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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jofiel

Janna with Smite?!

jofiel Last updated on January 26, 2011
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Chapter 1


NOTICE: I'm not claiming this build as "The One and Only" for all who are Janna. It works well for me because of how I play.

With that said, this build probably a bit more lane aggressive early game than any other build you might find. It's focus is to harass and to keep the enemy champion constantly defending his tower while your minions do the bulk of the damage to the tower. I'll explain in a bit.


  • Extreme Spell Damage
  • Higher Healing with Blow Back
  • More Damage absorbed by Eye of the Storm
  • Faster movement speed than most champions
  • Can clear a lane with one Howling Gale end game
  • Great aid in defeating any weaker champion at the start of team fights
  • Can Defend a turret with Eye of the Storm
  • In most instances, she can even tank a turret

  • Incredibly Squishy
  • Relatively high Cooldowns
  • Runs through mana quickly
  • Deals less damage to turrets than other champions (with the exception of tanks.)

Smite has a single use which is to deal massive damage to creatures and minions. Most use it for jungling, I use it for tank minions. I know it sounds like a waste of a spell slot but if it was, I wouldn't be spending time writing this build guide. <3 (keep reading, I'll explain)
Just like Heal, this helps me manage my mana and cast spells longer. Also, when I start jungling Wraiths, Golems, and Wolves, it keeps me refreshed so I can stay and defend the lane also.

: FIRST thing I get. This allows me to move around extrememly fast so I can avoid possible ganks. Also, this gives me an edge when it comes to ganking/defending. Because I max out Zephyr early game no one can really calculate how long it'll take me to get to a lane and they'll either retreat too early or too late, both of which are good.
:The 30% of maximum health in damage and extra AP is great early to mid game. Because Janna gets her items faster than almost every champ in the game by lane farming alone, she will always out gear every champion on the field (only if you're in the middle lane though). I always engage with this being the first shot followed up by a Zephyr which always leaves them at 60-50% health from the start of the scuffle. The best thing about this is it's cooldown: 1 minute!
:This one is vital to the build. The 30% increase to ability power is going to increase all your spells. You're Howling Gale with clear out waves of minions, your Zephyr will have astounding damage output, Eye Of The Storm will guard up to 700 damage, and your Monsoon will have an amazing healing over time ratio.
:For added ability power and a good defense whenever you become the target of team fights.
:The magic penetration is always good for spell casters even if the enemy isn't stacking magic resist. Dealing pure damage is always good.
: This one is also really good to the team just because it's a negative aura to the enemy. Especially if you're teamed with a fiddlesticks, they're whole enemy team will be weak to magic attacks just by being around the 2 of you.


  1. MIDDLE LANE! MIDDLE LANE! MIDDLE LANE! You NEED the middle lane for this to work out.
  2. ALWAYS save smite for the tank minions. Don't waste it on anything else. The time between casting smite is the same as the time the tanks spawn.
  3. Harass as soon as you get your fist zephyr and don't let up.
  4. Be quick on your toes. If the enemy is more aggressive than you, back off and play defensively.
  5. Be smart about using your Howling Gale. It's range is incredible so place it at a distance they can't see. Never waste a Howling Gale either, make sure to that the minions are the main target.
  6. Every bit of experience is important but don't die for it.
  7. Never leave you lane, keep pushing and never waste time if you can get a hit in on the tower.
  8. In TEAM FIGHTS, never go out front unless you know you can make it back safe.
  9. If you see that the enemy is huddled up in one lane, make a judgement call and try to push a separate lane while your team holds them back in the mean while.

Play Strategy

Being mid lane is extremely important for this build. You level incredibly fast and get tons of money this way. Usually, when I play mid, my opposing champion will at some point go gank. Which is what you want them to do. You don't have time to waste running up and down, helping and expending mana on enemies when you could be knocking out towers in the mean time. Because of smite, the tank minions don't last at all which means less time away from the enemy tower and more hits in while the enemy isn't defending mid.

