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League of Legends Build Guide Author marzzo

Janna skill build

marzzo Last updated on September 9, 2013
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-This guide will explain how the League of legends league system works.
-It will teach you how you can increase the amount of points you get from wins.
-And how to generaly be a better LOL player.

This is my first real guide I make and i am grateful someone will look at it.
Please comment my mistakes, And help me improve.

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-"Overpowered" explanation
-"Metagame" explanation

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The definition Of overpowered

Some players say that overpowered champions does not exist.

Champions that classify as overpowered are champions that fit the meta perfectly or counter the meta. League of legends have too many champions and different kind of playstyles to make it balanced and it will always be like that. There are also specific items that work especialy well with some champions. For example:
Zed with Blade of the Ruined King Becouse of the amazing syneregy with hes ultimate.

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What is the meta?

The Meta:
The meta is what everyone else is doing (or more specifically, what better players are doing).
following rules that aren not set by the game, but by rules set by players to maximise your chance of winning.

using knowledge gained from external observation and research to inform decisions.

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Summary chapter 1

-Before you pick your favorit champion always look on Mobafire or other simular sites what the best metagame for that champion is, Items, and tactics for example.

The meta changes all the time, Keep yourself Adapted.
Adapt and consume meta! - Kha'Zix The voidreaver

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-The league system

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KDA is your Kill,Deaths and Assists avarage score in matches. League of legends calculates this by doing very simple math Kills+Assist/deaths

Example: Soraka goes 10-2-0. Her KDA will be 5. Since 10Kills+0Assist/2Deaths = 5

The KDA is probably the most important thing when trying to advance in divisions/leagues, Since the higher your KDA is the better players you will fight

Avarage KDA for all leagues:
Bronze: 0-2 KDA
Silver: 1-4 KDA
Gold: 2-5 KDA
Platinum 2.5-7 KDA
Diamond 3.5-9 KDA

If you for example play in silver but and have an avrage of 5 kda on every game it wont be long until you start facing gold players. or if you are in gold with 15 KDA It wont be long until you start facing diamond players. This may sound stupid. But remember, If you actualy beat this players when your league is silver you will always get tons of points.

Hotshot GG example

Hotshot GG, A very famous NA diamond 1 player made a smurf account with a little twist.
Once hitting LVL 30 he lost all hes placement matches by just intentionally playing bad with never higher then 1 KDA. He got placed in Bronze 4.
Now the fun part starts. He started playing for real with hes favorite champions: Nidalee and the currently VERY OVERPOWERD Rengar
Ofcourse these poor bronze players were no match for him and he won over 96% of hes games. But always Intentionaly losing promotion games for Bronze 3 But he quickly found out that after a bounch of games the players he fought were incredibly strong for bronze league, He was actualy already fighting platinum 3-1 players thanks for hes KDA. But the intresting report he made was that he actualy was getting 60-100 points every game he won. This means KDA has a significant impact on your league advancement.

How to get high KDA as SUPPORT/JUNGLE/top/mid/adc?
The easiest and best way to get high KDA is ofcourse playing your best all the time. Never troll or Feed. Always try to never die more then 6 times everygame, Since with less then 6 deaths it is very easy to get high KDA even WITHOUT KILLS and with only assists.

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"MMR" (Match making rating) is League of legends hidden match making tool. You will ALWAYS be matched with people with simular MMR.
The more MMR you have, The better/Higher division league players you will fight.
This also chooses the amounts of points you will get after a win, Or the points you will lose after lost.

Ever wondered why you get 1-5 points per game in bronze/silver/gold/plat/diamond?
The reason is becouse your MMR is LOWER then your current League or division avarage.

The only way to increase your MMR and start getting fair amounts of points is by always getting good KDA.

you will get MMR after everywin. And lose MMR after lost, Depending on your KDA.

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Master the meta

By playing the current OP chamions you will have bigger chanse of winning. For example you will have a bigger chanse to win with Maokai jungle than with Xerath jungle

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Deleting all distractions

Shut down all chat. It is not needed and it is just there to whine on reports and rage etc...

Remember to always have a good attitude. People will respect you and focus on PLAYING instead of TYPING/RAGING.

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Summary chapter 2

-Your KDA determinate your MMR wich determinate the players you fight wich determinate the points you will get.

-Always play your best to have high KDA/MMR so you get more points when winning and lose less points when losing.

-Try to play the champions that fit the meta for the season you are in.[/color]

-Shut down all chat

-Have a good attitude

-Never give up

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Thanks for reading.

I hope I helped you understand how the system works. I am glad you read the guide. and would really appriciate a like and comment.

If I get enough likes I may try doing more usefull guides to help people.
See you next time



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