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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ka$hman

Janna the OP support tempest

Ka$hman Last updated on March 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my Janna build. This build has been evolving over a long time and I finally have a fixed build I use every game with Janna. This build will give you the power you need in the early game and the durability you need in the late game while providing loads of support to your team. I hope you like it :)

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The runes I chose are what give you the edge in the early game. They will lead to a lot of early game kills by either your or your lane partner. Go with Marks of Insight for flat magic penetration, Seals of Potency for flat ability power, Glyphs of Force for ability power per level, and Quints of Force for ability power per level. The marks and seals are what give you the early game damage while the glyphs and quints make sure you have some extra ap in the mid and late game allowing you to get some defense and aura items for durability and support.

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The masteries are pretty self explanitory really... 9/0/21 allowing you to get the archaic knowledge in your attack tree, and improved clairvoyance plus presence of the master in your utility tree. If you choose not to use clairvoyance then substitute improved clarity, though I recommend cv because it has a fast cooldown and can be used a lot. It can really lead to saving yourself from a gank, or getting a kill on someone who is hanging out where they shouldnt be.

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Skill Sequence

Short and sweet, your skills should be howling gale first, then eye of the storm back and forth throwing a zephyr in there at level 4 or 5.

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Items / Summary

Ah... the items... This is what makes this build the OP Support Tempest. This build makes you very durable because you can, and will be targeted by the opposing team. Janna is indeed a nice squishy looking target that makes the enemies lick their lips afterall... Start out with a Dorans Ring It keeps you in the lane for a long time without having to go back. The AP and mana regen keep you hitting hard for a long time too. Next get a catalyst and boots of speed. Next get your Rod of Ages, this is a must have on Janna. It gives you plenty of AP health and mana. It works on two levels making you hit harder and making you more durable. Next you will upgrade your boots. Boots of Mobility are ideal because they WILL lead to you making it to an ally just in time to save their life, and they WILL lead to you catching an enemy in time to slow them and knock them up so your team and catch up and finish them off. However, i've found myself getting merc treads a lot when the opposing team has a lot of magtic damage that is giving me a hard time. Next start getting your items for an Aegis of Legion. This item gives you health, magic resist, and armor plus has an aura boosting nearby allies magic resist and armor. A good support always has auras ftw!! The next item you will need is a Soul Shroud. This item gives you more health, mana regen, and reduced cooldowns. A Soul Shroud adds even further to your durability and keeps you relevant in the mid and late game with the reduced cooldowns and mana regen. As Janna can plateau in usefulness in the mid game, Soul Shroud is good fix! Plus it gives you another aura for nearby allies!! Now just your presence boosts your teams magic resist, armor, mana regen, and cooldowns! How cool is that?!?! And your last item, unless the game lasts really long and you are farming like a champ, will be an Abyssal Scepter. This final item gives you more ability power, a ton of magic resist, and another aura! It reduces the magic resist of nearby enemy champions. These items will make your mere presence a powerful force, not to mention those really annoying tornados, shields, slows, and your knockback/heal ult. Needless to say the enemy team will despise you, but there will not be much they can do about it with all of that durability! Have fun with this build and please let me know what you think!