and you feel like you might not be able to sustain through out the fight. But if you have someone with shields or heals that actually will build Ardent Censer in that case going Rageblade is the better option , since once again it will give you much more damage than BoTRK.

And last but definatley least viable ADC right now - Ezreal. I just want to give a short break down on the things that make Ezreal extremely bad right now. His items are super expensive , you need to wait for the Muramana to become a Manamune and the build path is also extremely bad. A good example is his 1st recall , the moment you get to base for the 1st time you will have roughly 1.3k - 1.6k . You will buy Tear and maybe a Cull or Pickaxe . And then you see your lane opponent with a BF sword. Aside from that Ezreal does not really have a good synergy with Ardent Censer as well as problems dealing with tanks. Sometimes you will be forced to buy Last Whisper as your 3rd item but unfortunatley Ezreal can not allow himself to do that.

All in all , you can see that some champions have upper hand over others gold wise.
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Common mistakes

So why did I put up this item here ? Well 1st of all if you don't know what this is , this is an item that builds into Statikk Shiv and Rapid Fire cannon. The reason why I have put this item in a "common mistake" chapter is because I sometimes see people build this item early on. Now let's break it down and see what it actually gives

For 800 gold you get

15% Attack Speed and
50 on hit Magic Damage

as an enegized attack which you have to recharge by auto attacking or moving your champion. So , why is this item really bad early on ? For 800 gold you can easily afford 2 Daggers which will give you 24% Attack Speed and you will still have 200 gold left. And I am pretty sure that 9% additional attack speed will be much better than 50 magic damage.

Why bother building 2 Daggers ? Well you will build those 2 items into other items such as Zeal and Berserker's Greaves . But buying it really early will just put yourself in a disadvantage. The item itself will be a garbage item until you actually get Statikk Shiv so wasting an item space for that long will be a huge waste as well as wasting a lot of gold on it. I will go through the build path and show when to go what item.

Now the 2nd mistake that I see a lot of people do is buying Zeal over Tier 2 boots. Once gainst let's break these items down before debating what is better.

Tier 2 Boots give you. 1100 gold

35% attack speed
+45 flat movement speed

Zeal gives you. 1200 gold

15% attack speed
20% crit chance
5% movement speed

Now let's state the obvious . 35% vs 15% obviously 35% attack speed will out dps the other one. Aside from that you get flat movement speed which helps out a lot during kiting. And one someone like Tristana it is crutial for you to pop your E before it explodes on itself. So in that situation not going to Tier 2 boots will be really bad. The only champions that would want to go Zeal 1st would be someone who will get upgraded Zeal 1st. For example Twitch. You can just buy ordinary boots and go for Zeal instead. Delaying spikes is one of the most common things that people do.

Aside from that 20% crit chance is a debatable stat since you have to rely on the crit to happen. If you get unlucky with them you will lose out to the boots simply because of the Attack Speed. So it is up to you , do you want to gamble or you want reliable source of damage which will do the same amount no matter what ? I personally prefer going to more reliable source of damage. So unless you rush the upgraded Zeal you should not skip Tier 2 boots.

Bloodthirster was once a core item on every single ADC. Now the item does not really see as much light of day as it did before. How come ? Pretty simple the cost of the item is just insane. You have to invest 3700 gold to get this item. Let's see what other items you can purchase with that amount of gold.

GA (2400) + LW (1300)
Tier 2 Zeal item (2600) + Vapiric Scepter (900)
Lord Dom/Mortal Reminder (2600) + Vapiric Scepter (900)

And many other variations. Basically what I am trying to say here is that , you have to invest way to much gold in order to get this item on top of that the sustain that you get from it is easily countered. Right now a lot of tanks build Thornmail as well as ADC can buy Mortal Reminder to counter your sustain. So going that item is not really as good as it once was.
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Build path and build order

I will break some build paths and orders . Tristana and Twitch are going to be the 2 that I will be mainly focusing on since they are the ones that you can easily screw yourself over.

Let's start off Tristana.

Your ideal build order will be the middle one. BF->T2Boots->IE->Zeal->Statikk->LW->QSS. But sometiems you need to adapt to the game and also adapt to the amount of gold you have.

