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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertiful

Janna, the Carrys' Bestfriend

Vertiful Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The most important thing when you are playing League of Legends in general is the understanding of the role your character will be serving. While Janna might not be able to deal much damage, her ability to help others is invaluable. Every single one of her ability will hinder your enemy from killing your own team, or serve as chasing tools to kill the fleeing enemies. This build will enhance Janna's ability to help your teammates in that aspect: not from dealing damage yourself but immobilizing the enemy team for an easy kill by your carry. DO NOT use this build for solo ques and end up with people you can't rely on. If you are using this build, make sure to make a premade, or at least duoque with a good AD carry.

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I hope the rune page doesn't need any explanations. All of the choices are very straight forward, all must have if you want to play a Janna.

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Summoner Spells

For this guild I have chosen Flash and Clairvoyance. Flash is a must have for Janna. Her ult is one of the best ult in the game being able to disable many of the aoe ults like Amumu, Nunu and Galio. But the problem often is that the ult is centered on you. To right your position, you need flash to blink to a more favorable position to use your ult. Some may wonder why I didn't choose Clarity instead of Clairvoyance but extra mana will not be needed for if you don't spam your Howling Wind on the creeps (this I will explain during the game play section). In case an enemy player chose Galio during character selection, be sure to choose Cleanse instead of Clairvoyance.

Edit: I understand some of you may like to get Cleanse instead of Clairvoyance, it is definitely a valid choice. Remember during character selection of the ranked games, you are able to see what champion the enemy team is choosing. So if they are going cc heavy, then by all means grab a cleanse. It'll most definitely save your life. Otherwise I feel that Merc Treads and Banshee's Veil works well enough for most cc coming your way. Cleanse is very good if the situation calls on you to act quickly, but keeping track of where the jungler is may be just as important.

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The first item for me is almost always Mana Manipulator, but I would also think about Doran's Ring if your lane partner does not use mana. After the first back, buy Kindlegem and basic boots, which you will later build into Soul Shroud and Merc Treads. Under 99% of the circumstances, you should be getting Merc Treads rather than Boots of Speed. You need the ability to keep up with your carries during team fights through all the stuns and slows. Soul Shroud also is a nice item providing survivability early game and the much needed cooldown reduction. Combined with the CD from the golem buff or a blue potion, you should reach your maximum 40%. If your tank is willing to get Stark's, let them. It is a horrible item for you and the only reason you are getting it is because you are always next to your AD carry giving him/her the shield buff. If the tank is getting the Stark's, then skip to Abyssal Scepter to give your AP carries an edge. I understand that I only gave 5 items to build on this guild. If the game really does last long enough so that you have the money to buy a 6th item, save that item slot. The team will be relying on you to buy wards. At that point be sure to carry at least 3 sight wards in your last slot and prevent your enemy from ambushing your team and score a easy gg.

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Skill Sequence

Start with one level of Howling Wind for harassment, after that max your Eye of the Storm followed up by Zephyr. While Howling Wind is an awesome skill, leveling it up will not increase it's range or how long it will knock up the target. Now remember that you are a support character, not an AP DPS, therefore one level of Howling Wind to disable the enemy champion is more than sufficient until you have free skill points to spend.

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Game Play

The early game:
While you are reasonably squishy, you have a wide array of skills to get you out of trouble. But this does not mean you have a free "get of the jail" card. While it's hard to be chased, you can still be stunned. Watch out for chain stuns for the best of your ability. During the lanning phase just focus on last hitting with your auto attack or Zephyr while keeping a safe distance from your enemies. One common mistake beginners do when playing Janna is to spam Howling Gale. There are two major problems with this. First, Howling Gale uses a large amount of mana. If you spam Howling Gale every time the spell is up, you will run out of mana within 2 minutes even with mana regen runes. Second is the damage it deals. Howling Gale cannot kill creeps (the casters) in one hit until at least lv4 (unless you get AP items) this also means there will be a large chance of your creeps getting the last hit instead of you. Leaving just 20~30 hp on creeps may be the worst thing you can do. With AEO spells the lane will be easily pushed as well. This may mean a good thing if you want to take down their tower, but it will also mean an increased likelihood of ganks by the enemy jungler. I personally do not push hard unless I'm with another pusher. Two pushers in a lane can result in taking down the tower as early as 8 minutes in the game. In case you are not laning with a pusher, try not to use Howling Gale other than to initiate or to run away. Due to you being an excellent chaser, a gank in your lane will almost definitely mean a kill if the lane is not pushed.

The mid game:
With the lanning phase coming to an end, you should have already gotten Soul Shroud and Merc Treads. Start pushing and take down the tower if possible. If it seems too dangerous, start ganking mid lane. Even if you do not kill mid, act of having two mid push can very likely forcefully bring lanning to an end and start team fights. When the combat starts shield your AD carry and make sure he doesn't get in harm's way. If the enemy team starts to target you, it's good news. While it is common sense to kill carries and support first, Janna maybe THE hardest champion to kill with the support of your team. With long ranged knock, flash and ulti, the enemy team should be all but decimated before they even reach you. When defending, it may be a good idea to shield the turret but not always. If they are not attacking with too many (1 or 2), and you are the only one defending the tower, they will think about diving you. Here is an example of what I would do: Stand a little ahead of the tower to attract their attention. When they dive for you shield yourself and take one hit to draw aggro, then run back toward your inner towers. When they are just past your tower flash next to them and pop your ult. If it goes well they will be pinned against the side wall and the turret will keep hitting him. Finish him off with a Howling Gale and Zephyr. This works especially well with clarity since they may be hesitant to dive you if you have mana. Just spam Howling Gale until you run out of mana and pop clarity right when he charges.

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