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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meihara

Janna; Taking their Breath Away

Meihara Last updated on March 28, 2011
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Lets get this started. This is my first build so I apologize if I seem Ramble-y This is basically an AP build for Janna to simplify everything. I go with an AP - Magic Pen build with her for many reasons. The main one being peoples reactions when they get sent back to their base with a Howling Gale in the beginning of the game. (People tend to underestimate the potential support casters have) the next biggest reason being. While some people prefer a tank-y Janna. You are little good if you are the last one alive and cant kill someone because you have no damage out put worth mentioning. By the time you are done reading this I hope you will have not only a great game, but a better understanding (and hopefully respect) for not only casters but the supportive ones also. Just because a characters Description page labels them as support doesn't mean you can't kick *** with them too!

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Pros / Cons

    *Great Duo Lane Character
    *Powerful Start - Mid game
    *Great survivability once you get your Will.
    *Effective Support
    *Most people wont be able to chase you down so you shouldn't die much

    -Squishy. While most people wont be able to catch you; to kill yo in the first place, if you get cornered and focused on. you will die, just like anyone else. Try to avoid closed in places for your own sake. (don't go into the jungle unless your going after blue buff. or unless someone is with you.)
    -Frustration. It happens with skill shots on characters. If you miss your Howling Gales, don't let it get you upset. It could effect how you play (for some people at least) There are tricks to that that I'll go into a bit in another section. Get creative.
    -People. you cant support anyone if your team doesn't stay close enough to you for your ultimate to heal them. Try to gently remind them of that.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I typically grab ignite on any character I play. (I'm one of the many who swear by it. Ignite is a wonderful spell, great for those runners who try to dive then back out almost dead. In my opinion its one of the most effective ones in the game.

Secondly with her I usually get Clarity. Its one of the ways I "support" my team. it tends to be quite useful. Or you can be stingy with it and only use its benefits for yourself. Janna tends to go through her Mana bar pretty easily, especially since I don't get regenerations runes.

There's other options of course but this was the most effective combination for me and that's what this build is of. My play style.

If you don't like to use clarity (Or if you grab mp regen seals) please feel free to grab another spell. I'd recommend Fortify, because not many people actually get this spell and its quite the make or break point some times.
You could grab Clairvoyance as another alternative

Things you shouldn't be getting.
Heal You shouldn't need this spell because her ultimate heals. the cool-down is not that bad. And its a simple case of being careful. A caster is still squishy. no matter how you look at it.
Smite What were you thinking? You have really no business jungling in the first place. You should go back on a lane and be useful. At least until the lane phase is over. Then you can go grab a blue buff. Ask a team mate for help if you need to.

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For runes I usually get Magic Penetration marks then just get Flat Ability Power on Seals, Glyphs and Quints.

While some people would frown upon this, I say give it a try before you wanna go making your own tweaks and vote it down.

*Though if HP quints is a comfort zone for you, changing to those is fine. Nothing too much to explain about the runes. This set up makes for a smoother early - mid game. Like I said. Give it a fair chance before you have something bad to say about it.

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There isn't much to explain to Masteries. I go with a standard 9-0-21 caster build there. making sure to take the point in clarity. (Of course if you choose to not get Clarity then put that point somewhere more useful to you.) I put Just enough into Offense to get that Magic penetration Utility wise. As long as there's 21 points there set that up how you are comfortable.

If you wish to you can push your Offense tree to the point in ignite for the bonus 10 AP while ignite is in cool down. (although its not too needed some people may prefer it.)

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Skill Sequence

There isn't that much to explain about the sequence of the skills. But since you are playing as an Aggressive Support

It's best to have your Howling Gale Maxed first. (Of course taking your ultimate when available.) This is your Main source of Damage, however it is an easy skill to miss considering enemies can see it coming and move to the side. Try not to let this frustrate you.

Max out Zepher second, (again taking Monsoon when available) Zepher is your slowing skill, when you cast it to an enemy. While it is on you, it grants you additional movement speed, and allows you to pass through minions.

Now lastly finish ranking up Eye of the Storm. I Max this last because it serves its intention sufficiently at level 1-2 for the majority of the game. If you wish to rank it in turns with Zepher, that will work just the same.

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Items & Gameplay

Okay so you're ready to start. You got Janna, your in the Queue you're ready to go kill something. Slow down buddy. �¢ï¿½�¥ There's still some stuff to be explained.

Early game
Okay, to start off Grab Dorren's Ring. I get this because its simply a comfort zone for me some games I start with an Amplifying Tome. If you choose that its fine too just be careful as you go down your lane.

Now when it gets to the lanes I almost always go with either the DPS character or the Assassin instead of the expected mid as Janna is a ranged character. I have my reasons for this. DPS and Assassins need to be fed to carry the team. and if you followed this build correctly so far you are ideal for helping them get fed. Because your damage output if Far above what Anyone would expect from you as a Janna. You would really be surprised to see how often the other team comes up with something "OMG WTF" when you get first blood as Janna. It's humorous.

With Runes and your starter item you should be pushing close to 50 Ability power (39-50) at Level 1. Your Howling Gale will tale HALF most players Health upon connection. (Providing it hits them.. Note this skill can very easily miss or be dodged.) Along with your Lane partner dealing out damage this is a very, very easy first blood. Typically before minions even spawn. (This works out for me 7/10 games as her. On Summoners Rift. I've never tried using her on Twisted Treeline.)

