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Janna Build Guide by Pekka

Janna The Support

Janna The Support

Updated on February 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pekka Build Guide By Pekka 3,795 Views 2 Comments
3,795 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pekka Janna Build Guide By Pekka Updated on February 20, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance



This is my first guide on Mobafire.
Im now covering my favourite Support champion; Janna
If u wanna be a great team player and wanna learn how to play this amazing champion
then read this if not w/e.
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Pros / Cons

In my mind Janna is the best support in the game if played correctly.
The only other support that comes close to Janna is Soona.

+ Pros

*Janna has great durability in lane due to her shield that pretty much blocks enemies from harassing you or the shielded teammate, ofc this doesnt make you immortal, but it can be used to safelly harass the enemy.

*she has great mobility due to her passive on W which gives her a whopping 16% movement speed when maxed, that is like having 2 zeals in your invetory.

*She can deny channeled skills like Katarina or Malzahar Ulti by simply throwing a Tornado(Q) on them.

*Her Ult is better than sorakas ult because other than healing allies it also pushes away enmies that get to close.

- Cons (yes even the best support has some faults ;> )

*She is not an Ad/Ap carry and shall not be played as one, shure in normal games u can troll and play Ap Janna mid but her main dmg tool, her tornado is easily dodged if it is not shot from point blank range.
Ad janna i've tried a couple of times but she is easily outrange by Ashe, Cait even Vayne.

*No global ult, i feel so sad when some1 in another lane is so close killing the opponent and i cant keep thinking "oww no if i had played Soraka this game..."

*No Healing ability except for her Ulti, in lane this can be frustrating if u dont shield urself or ur ally before they recieve dmg. This is Jannas main Con since most other support champions have a healing ability that is not ultimate that gives greater sustain in lane, but i personally think that a well timed shield(E) is more effective.

*No Escape skill. if she is focused the only thing u can rely on is a perfectly timed flash or u get screwed over so hard.
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Runes are pretty straight forward playing a bot lane support

i go red health runes for some survivability

yellows armor because the main threat will be the enemy Ad carry. and since i buy a fairly early aegis i get a good amount of Mres anyway if its needed.

Blue Mp/5 at Lv 18, because early on u wont be spamming ur abilities to much. Since u wont do much dmg anyway, and since i get a philosoper's stone as my first item, i normally dont have mana issues until late game.

As for Quints i get Gold per 10 because i cant stress this enough but most of ur gold is going to Wards and oracles potions if u are facing a average team and u need a good income.. To add you will not get much if any CS because you will leave that to your laning partner, so every GP/10 boost is welcome.
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For masteries i go pretty standard support masteries 0/9/21.
i get the improved armor and mres in defence also the health regen, u could go for the increased health but i personally prefer the health regen since u can harass a little more and heal back the dmg u get faster, and i do get the heart of gold that provides more than enough health early.

in utility i go all in(21 points) focusing on getting the exp boost and gold/10 and also the reduced summoner spell cd. I dont get the Wealth mastery since it only provides another 40 gold and i think we get all we need at the start anyways. so get Cd and Movementspeed masteries instead. :)
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Skill Sequence

So for skills i Max out E first to be able to shield your ally in lane and teammates throughout the game.
After that i go W for the increased movementspeed buff - this is why u can have the tier 1 shoes very late in the game so focusing on ur Gp/10 items and buy more wards.. and it also gives you a nice slow.

lastly i max Q for the utility, this skill is very nice indeed. it can be used in many many ways ill be covering skill usage later on.

And need i say that u get a point in R whenever u can.
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Summoner Spells

Summoners are pretty standard for a support which is Claivoyance to be able to keep track on the enemy jungler and prevent ganks.

second i get flash because flash is op and pretty much is an amazing spell to both get away from ganks and also repositioning urself for a initiation. ill be telling you about some cool tricks using flash later on..
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In your role as support you will constantly be warding the map to give your team more map awareness, this is very important to deny enemy ganks and also keeping track of the enemy team throughout the game. Early game you need to keep Dragon warded both to see if the jungler is coming to gank or trying to counter jungle you, and obviously keeping an eye on Dragon.
I always save a pink ward to dragon which alows you to clear enemy ward early.
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Easy just sit back in lane and shield ur ally and let ur GP/10 items do their magic.
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Team Work

Jannas role in teamfight is to stay way back. shielding and denying the enemy to position themself near your carries. She can use her Tornado to cancel enemy supressions and channeled ult. Her ultimate can be used to save your team if timed correctly, i cant count the times when i have flashed in and blown away the opponent that was on my ap carry resulting in us getting away or getting away with a couple of kills.
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Unique Skills

Her passive Tailwind, gives u and ur team 3% increased movement speed, this is really nice to always be a little faster than your enemy, this is good for both chasing and escaping.

