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Janna Build Guide by Yarick

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yarick

Janna will leave you breathless

Yarick Last updated on February 7, 2012
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This is a full support Janna build and should be played when you have a AD carry in bottom lane with you.

This build will help you be reasonably aggressive and control bottom lane with your AD carry, it will also help with level 1 team fights and general map control.

**Updated 07-Feb-2012 - Due to updates to items**

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Pros / Cons

Massive Amount of Crowd Control
Large Gold income from runes/items
Provides massive boost to AD carry
Provides good lane sustain for self and AD carry
Very mobile
Can ward the whole map
Hard to kill especially early game

Must not be left alone in lane long
Low damage output if left alone
No flash so more reliance on good positioning

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Runes and Masteries

Marks for reducing resist,
Really this is insignificant and could be switched out if you have another preference as the amount of damage you do in rather small any way

Seals for Gold
This helps give you a steady income despite giving all minion kills to the AD carry

Glyphs for AP
AP helps Janna and being a rather expensive stat to buy in battle its good to get a little here

Quints for Gold
Cause all the minion kills are for the AD carry

I go for a 0/9/21 masteries setup
0 in Offence as we don't really do any damage any way
9 in Defence to boost your Heal spell and improve your health pool
21 in Utility focusing on Gold Speed Mana Wards and reducing spell cooldowns

All this gold per 5 makes it so if we don't kill a thing at 7:20 we will have 720 gold and will be ready to recall.

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Items (Start to Mid game)

Starting Item
The selected starting items will give you mana snd health regen allowing you to be quite aggressive and hopefully take control of the bottom bush. The final item you have is a ward and you must use this wisely to protect your lane from ganks.

As mentioned above you will have 720 gold at 7:20 even if you don't kill a thing and its at this point you want to recall to base so you have 7:20 to cover with a single 3 min ward, now there is not much point in using it before the 2 min mark, Taking into account the opposing jungler/first blood/if I've used my Heal I try and hold out till about the 4 min mark before placing the ward but if I've earned gold or im worried about a level 2 gank I place it earlier.

First Recall (720 Gold)
This should be the first time you need to recall and your priority is to buy a ward as from this point on the bit of river between bottom and dragon should always be warded for the entire game! The exact position will vary depending on your situation but it should always be warded.
Boots along with Zephyr will keep you highly mobile and hopefully keep you alive via positioning
Mana Manipulator will assist your mana regen and allow your AD carry to harass more as few AD carry have any mana regen items and can burn through it quite quickly. (Ensure your AD carry is aware of this and is harassing where possible)

Second Recall (725+ Gold)
You need to purchase another ward as yours will be running/ran out, I'm usually in the position to buy multiple wards at this point and I would suggest 3 if possible but I have brought as many as 7 before.
Emblem of Valour wont do much for you but will give the AD carry a steady source of health regen whilst I still suggest the AD carry has a health pot or 2 for those moments when you need health quickly this constant source of regen should boost your lane control and reduce the number of recalls needed.

Third Shopping Trip (900+ Gold)
Keep buying more wards!
Heart of Gold is a good Gold per 5 item that builds into a useful item later and the health boost can be handy

Fouth Shopping Trip (725+ Gold)
Yup you guessed it more wards! (if you have not brought at least 10 wards by this point your doing it wrong!)
Boots of Swiftness will enable you to Flee and Chase better and make warding a little safer if you haven't brought one by now its usually worth buying an Oracle's Elixir.

Fifth Shopping Trip (875+ Gold)
Philosopher's Stone is a good regen item and whilst quite late for a Gold per 5 item it will help sustain you gold wise into late game, if you feel the game is going to end rather soon you could skip this item but I do like the additional regen.

Sixth Shopping Trip (575+ Gold)
Locket of the Iron Solari is a nice item to give your team a shield and this combined with your Eye Of The Storm can give your AD carry a shield of 470 before AP modifications

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Items (Mid to Late game)

Cooldowns or Positioning
Both items are good but i tend to take Soul Shroud first as this preserves the Philosopher's Stone but take which will benefit the team the most

Last Item
there are so many choices for you last item and you really need to gauge it on your team setup and team items.

