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Janna Build Guide by Selectmee

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Selectmee

Janna - Zero allies deaths

Selectmee Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone!

The aim of this guide is to make a full support Janna. I will summarize it a lot because I want to make it clear and direct.

Some people ask me why did I go 0/1/29 in maesteries, this is a good question, later I will explain it.

I wish this guide will help you in your games.


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First of all, runes.
The red ones I like to have them with some Magic Resistence, because the teams will normally have some AP.

The red ones I put them of armor, because I want to survive as much as I can.

The blue ones I like to have them with some mana regen to stay more time in lane, especially in early game.

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This is such a polemic theme.
People normally ask me why do I choose to have 0/1/29, the answer it's just because I want to do what I'm exactlly supposed to do, help the team and make us win.

This is all I can say, the rest you can see it in the masteries page above.

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First of all, I usually start with one Faerie Charm, 2 wards and 4 hp potions.
This will help to stay in lane because of the mana regen and the potions, because Janna can't heal with a normal skill, only with the ultimate and the summoner's skill.
The wards are so important, especially when we are playing in a game with an enemy jungler (most of ranked games).
Later I will talk about the wards position in an easy way.

After that, I buy boots, Philosofer stone and lucky Kage to have a good start. Later I sell Kage, but I transform Philosofer stone.

The boot's election is easy, I usually buy Jonia, but if in the enemy team there are a lot of CC, I buy Mercury.

After that, I buy Shyruella because of the benefits that it gave to me, and to all the team.
The same happends with Solari, it's very usefull.

Legion is an important item in the game, normally the tank or support buy it, but don't buy it both, only one.

The Veil is principaly to avoid CC and other insupportable things, like "taunted" of our friend Ahri...

Finally we have Frozen Heart! It gives us usefull stats like CDR (cooldown reduction) and armor.

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Like a good support, you must spam wards. The principal places to put them is in dragon and baron, where I usually buy the purple ones, and in easily gank places, like the river entrances.

Other important thing that the support must do, is to destroy enemies wards, to do that it's important to buy Oracle and to put purple wards in the places mentioned before.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence make Janna to protect a lot the allies and to disturb the enemies too.
It also give the possibility of doing the first blood, because of the cc that provoques the Q.

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Summoner Spells

Basicly, flash is used with Janna for three things, scape, go through walls to help allies in danger and to make the combo flash + ulti to reposition enemies in the field as we wan.

Heal is also important in Janna because, as I mentioned before, she can't heal allies during early game a lot, because she can only do it with her ultimate and, if you choose heal, with heal. It's also important in mid/late game because you can save allies life's with it.

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In summary, help your team, be sure of making ***its to the enemys and not to ks the kill, and win the game.
The most common partner of a support like Janna is an AD carry, but you can also have a good AP.

And the most important thing... ENJOY THE GAME!