Her Q Tornado can be used in various ways.
*Firstly it can be used to Zone out the enemy, when the enemy hear that a Tornado is coming at them which they do since Q lets out a pretty unique sound and also can be seen
from bushes and from the mist, they most likelly will back off.

*As i said before it can be used to cancel enemy CC ults such as Warwicks Eternal thirst or
Katarinas Death lotus.

*It can be used to safelly get away from ganks or securing a gank

*One thing about Q is to look for a pattern when the opponents try to dodge it, are they
always running to the left then aim ur Q a little more to the left next time and so on.

Her W Zephyr is what makes Janna so unique in my opinion, this is why we dont need to buy improved shoes untill very late in the game also it has a very nice slow.

*It can be used to secure ganks or to slow a pursuing enemy.

*It is also very effective in last hitting creeps if ur laning partner isnt there.

*Remember this skill gives Janna the posibility to run through creeps and harass the opponent.
So simply walk through the minions and throw a W followed by a Q in their Face.

Her E Eye of the storm is so.. soo.. i cant find words for this..
*this is what makes the enemy thinking twice about harrassing you or your teammate, a
correctly times E can completelly block the dmg the opposing carry does.

*it can be used to shield urself when getting away followed by a W+Q combo.

*Save this skill to when the enemy team attacks your Ap/AD carry, the Tank/ offtank does'nt
need it as mumch since its their job to take some beating.. With this said dont forget to
save ur teammate if they get focused, Tank or not tank.

Her R Hurricane. This is Janna's defining ability. and has so many uses.

*Firstly it can be used to heal up your team before you engage a tower if you are low HP, it
heals for more than u think.

*It can be used early on to save ur teammate if u are towerdived, simply shield yourself or
your ally depending on who is focused, then R.

*If u are nifty and see the enemy is pushed up to ur tower, wait for the minion wave to clear
then boom throw a W at them then Flash behind them and push them into ur tower.. Think of
this as a Reverse singed. This is a high risk maneveur and with Flash burned u can just
hope that your laning partner can take him down, otherwise u end up wasting ur flash and ult
for nothing..

*In team-fights save this untill the other team commits to a fight, let ur tanks go in first,
then when they go for your carries push them away and try to time this that it heals as
many teamates as possible.

*another rare move that i get to do some games i when u take baron/drake and the enemy
jungler flashes in to smite steal the baron/drake simply R him back to where he came from
this requiers fast reflexes but you can pull it of.
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I cant rly tell you what to buy every single game since i hardly buy the same items every game.

But her core items are Boots, Philosopher's Stone, and Heart of gold. folowed by a Aegis of the legion.
after that u need to acess the situation your team is in at the moment.

In teamfights the Enemy team is getting away with just a sliver of health, then upgrade ur philo into Shurelias, this gives you and your team the ability to chase down fleeing yordles or escape sticky situations.

Are the teamfights really even and the enemy soraka is ulti healing her team which turns the fight in their favor. Then buy Iron solari locket, this combined with your E abilty removes so much dmg potential from the other team.

You are facerolling the other team but you still struggle to buy wards and oracles.
buy a Kages lucky pick, this item will boost your abilities a little and also slowly increasing your gold income since u wont be having much Cs.

The other team is really Ap heavy and that Veigar is always stunning you and one hitting you,
when this happens u really need to buy a Banshes veil. i wouldnt recommend a force of nature to Janna since it doesnt provide her with more durability just the Mres, some movement speed and Hpreg, let your tank buy this item.

The other team is a bit Ad heavy and keeps focusing you, unless the enemy team has a feeded Tryndamere that pentakills ur team it might be enough with upgrading ur Heart of gold into a Iron solari locket. If it still isnt enough u start building on your frozen heart.
In some rare scenarios if the enemy team has more than 3 Ad/champions and you are focused every single time. When this happens u need a thornmail. Thornmail is good against hard hitting aspd champions like tryndamere and vayne but in most scenarios you will survive with frozen heart.

Also a note on shoes, i wont upgrade my basic shoes until very late game since Janna simply doesnt need it due to her amazing utility. But when u choose to upgrade them get the Cdr shoes since the Mpen shoes are a joke on a support. i dont think Janna needs any other shoes since your job is to stay way back in teamfights. But in some games the enemy team has more than 4 CC champions, only then u get the Tenacity boots.. otherwise i recomend the CDR shoes since CDR = More Ults, Tornados, shields = GG WP
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Creeping / Jungling

Leave the Jungling to your teams jungle champion(if u have on) also Janna should'nt, except in rare scenarios get the Blue/Red buff, let your Ap/Ad carry get theese.
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