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Janna Build Guide by kandiii

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kandiii

Janna AP

kandiii Last updated on February 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Janna with AP

Okay so I play Janna quite a lot. I have tried various item builds and runes and masteries with her. I think I finally found the perfect way to OP her lol and I am very proud of it. Janna is thought as a supporty, squishy champion and people tend to say "stay back I have this." I usually ignore such comments and end up with 11 kills. My assists tend to be wicked high as well due to the fact that I sap all the energy but others like to finish the blows. One game was a 11/2/24. Darn the lagging of the Whirlwind :P Anyways lets get to it.

I am not a player of Dominion this is totally for PvP or bot games. But then again it is AP so you can try it. :)

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Okay so this is my first guide to any player so if there are issues do forgive but lets get the basic things down. Janna is a fun champ that is said to be hard to play as but really isn't at all. She is very easy in fact. Basically using 2 main attacks, having a shield, and then her ultimate being a heal when in major crisis. I will elaborate on this as we go on but that sums her up very nicely. :)

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Pros / Cons


    1. Can get multiple kills
    2. Using Howling gale will get you quick leveling through farming.
    3. Plenty of assists
    4. Range with Howling Gale end of story is awesome :P
    5. Healing not only for you but allies.
    1. When stunned wicked slow so easy to kill (can be fixed with boots)
    2. Other players will blame for KSing which usually is not the case you work the enemy down to almost nothing.
    3. Through the above people will take your kills almost 9/10 times and that is why your assist will be so high.
    4. When healing with Monsoon a main target for enemies.

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The runes I choose are usually to up my AP as much as possible. Along with mana increase due to it being a slight problem if you do not get clarity as a spell. Currently my favorite is Glyph of Force every level increasing my AP. Always focus on that with Janna your Ability Power and then your mana/mana regen.

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Masteries again are surrounded by my firm belief in the use of Ability Power. While some people think she needs to up on her amount of mana or defensive, I go all out with her offensive ability. You can use whatever method you would like but for my Janna I focus on a 20-4-3 tree.
Ability power through Mental Force. Then focus on cool down reduction through Sorcery, magic penetration is also very important to focus on from Arcane Knowledge. The rest is again building up on your AP.

Just for protection I added Armor to her tree not that she needs it very much. Yes if built a certain way she is a major squishy. But if you stay back with massive AP increasing you attack it will not be a worry.

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Now this is the fun part for me. I always no matter what start out with Amplifying Tome. Then I make three choices depending on my playing.

    1. If I get a kill: Blasting Wand to work up to Void Staff
    2. Keep playing and get lots of money without dying: Void Staff
    3. Normal game play/ die once: Mejal's Soulstealer

Once I get one of the above I then try to aim towards Archangel Staff or Rabadon's Deathcap.
Each for a separate reason. If you are doing rather well no worries about your increase on AP at the moment go towards the Staff. But if you are lagging behind I would go for the Deathcap. In the end try to get both.

Another thing I do is when I have a lot of money and I want a ton of AP I buy multiple Void staffs but that just to mess around and end up with 500 AP. :P

Lastly the boots I had to put up not only for magic penetration but for extra speed later on in the game. Stunning will become your enemies favorite thing and the boots will get you out of sticky binds.

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Skill Sequence

Okay so if it isn't obvious yet I like to fight with my champs, not be the behind the scenes person. No I do not like being like reason another person get 20 odd kills due to my hard work. Simple as that so I work it so I am getting just as many if not more kills with my squishy, supprty Janna :P

Focus on getting Howling gale and Zephyr up. Once your ultimate is offered on level 6 you have the option to get it or ignore it. Which at times can be more helpful then getting it. Also I do not worry much about shields I don't get it until late in the game. But once again if you feel like your going to need it by all means get it. I personally never need it and its a waste of leveling at times.

Another tip when playing with her abilities. Use Zephyr after starting your Howling Gale on an enemy. If you have high AP it will kill your enemy easily. Also once you are done using Zephyr and your Gale is still lagging use a normal attack it also helps.

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Summoner Spells

I only use both Heal and Clarity so I do not have to return to the Nexus every time. It helps continue game play while other champs are off unable to continue. Again improving your chances at a few kills. If you are very careful with your health I would use Teleport just to get you where you need to go faster.

Those are the only spells I ever use so if you want to try something else go for it you never know until you try. :)

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So that is my sweet and simple way of playing Janna I hope it works out well for you as it did for me. Also a tiny hint, in the every beginning letting a team mate leash the blue golem for you will cause your game play to be unbelievable. But that is totally optional.