Let's just say your 1st back was not as good , you did not have 1.3k and have to buy something else. The 2nd best option will be Pickaxe , if that is not even an option in that case you have to go boots + a dagger and even if that does not cut you might as well go Cull since if you will have to recall with 450 gold that means the game is at it's early stage so you can afford to back and pick it up.

Then your 2nd ideal item will be Berserker's Greaves. If you don't have enough you can buy Pickaxe instead or Boots + Dagger.

3rd item you would want is going to be Infinity Edge. If you don't have enough for it and already have a BF sword and a pick axe. In that case please DO NOT GO Cloak of Agility instead go for 2 daggers. Or if you still did not buy T2 boots while you have BF + Pickaxe you can should probably get them before you invest into IE.

Afterwards it get's pretty straight forward. Only things you need to think about are the items that you need to buy as an attempt to adapting against your opponents. For example if you are facing assasins and they are fed . Example: Zed mid , Kayne jungle. In that scenario you should definitely go GA -> Rapid Fire -> LW since once again you need to survive and have to sacrifice getting the 2nd zeal item for survivability. Or if you are facing a tank comp Example: Maokai top , Cho'Gath jungle. And if they are fed + they have built a lot of armour. In that case going Last Whisper 3rd item will be the best option.

And as your last item you will probably want to go QSS or depending on the way the game goes and depending on what you are facing. In that case you have to adapt and see what fits the most. Sometimes you can afford to go Bloodthirster but normally that will be a bad idea due to large cost of the item. Another thing is GA which helps against assasins.

All in all , try to adapt to the game flow and see what you need more. If you feel like the game goes well getting Rapid Fire Cannon as you 3rd item is much better.

I will not really go into detail about this build order since it pretty much uses the same concept. Adapt to the game flow and build items accordingly . As well as try to buy proper items and invest into crit the least before you get your spikes.

The only thing you can see there is that you should not really rush Tier 2 Boots on Twitch as much , since you don't want to delay the Hurrican spike. That items gives you a lot of damage early on in team fights. Sometimes rushing Hurricane is a good idea especially if you have an Ardent Censer support. That thing will give you sustain and additiona damage on hit. On top of Fervor Of Battle and additional AD that you get when you pop your ult.
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Synergy with Masteries

I will not go through what kind of masteries you want to pick in what situation. What I want to point out is the synergy between the items and the keystones that you might want to pick up.
Every champions is a bit different and because of that requires different approach. What I mean by that is , some champions have good synergy with Warlord's but others with Fervor. Let me break down what champions would want to go what and why.


Let's start out by looking at Warlord's Bloodlust

The main thing that makes these 3 things have an insane synergy is because of the passive that they have.

What this means is that it will actually stack with each other , so that makes all of these items have a faster recharge rate. The more items you get that have this passive the faster you get your procs. Once again , Warlord's , Statikk and Rapid Fire will recharge faster if you get them. Hence why you see them being built a lot on someone like Tristana and Caitlyn. On top of that the synergy with Statikk and RFC makes it a huge threat for a squishy target later on into the game. You can easily chip away 30 - 50 % of the enemy AD's HP when you get full item build. So having a poke factor on late game ADC makes this combo deadly. Also the fact that it is a Passibe and not a UNIQUE Passive makes them stack the recharge speed.


The Fervor of Battle and Hurricane is a rather straight forward thing. You get more stacks by attacking more people hence why Hurricane is a better option most of the time. You can see a lot of people tend to get that item on someone like :


Although when it comes to Kog'Maw and Xayah , both of them don't really build it for the same reason as Jinx and Twitch. Normally you would want to build Hurricane if you are playing against a tanky teamcomp since it will be easier to deal more damage to the frontline. And in Xayah's situation she is more versitile and can build RFC or Phantom Dance , it is up to her and the gameflow. But someone like Twitch and Jinx , you would always want to go that item on them simply because of the extended auto attack through various ways, Jinx's Rocket form , Twitch's Ult.
Kog'Maw normally goes Warlords simply because he wants to survive the laning phase and once again Hurricane helps him out to get the damage done to the enemy team because he is more on-hit based ADC and relies on getting stacks for his Wit's End and Rageblade.
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In the end I want to say thank you if you checked out my short guide regaring items on ADCs. I hope that this will help you out. I will edit this guide bit by bit. Sorry if my grammar is not perfect , english is my 3rd language.

Once again , thank you for stopping by and good luck !

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