If your missing an aura item on your team consider taking filling that gap with the following
Abyssal Scepter
*Aegis of the Legion
*Frozen Heart
Will of the Ancients
*Zeke's Herald

To improve your Shield and do more damage consider more AP
Abyssal Scepter
Deathfire Grasp
Rabadon's Deathcap
Void Staff
Will of the Ancients
Zhonya's Hourglass

To improve your own survivability consider
Banshee's Veil
Quicksilver Sash
Zhonya's Hourglass

* some items listed above will provide very minimal assistance to your self so take into account if the teams need is greater than your personal need

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Skill Sequence

Your Skill priority is quite simple
Eye Of The Storm
Howling Gale

As with all ults Monsoon should be levelled when possible, the skill has many uses
1) reset a fight that is going wrong
2) split the opposing team
3) disrupt channelling ults (usually splits opposing team as well)
4) regen team health during a push (usually after winning a team fight)
5) assist in an escape
6) pin enemy to a wall

Eye Of The Storm is your main skill and will shield your AD carry and effectively give them an additional B. F. Sword when fully levelled so getting this finished by level 9 will drastically increase the damage output and sustainability in lane.

Zephyr is a strong slow and can setup kills but be careful when using it as the passive speed boost is removed when its on cooldown.

Howling Gale does not really assist you much past level 1 so start with it then ignore it, you mainly use it for the team knock up and it can be a fight changing ability especially during level 1 fights

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Summoner Spells

Janna lacks aggressive healing, even her Ult requires time so having the heal spell can really assist in those clinch moments and can more than make up for the lack of damage in level 1 fights etc.
This spell is also excellent for baiting people.

Janna will be moving around the map alot to ward and there will be times where you have to ward in new areas which would usually require face checking a bush and this is where Clairvoyance will save your life time and time again. Remember to be sharing with this and use it to stop team mates face checking bushes but be aware the position of the Clairvoyance is shown on the oppositions screens so be careful not to give away positions of sneaky allies.

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Warding is what this build is all about the whole map should be lit up constantly, from your 2nd trip back you can easily have 4 wards on the go (2 in the river and 2 in the jungle) and this should only increase as the game goes on, with the Gold per 5 alone you can sustain 5 wards and that's without natural gold gain and gold from kills etc.

There is no use in this build if you are not going to ward heavily, Warding provides so much map awareness that your team should be able to react to situations in time and as a result it should reduce team deaths and prolong the life of turrets. When warding you should also have a Oracle's Elixir for counter warding, not only does it blind the opposing team but it also makes warding safer and gives you security when taking buffs such as Barron.

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Team Fights

Your job in team fights is to disrupt the opposing team and to keep the damage dealers alive.

This typically revolves around keeping your AD/AP carrys kicking for as long as possible.

The AD carry will generally benefit most from your shield but watch out for characters like lee sin as they can do devastating amounts of damage to the opposing carrys, its worth using your shield on any character to save there life but you get most benefit from AD characters.

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I've seen to many games thrown away due to a bad Barron attempt.
They rush in blind to take a quick Barron only to be attacked when they are at low health resulting in loss of the buff and several if not all team mates, a bad Barron attempt like this can easily spell the end of the game. So this is why it is so important to ward and counter ward on any Barron attempt.

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Controlling your lane

When in bottom lane with your AD carry your job is to ensure you control the lane. Having control of the lane will mean your carry can last hit easier and if your doing it well you should be depriving the opposing team from last hits and experience putting your team at a large advantage.

There is 3 key factors in controlling your lane
1) you must have a ward between bottom lane and dragon at all times as this will give you time to react to ganks.
2) you must control the 2 bushes at the bottom of the map by staying hidden in them as much as possible as this will make it hard for the opposing team to advance into the middle of the lane to last hit
3) you must keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane, to far back and you will be safer but loose control of the bushes, to far forward and you will be more susceptible to ganks.

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This Janna build is a support build in pretty much every sense of the way, you will not do much damage but instead prolong the life of those doing lots more damage. This requires teamwork but if done well it will provide very effective results.

Late game the build can feel rather squishy so positioning is key, this combined with good use of your impressive range of CC should keep you and your team alive.

Warding is key to this build I cannot stress this enough, a good warder will control the map and if you control the map your team can control the game.