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Nocturne Build Guide by jacksonecac

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jacksonecac

Jacksonecac's Jungle Sweep Nocturne

jacksonecac Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Jungle Sweep Nocturne Build is intended to jungle as fast as possible while providing extremely viable ganks early-mid game. It is then meant to sustain in team fights late game while providing medium-high damage. this build relies pretty heavily on life steal. The best aspects include jungling at extremely high rates, getting buffs for your team early and often, mobility, and ganking power.

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The runes used are all attack speed except the glyphs which are magic resistance per level. This allows Nocturne to not have to use pots when jungling but to rely on the vampiric sceptor alone. Armor normally isn't a problem because the fear and exhaust is going to keep your AD enemies from doing much damage and the extra AS will let you regen most of your hp back while they are feared/exhausted.

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The Masteries are all attack, attack speed, and critical strike based, refer to the chart for more detail. Masteries are where you will have the most flexibility with this build. The runes need to be the same to be effective, however with the masteries just make sure that you have the attack speed masteries and the rest should be good to go. Here you can change it up a little bit in case you want to be a little more tanky or you want your buffs to last longer on yourself, etc.

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The items are intended to provide medium-high damage ganks as well as sustain in team fights.
The order is:

  • Vampiric Sceptor: first because with your attack speed you will not need to spend money on pesky health pots, you make your own health regen
  • Berserker's Greaves: Attack speed Attack speed Attack speed! That is the ultimate goal of this build. You need to be able to do dmg quickly, regen the life, and get as many red buff hits on target as possible.
  • Giant's Belt: I like to get this item here because after your first or second gank, getting giant's belt will be fast and easy and you can get it out of the way.
  • Wriggle's Lantern: Needed to help make Jungling faster, helps secure buffs, dragon, and baron, also provides decent life steal and armor stats.
  • The Brutalizer: Adds extra damage for ganks and will be turned into Ghostblade for even more attack speed and quick damage.
  • Ruby Crystal: I always have trouble deciding whether to build Warmogs or Ghostblade first, here we do that simultaneously for good damage and sustain.
  • Ghostblade: Core item that helps all around damage and sustainability in team fights plus a large chunk of damage. Make it easy to pick off enemy champions that separate from their team.
  • Frozen Mallet: Originally I was thinking warmogs, however after studying the build a little further and some consulting from others I have come to the conclusion that you will not fully stack warmogs. Without a fully stacked warmogs then it is not worth the price of warmogs (it is really expensive!). Therefore Frozen Mallet is definitely the way to go. It will take away the slight bitterness of giving red buff away to the AD carrys late game because you will have a constant slow of your own. The health is also great and it does add a little extra damage.
  • Atma's Impaler: This item is the best item for Nocturne. It gives armor for sustain, huge damage increased because of the 2% of health converted to damage, and a critical strike boost, compliments Frozen Mallet (or Warmogs) very well.
  • Bloodthirster: This is also a good item to get although the game is usually over before I get a chance to get it most of the time. This will change the team fights drastically, letting Nocturne do more damage, and steal more hp per hit.
  • Trinity Force: This item should never need to be bought. If a game is going long enough to get this item then you are doing something wrong. However if you do come to the conclusion that you need this item near the end of the build you can sell Wriggle's Lantern to get this item which will help in all areas of Nocturne's stats.
Some items may be swapped our for instance Frozen Mallet instead of Warmog's, it comes down to the preference of the player.

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Skill Sequence

  1. Duskbringer: Important for added damage to creep camps, aoe dmg to the whole group, and mobility to the next area.
  2. Shroud of Darkness: Very Important! This adds a clutch amount of attack speed for quicker jungling and it compliments the vampiric sceptor well.
  3. Unspeakable Horror: Helps with golems once you get there and the fear make the gank top very easy.

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Creeping / Jungling

If your team is on the bottom you have an easier time ganking top as you can see because you can get around the top lane champion easier, you can also clear your whole jungle completely before the gank. When you are on top team you have to move quicker because you might not get a chance to do golems before you gank top. This means you may not have your fear for the gank which will make it harder. When on top you also cannot get behind the top champion which means he might be able to get away. Notice that if first blood has not been taken and you have an opportunity, you may want to dive for first blood. Even if you die in the process, you or top champion got first blood and the other got the assist, while the top enemy champion will have only gotten the standard 300 gold. You may also get executed from the tower when doing this which is the best case scenario.

Another important concept to keep Nocturne as mobile as possible is to keep track of the jungle creeps' life and the Umbra Blades cool down at the same time. If you time it right you will almost kill every minion in a creep camp and then the last hit will be umbra blades to kill them all at once. This will speed up your jungle (though you will take slightly more damage). I usually wait until after the gank top, and the recall in order to start this trend, I would rather have as much health as possible going into the top gank than getting there slightly quicker.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is needed for red, blue, dragon, and baron control. Exhaust helps greatly to ensure early and easy ganks. Many people will want to get flash instead of exhaust, but believe me you are going to pick off more kills with exhaust than you would with flash. Yes this build does not have an "escape" summoner's spell however you shouldn't need it if you play smart. Remember this is an off tank build so once you commit to a fight either you should die or they do.

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Ranked Play

This is absolutely a ranked build. If you were to do this is a normal game, you would be carrying the team in kills and be looking at a 20 min surrender. This build is particularly good against enemy junglers who require mana. Lee Sin, Skarner (as an exception), and shyvana are going to be the worst junglers to go up against. Ganking top is almost a guarenteed kill as long as you and your top team-mate are on the same page. After that, top should be able to hold his own and you are able to focus bottom with you exhaust and ultimate when you have them. This build is perfect to help win all lanes. Middle is the hardest to gank just because the enemy can flash back to their turret, I like to wait for my mid team-mate to engage and then ulti and exhaust+fear for a guaranteed kill so long as mid's flash is down. This build is based off attack speed and life steal. Notice that Umbra Blades have a lower cooldown every time you make a basic attack, therefore more attack speed means more aoe damage and more life steal. This is the foundation for this build.

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Unique Skills

Nocturne's most important ability to make him effective is his spell shield, not only does it block one negative ability, but it also doubles your passive AS bonus. Now when are you supposed to use spell shield, before or after you ultimate? Depends on who is on the receiving end of your ultimate. If the champion is a non-caster then I would wait until you land to use the spell shield. However if the enemy is a magic or AP champion sometimes I will spell shield before I land my ultimate to make sure that they do not get a quick stun off and run away. (Ryze, annie, brand, and ahri all have great spells to get away from nocturne w/o spell shield)

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Jungle order:
Bottom Team: wolves-blue-wraiths-red-golems-wraiths-wolves- Gank Top Lane

Top Team: wolves-blue-wraiths- Gank Top Lane
Once the order is complete, try ganking top with the fear and exhaust with red buff should be an easy kill with the help of your team mate on top. I often give the top player a heads up that I will be coming so he does not push the lane too far.

Pros: fast jungle, great early-mid game, strong ganks, team fight sustain
Cons: Damage tapers off towards the end however still able to sustain in team fights
: relies heavily on level 3 gank top for maximum efficiency.