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Yorick Humor Guide by caucheka

ive got this crazy feeling.. (humor guide is humorous.)

ive got this crazy feeling.. (humor guide is humorous.)

Updated on June 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author caucheka Build Guide By caucheka 17 9 13,643 Views 11 Comments
17 9 13,643 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author caucheka Yorick Build Guide By caucheka Updated on June 26, 2011
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CAUCHEKA'S BACK WITH A CHAMPION THAT WILL REALLY PUT YOU TO SLEEP, if being buried in capslock and dirt makes people sleep. although when i return a few hours later they never wake up. i guess some people are just allergic to capslock..

No seriously though, yorick the gravedigger uses the aid of the 4 ponies of the apocalypse to defeat his enemies for massive damage.

try thinking of that when you go to sleep.
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Runewords of Power

I start with a set of Bone (SolUmUm) runes, which adds 2 to necromancer skills along with 30% to all resistances. i also like to take a set of Silence (DolEldHelIstTirVex) in my shovel, hang on a second what type of weapon class would a shovel fit in? hammer? polearm?

oh right uhm wrong runewords. uh yourick has mana problems so i like mana runes. also critting. *****es love critting. or do *****es love smiley faces? either way *****es love it.
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Skill Sequence

i put no thought into the title of this section.

anyway, being yourick you are automatically playing an extremely op character but no one knows it yet because they don't play yourick like i do. (which is not at all, yourick is **** is expensive.)

i mean seriously though, yourick is so powerful its like he has the power of grayskull. which is funny because i always thought that karthus should have a skeletor skin, but yourick might make it work, he's already blue and he has minions. the voice would work too.

actually for a minute there i thought i was watching a video of my ex wife. oh right i have to explain the skill sequence. eventually i just didn't care enough to take the ultimate at level 6, 11, and 16, so i took it at level 3, 4, and 5. then i just ****ed around at the fountain for 5 minutes or so. it didn't matter my ghouls could do everything for me. they even played this video everytime my team ****ed up.

oh uh wrong video hang on

ugh no thats not it either

ah there we go. that one.
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Item Build

ok look i can't take credit for this part. i just used the ultimate bravery website to instantly generate what items to buy. don't blame me it sounded like a good decision at the time. (but in the morning the 4 shots of tequila i had before ended up to be a bad decision.)

but i'm going to have to draw this out to make it look reasonable. uhm ok.

well uh for starters it seems that this build has heavy magic resist, which is always a good thing, i've been seeing a lot of br mordekaisers mages lately. and i guess something that most people don't know is that magic resist will obstruct your enemies from building additional pylons.

you don't want your enemies to have pylons! make them take the pylons back! you should burn their nexus down, with the pylons! have your summoners invent combustable pylons to burn down their nexus!

this is a quote from quarry jackson, original character do not steal. he had a slinky.

pic related, its quarry jackson.
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Still not at 5k?

i really don't know what else to put here. maybe i could write up some creepy fan fiction about gragas and someone else that he forces his drunk self onto. like galio, or something.

oh god i just threw up by writing that, lets continue shall we? no not really.

maybe i could write a few haikus about lol
a very fun game
league of legends is
except for brs

i like to play as
dr mundo from zaun
he is a madman

am i at 5k
i surely don't know yet
lets keep writing poems

this is the last one
i dont know what to write

i mean in all seriousness i could continue to **** around like i have been and not doing anything that might be seen as successful. but hey we're all here having fun, right? just like those old times where everyone would laugh at my caitlynn guide..

i.. i'm just... so alone. i promised myself i wouldn't cry but i just can't keep going on like this. i know i promised not to tell anyone but mai waifu is b-wong. he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and i just don't know what i would do without him. maybe drink too much and do something i'll regret, like toshabi. wow second time in one chapter that i've thrown up.
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the section of my guide where i tell you how you can't can be a successful yourick like myself.

ok, when the game first starts you'll want to buy a meki pendant and 2 health pots so you can spam ghouls with ease, you took the right runes, right? hopefully you'll harass the enemy enough to get them to back off and not attack you because yourick is vulnerable to everything.

seriously its just so bad when they make a champion that is the best definition of atmogs being core and he just dies like he has no magic resist or armor. oh wait that was his ult clone, hes still alive. oh uhm well not really i mean he's still going but hes not alive or anything, damn can you think of what yourick would look like if he wasn't so evil corpsey and dead? he'd be dr. mundo's long lost cousin and they could go fishing together on the weekends. although it would be hard to fish with mundo as he'd throw cleavers at everything until they died. and obviously since you fish underwater his cleavers are worhtless but don't tell him, it'll be our little secret.

so obviously your team gave you mid, because phreak mid as yourick and if phreak can mid as yourick everyone should be able to. you show your team who's the better between you and phreak. anyway, after your first return home you should have enough for an abyssal scepter without buying anything else. not even a potion.

seriously though if you can buy a potion along with that then you've farmed just a little too much. not really i'm just kidding man i love how this guide works. not really.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author caucheka
caucheka Yorick Guide
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ive got this crazy feeling.. (humor guide is humorous.)

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