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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sonataEPG

Janna the wut?

sonataEPG Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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1. Introduction

Well, hi :) Welcome to my Janna build. I'll show u my way of, actually, doing things with Janna and helping u to understand her abilities, power, and so on.. This is my first build makin' on moba, so maybe it will pretty nasty to understand, what to do, tryin' to help ya =\ I promise ya, i won't play for u, Janna will just don't get angry and screw everything if u think that u can master other man's build in one game!

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2. Runes explanation

Well, i think this is the best choice for Janna but u can also use, just mana regen or just cd reduct, or mix mana regen and cd reduct... But, m. regen + cd at Janna is incredible mix :)

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3. Items explanation

Well, the best thing at Janna is that u can mix all kinds of stuff. Well, at my place.. I'm always starting with mana + mana regen items, at start she's pretty bad with mana so i'm upgrading that. After that u can do lots of stuff, u can buy, aegis with soul shourd after, but i'm gettin' some ap, so she can actually kill, alone 3 - 4 pps.

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4. Skill Sequence explanation

I'm always startin' with her W spell, it's not so much dmg at start, but u slow, and u get some speed and "pass throught" so it's quite good, than u just upgrade that ability lots and lots of times.. In the end that ability gives u much move speed, slows ppl and making pretty nasty dmg too! First is good for knockin' in the finishing game it can get lots of dmg, but for saving ya and ur teammates there's no better thing than that. Eye of the storm as here 3rd ability is good, for, mid game actually.. When enemies get some crazy dmg, u just absorb n abosrb.. With lots of ap u can even absorb 700 - 1000 dmg, so it's quite good :) Ulti, well, it's pretty good when u get ur W at 4 - 5 level n boots. U have extremly high speed, and if u wanna get someone that's not so prob, I will show u how in the next steps :)

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5. Summoner Spells explanation

Well, for her is clarity good in beginning, but after 2 - 3 items there's no use of it.. So, i don't know, I sometimes use clairvoyance and flash, sometimes clairvoyance and teleport, sometimes flash and teleport, clairvoyance and flash.. Clairvoyance, flash n clarity, like always :)

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6. Team Work explanation

Well Janna is quite a team worker, Explanation:
U can help ur friends catch and kill with ur first, or even help them when they are in trouble and running from enemy, u can knock them back, and provide quite time for escape.
U can slow (and other u know :D)
U can get absorb shield on ur teammates, and even enchace their psychical damage!
And, u can heal them :)
Lots of protecting is inside of Janna xD

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7. Strategy explanation

Well, janna is icredible mid player! U can always use that ability to hold mid, or push it. She has very high range with her first spell so u can decrease ur enemy health with larger distance! If u decrease their hp that much u can just slow an enemy and kill it, pretty easy! And, Janna is an excelent runner, 2x knock in air, 1x slow, 1x absorb (how to die?!) so, u can mix ur abilities with her and make a hell of a work ;) Anyway, i noticed that there's very little percent of Janna's, why?! She's cool ;) Well, this is my moto : Try to TRY!

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8. The end

This is it, sorry my english ain't so good =\ but i'm learnin' ;) Hopes that u will like my build, and bye for now :)