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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VacantSlut

Janna-stalwart support

VacantSlut Last updated on December 2, 2010
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First many thanks to Riot team, keep up the good work.

I saw quite a lot of different Janna builds proving she is a versatile champion. So the guide i lay down for your criticism is well tested and like all the rest has no purpose in being the only one.


-Very game changing
-totally focused on support: no abilities misused
-loved by your team/hated by those in front
-slows/bounce/shield/heal: you will never be inactive
-much more resistant than people tend to think

-First target for ennemy team (be aware)
-needs 105% of your concentration: map awareness and teamfight control
-if your team is useless YOU are useless


Early game:

-The first three items i'm looking for are the boots of swiftness, and the two aura items (aegis and shroud). Not much to say here, level up shield and HG.

Mid Game:

Once you have your Aegis of the Legion and your Soul Shroud start cheerleading. Janna is one of the best pusher there is and when she drops by a lane to blast her Howling Gale, shield a friend and slow a running opponent, thats a lot of impact at once. You may consider leaving the lane to head for another. Boots and natural speed and teleport make Janna a very mobile champion and her abilities can be used 100%support (and 100% solo laning as well)

Late game:

Thats when Janna is leading the group into those big 5vs5 fights in the midlane.

Never on the front, Janna is nevertheless quite close to the dangerous close combat for 3 reasons:
1/ You are constantly shielding friends (not yourself!). This is important because the moment your friends see you self-shielding you will lose some will from them to charge and might well find yourself on the frontline.
2/you are spamming Howling Gale to try and reach the ranged guys at the back. When their Ashe does a backflip, tanks lose a second to see if they are in the right place at the right moment.
3/Your ult, of course. After one or two successful strikes your team tends to run back, away from the other team seeking to avenge their dead. You're shielding, ok, but you're also ready with that ult, Monsoon which is the perfect barrier to stop the chasers and heal your fleeing murderous pals. Monsoon is a very disruptive ability as well. It counters ults like Nunus, or other Aoes.

Summoner spells:

You may have a solo career at first so you cant be responsible for letting that tower down while you're gone shopping. Afterwards this spell never loses its strenght as u can change lanes, help a push , get in time to save a friend etc.

Just so that you can "blow" you mana and be able to face 2 opponents. Is needed to let that teleport cooldown.


*Start off with mana manipulator. Its purpose is to let you stay in lane as long as poossible.
*then boots
*move towards Aegis and Soul Shroud
*from one shroud to another. Glacial Shroud is an excellent item for Janna: armor mana and CD reduction.
*get Tear of the Goddess before you get the Frozen heart.
*Frozen Heart or Archangel Staff first? up to you. Depending on the looks of that late late game

Total build sums up at 10545 gold. This item build is cheap at the beginning and quite flexible

It ends up with:
-2 team auras
-40% cooldown reduction
-900 mana+500health
-37 mana regen/5s

-not much resistance, not much armor, not much AP. Who cares?


-CD reduction to spam HG
-some Magic pentration to farm better

Skill sequence:

-I agree with those who would level up the shield first, why not. In mid solo it could be the best idea as it gives you a clear advantage against that other champion you are facing (less damage taken, more dealt)
-Nevertheless on 4/5 games I play I tend to level the HG first for two reasons: 1/ farming: you get to a point where after a HG you autoatack once every mage minion and you get those three kills. 2/ HG is THE most impressive ability Janna has and people you are facing will have only this in mind. So boosting it enables you to play much more aggressively.


I have seen AP Jannas and some AD Jannas. Fine, why not? A good laugh but imo Janna iss not meant to be a damage dealer. She is there to assist, to strenghten your tanks and enable your dps characters to do their full potential damage. Also there to be a perfect and annoying counter to every strategy the other team deploys. Janna doesnt shine by her scores (buildings destroyed or kills) but by the utility boost in a team.

Leave a comment, would be nice. And have fun!