Starting the Game: (0-10min. in)

There's a rythm to what I do in the middle lane. I start out by the wraith spawn point and wait for them to spawn. I smite the blue one which gives 120 experience (45% your experience bar at level 1) and then catch up with my minions. I stay in the lane, clearing minions until level 7. At level 7, Howling Gale can clear out the rest of the Wraiths. Also, out of spite, I go for the enemy Wraiths with 1 Howling Gale. Without leaving the lane, I just cast one in that direction and let it do it's business. [Note: If you have a Twisted Fate in the group, it will definitely help in feeding you gold but it's not necessary]. In the meanwhile, I'm dropping Zephyr after Zephyr to ping the enemy champion little by little to force them to use up their health potions and leave their lane. This is where SMITE comes into play. In all this, I'm using Smite in combination with Howling Gale to kill the tank minions instantly (lvl 5+) and force the my way to the enemy tower. Without the tank minions, the enemy knows that if he/she leaves, I'm free to deal as much damage as I want to their tower. There's no down time whatsoever in my relentless assault on their tower. Plus it comes in handy if a Heimerdinger decides to lane against you.

Mid Game: (12-20min. in)

At this point, I should be around levels 11 or 12 with Howling Gale and Zephyr maxed out wit 1-2 points in Eye of the Storm. I don't let up, I'm pushing the middle lane like a bully trying to clear the second tower. Most of the time, the enemy leaves the middle lane alone to help defend/push the side lanes for some reason, leaving me unobstructed and free to do what I wish to their tower. Once I'm done with that, I go and help the lane that's furthest along to take that one down too. What's more is that around this time, everyone is still about levels 8-10 so they're still pretty weak which is amazing for overwhelming them. Their highest level with still be 1 or 2 levels under you. (if played right)

23-27min. in:

Played your cards right? Nice, now you're level 18 with 3 items on you and maxed out spells. Quick leveling is essencial for Janna just because she can easily overwhelm her opponent while they remain under geared and out leveled.

It's at this point when the opposing team starts getting cornered. They're spells and attacks can't keep up with Janna's Monsoon or be enough for get through her Eye of the Storm which will greatly increase you team's survival rate.

Q & A:

Why such an aggressive spell progression? Why not get atleast 1 point in Monsoon at level 6?

Well, several reasons actually. The increased speed, slow, and damage from Zephyr is important just for those rare occasions that I really need to help a lane early on or for mid lane ganks. Because I don't really join the team until level 11 or 12, I have no need to heal massive amounts of people, it's just me.

What if they target you early on in the middle lane and keep ganking you?

Then I suppose it's time to play defensively. Let the Minions come to you. Don't attack, hover as close as you can to them to get those minion kills to your exp. pool and finish off the rest of them within the comfort and safety of your tower.

Why not go with Boots of Mobility or the ones with magic penetration? Why Boots of Swiftness?

The reason I don't go with either of those other choices is mainly because I need a constant speed. Boots of Mobility are great, don't get me wrong, it's just that as soon as someone hits your, you slow down too much. With these, I can maintain a constant speed which is relatively equal to anyone running around with "Ghost" activated. Hell, as long as I can match or get close enough to Master Yii or Teemo's speed, I'm good to go. Also, I need to be mobile if I want to jungle AND lane at the same time, I can't afford any down times. For the magic penetration, well, it doesn't matter much this early in the game. You can get that later.

Why would you sacrifice putting your "Carry" in a side lane just for a "Support" champion?

The point of this strategy is to level your pusher and support as fast as possible to out level the enemy and take down their towers faster than they can gear up and level.

Why don't you get Rylai's Crystal Sceptar to slow them down with Howling Gale as well? Seems much more useful than void staff.

Truth is, I haven't thought of that until now actually. Yeah, it's a really good idea to drop it in your build somewhere. It all depend on how the game is going. Your call summoner.

I still don't understand why you get smite. It's useless end game, it's still a waste of a spell slot.

Well, just try it out. It sucks not being able to go back knowing that you won't have enough time to make it back and defend your tower from being attacked.

Well, thanks for taking the time and reading the build. I know it's a bit text heavy but it is a little complicated and hard to explain with less words than what I used lol. Good Luck and Have Fun!