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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omni

Janna with OOMph

Omni Last updated on September 12, 2010
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9/07/2010: First public version
9/12/2010: Overhauled item build: less mana-regen/AP, more survivability


This is my "Janna with OOMph" build. Janna is really good at staying out of harm's way, and when played defensively and with deliberation will rarely die or need to blue pill to heal. Her primary bottleneck is her mana reserves. You can vastly increase Janna's and your team's effectiveness with a high mana-endurance build, that can farm constantly and still always be there to support the team.


All of Janna's skills culminate into the perfect champ to simply stay out of the line of fire, and deny enemy damage on both Janna and her teammates. It is very important that you think of Janna in this way. Let your teammates know not to overextend (they shouldn't do this anyway!) and that if they do you will not be able to support them (attempting to do so will likely only result in you both dying).

Janna's team depends on her to always be there and be ready. It's easy to just stay in the field as Janna and farm pretty effectively, but you may end up doing this and not having sufficient mana when your team needs you. Always be wary of your mana reserves, and hold back a little to replenish them if your running low. Always have enough to cast a few spells and a Monsoon. Shortly, we will see how to build Janna with the necessary items, runes, and masteries to do this.


Howling Gale: This spell's primary feature is that it can be set down, and then Janna can move away, leaving the spell to do its thing; this helps her farm and harass, while staying out of enemy range. It has a charge up period, but can be released early for the price of lessened damage. The tornados knock anything they strike into the air, interrupting them and stopping them for a split second. The tornados have a long range, and also travel through walls. The enemy can estimate their direction by seeing the direction Janna is facing when the spell begins, launch them from bushes to prevent this. They are also great to launch from bushes just to surprise the enemy.

Zephyr: This spell is a slowing nuke that passively permits Janna to move through creeps, and also increases Janna's movespeed while not on cooldown. Use it to slow fleeing enemies.

Eye of the Storm: This spell places a shield around a character and increases their damage. The shield blocks a certain amount of damage. The damage increase persists for the duration of the spell, even after the shield is gone. Use it to prepare teammates who are about to move in for an attack, and protect teammates who are close to death. The damage increase, obviously, best helps a teammate with high attack speed or armor penetration.

Monsoon: This is a channeled spell that starts by exploding into a field that knocks back all enemies, and then proceeds to heal all teammates in the area of effect. It takes great skill and experience to use correctly. If misused, it can push away enemies who your teammates are trying to kill. When used correctly, it can save your entire team, deny enemy kills, split up an enemy team, or slow enemies allowing them to be caught and killed. The knock back effect can push enemies over walls; use this to remove them from the fight, but be careful not to help out enemies trying to escape. If you want to slow an enemy, the best place to do this is against outer-walls; they cannot be pushed over the wall, and will be trapped in the middle of your monsoon. Generally, the easiest and safest place to use this spell effectively is from behind your team, simply as a means to heal them all up in the middle of an intense team fight. It is possible, but very difficult, to use it to split up another team. Doing this often puts Janna in the middle of the action, and makes her a number one target. Consider this only in small teamfights; it actually works very well in 3v3 games, but in 5v5 is generally unwise. You can use Flash to get you in position to split up enemies, or to help you escape their wraths after having split them up.


Laning and Farming: Lane and farm by laying down a Howing Gale right where your minions meet the enemy minions, then retreat away. The tornado rips through enemy minions, and sends enemy champs fleeing. Inch back up just to finish off minions, but always keep your distance. Use Eye of the Storm to protect yourself or your teammate from enemy aggression. Use Zephyr to slow chasing enemies, or enemies fleeing from a tower.

Ganking: Help your team gank by putting Eye of the Storm on the initiator or DPS'r. Threaten the enemy and direct the action using Howling Gale; the enemy will not want to charge up the middle of a tornado, and will flee to the back or sides. Keep tornados heading into the middle of the action. Use Zephyr on an enemy close to death who is about to flee, also set up a tornado to intercept them, release it early if you must to catch them. Set tornados from the bushes to surprise the enemy, and keep them guessing as to which direction the tornados will be heading.