Try not to use clarity unless you do not have enough MP to cast a Howling Gale. and if your partner has a mana bar try to use it close to them too. You may be aggressive but you are still there to help.
Once you get your Eye of the Storm (at Level 3, keep it cast on your partner during combat. (Because you should be with the DPS or Assassin in the first place.) If they leave you alone at the tower when a champion comes up, instead of casting it on yourself, throw it on the tower. (Some people may possibly be unaware that is doable.)

Farm your way to level 6 then you can recall. Alert your lane partner that you are doing so first. (Communication is important after all.) Get your boots. (Lucidity boots are the goal; but there are other options. I take these for their passive of the CDR) and if you started with an Amplifying Tome them get your Hextech Revolver If you started with The Ring, then begin work on your Revolver.
This will be later turned into a Will of the Ancients Now this is important. Because the Spell Vamp from this item is what will ultimately give you the survivability to make up for not getting those HP + Armor Items recommended at the top when you are in game. As well as a great supportive item, due to its giving near by allied champions some additional ability power.

Alright head back down your lane to relive your partner to shop If they need to or haven't done so before you had. By now your teammates should be on average 7-10 and its off to the Mid game now.

Mid Game:
By now Build Wise you should either have
Dorrens Ring > Boots of Lucidity > Will of the Ancients
or Boots of Lucidity > Will of the Ancients
(If you went with different boots for your own reasons that's fine just make it work for you.)

And at this point, if you've been following everything with little to no tweaking around 120(ish) Ability Power. the Lane phase should be over with now and its time for team fights and ganks and a lot of pushing. Now. because of you, your teams assassin or DPS got fed (3-5 kills on average. Sometimes more can happen, sometimes less happen.) to begin with (If you didn't mess up. Hey bad games do happen Nobody is perfect.)

Go through team fights. Keep farming when you get the chance. Remember because of your spell Vamp, your tornado will not only plow the minions like Nothing, but it will heal you by a pretty sufficient chunk as well.

Try not to recall unless you have to, but that's a given You cant be of much help if you aren't there to do so. Work on your build between kills. When the action is low, of course you should head back if you have the money to get an item. By now you should have first 3 items. Your boots, the Will of Ancients, and a Rod of the Ages.(This is for that little bit of Durability some people crave with her. ) Deathcaps. While I prefer to get two of them by the time the game is done you only really need one. That leaves the 6th item in the air. You can of course get another Death cap. But it depends on the situation.

if you are crushing the other team, go for somethign with a little more oomf.
If its what and what, get what fits
If they came back from their rocky start and now your getting your tush kicked. Go for something with some survivability. (That would also benefit your team)

You have 1 death cap and all this other stuff. By now you should be hitting 370-420 ap and after a few team fights have gone by and time to farm you should be around 16-18 level wise

*If you got Dorren's ring to start then by the point of you having a deathcap. The Ring should be sold by now you'll no longer need it(and that item slot can be put to better use now too)

By now one side should be down some towers and most people will be level 17-18 so Hello to the End Game!

End Game:
This is where you really step up. Grab a Void Staff (for that extra magic pen and the nice little sum of Ability power) Your Howling Gales will be doing so much damage your team will have a very high chance of winning in most team fights.

Try to keep them motivated. and keep their push going as long as possible. Use your ult to heal everyone. (if you can. Some people do run out of your range; it cant be helped.) and use your clarity to Give those who have Mana Bars some MP to use skills with.

*After your Build is done (as in it doesn't look like you can get another death cap then go ahead and grab yourself some elixirs. They're pretty nifty.

If time permits you, try for another deathcap. This is can be changed for other items though very situational though Like an Hourglass or a Banshee Veil (If your are facing a Karthus)

One final push Those towers drop like flies. (don't forget to cast Eye of the Storm on your teams heaviest Melee Damage character. that +50 damage they get is like another BF sword. Its nothing to shake a stick at. A nexus falls, the game is over. Now lets remember to be a good Sport and say "gg" at the end of the game.

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This sums up how I play as Janna. Like I mentioned somewhere up top; give it a fair try before you go voting it down or saying anything negative It works pretty well.

Although I didn't mention a lot of other options within the build, there are others. But wait till you try it as is before you go modifying it. You might be surprised. (Like how some people prefer to get Meijia stacks for their source of AP. Personally I don't like the gamble of stacking items. because it doesn't matter how Good or "Pro" you are. If enough people CC you and jump on you. You are going to fall. and bye bye full stacks.)

In the end I cant account for peoples opinions. Some people do prefer the Tank-y builds for Janna and that's them. I'm sorry that's not what I'm giving you. One durability item(preferably somethign t hat gives you AP as well.) is all you should need with the spell vamp item. all you have to do is pick your fights and be careful. Your Squishy Never jump to the front of your line.

-I respect those who play The Tanky Janna build with success. as it did not work out for me Simply because I did not enjoy being able to put out little to no damage. I felt useless and it bothered me. (This actually happened: I was the only one left on my team alive as Tanky Janna and the whole team was pushing the mid hard. There was nothing could do other than back up with my whole team down for 40 seconds.)

I'll try to promptly answer any questions, comments and concerns, that anybody may have. I wish you all good luck and Good games as you take off to play Janna! �