Tower-diving: Use Howling Gale to knock out enemy minions and keep enemy champs at bay. Put Eye of the Storm on your DPS'r to help knock out the tower, or anyone who is under fire by the tower or enemies. Use Monsoon, to give your team an extra few seconds by healing them all and knocking back all enemies.

Tower-defense: Defending a tower uses the same strats as tower-diving, just from the other side. Use Howling Gale to keep enemy champs at bay. Case Eye of the Storm on your tower to shield it and increase its damage. Use Zephyr to slow champs fleeing the tower. Use Monsoon to knock the enemies off of your tower, and buy everyone a few more seconds.

Post-laning phase: As Janna, it is imperative you not die, but that you always be where the action is. Stick close to carries and tanks, but keep an open escape route and them on the frontline. Use flash, tornados, Zephyr, Monsoon... whatever it takes to escape to safety when need be; despite being squishy, you are REALLY hard to catch. Don't try and save a teammate who got jumped by four others when it's just you and them, it's a lost cause, and will just end up with you feeding them more.


Janna needs mana regen, cooldown reduction, magic resist, and health. Mana-regen is how she can constantly utilize the spells that allow her to lane, farm, and harass from safety, and still support her teammates in an intense teamfight at a moments notice. Cooldown reduction keeps Jann's skills available. Magic resist is important because most of the damage that Janna will be in range of is magic damage. Health is simply a necessity, because Janna is a high priority target with her heal and ability to scatter the enemy team.

The first items you should buy is either a Mana Manipulator (if you're laning with another mana user) a Sapphire Crystal (if you're not laning with a magic users) or Boots of Speed and a Sight Ward (if you need a Sight Ward, as is often the case on Twisted Treeline).

At any rate, you're initial set of items should come from the following list. Notice these are all precursors to Janna's final item build. It is not necessary to get them all before you start getting final items, but they are good waypoints en route to final items. What final items you go for first is dependent upon your team composition, the opponent's team composition, and how the game is going so far. A good generic strategy is to go for Catalyst the Protector first, then Boots of Speed, then Spirit Visage. This gives you great survivability, some Cooldown Reduction, and Health/Mana leveling boosts to keep you going through the early game laning phases and help you come out ahead in the end of it.

    Catalyst the Protector
    Mana Manipulator
    Boots of Speed
    Spirit Visage
    Giant's Belt

Final Items:

Quicksilver Sash: Quicksilver Sash is an optional item. Without Cleanse, Janna needs something to ensure she can always use her speed advantage to stay out of harm's way. If you're facing a team with CC, then grab this item early.

Banshee's Veil: Banshee's Veil gives opponents a good reason to not target you first, and good protection in case they do. If the enemies pop your spell-shield bubble, then that's a good sign that you should RUUUUUUNNNNN; or at least be really wary.

Boots of Mobility: Boots of Mobility get the most out of Janna's passive move percent increases. Additionally, Janna's farming style means she can often stay "out of combat" while still farming.

Spirit Visage: Spirit Visage improves the effectiveness of Janna's heals for herself, and also offer cheap cooldown reduction and a bit of health; an all-around perfect item for her.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Rylai's Crystal Scepter (RCS) adds Health, AP, and a slow effect to Janna's AoE, and some extra oomph to her Zephyr. Notably, the slow effect is applied via Monsoon; this is what makes RCS so good. Monsoon is like a great big "KILL ME FIRST" sign on Janna. The extra slow from RCS stacks with the slow from Monsoon (see the item + spell slow threads) and will, in any event, slow all enemies buffered by your Monsoon, thus not only scattering them about but slowing them too.

Soul Shroud: Soul Shroud adds Health, mana-regen, and cooldown reduction, in addition it provides an aura that boosts the mana-regen and CDR of your teammates. A great item for Janna given her stat needs and her role as a supporting champ.