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Build Guide by KingOfFate

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingOfFate

Jarvan > Hax, Xin Pwn, and Akillu

KingOfFate Last updated on May 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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1. Introduction

Hello there,

MANY of you never heard or played against me so I'm going to make a brief intro about myself since this is my first build.

I'm known as "Yond" (Japanese for 4), Mr. TD (I Tower Dive hard :D), KoF (King Of Fate).
I looooove tower diving because I almost always get alway with it.
If you want some one bold and cunning, I'm your man.

Anyhoo this build is about Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia.
I'm known to get away with stupidly funny things (Tower diving, 1v4's, etcetc)
My Jarvan build is to "Equalize" his stats and make him adaptable for all purpose fighting.
Sorta offtank, carry all the way.

Btw the title is the nicknames I gave Jax, Xin Zhao, and Akali since they kill everybody and are almost unkillable 1v1... But with this build... I guarantee their deaths. Actually depends on team and your own micro skills but still.

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2. Runes

I don't know how to add fancy pictures yet so bear with me!
9 Marks Runes of Great Pene
9 Seals Runes of Great Mana Replenishment
9 Glyphs Runes of Great Focus
3 Quints Of Great Desolation

What my build is focused to do is to BREAK the enemy while maintaining a sustainable laning phase. For those who say "ARMOR PENETRATIONS ARE A WASTE. GET ATTACK DMG NUB", if your penetration is higher then their armor, you actually DEAL more damage. I noticed this when I farmed minions with my superior penetration.

I Get mana replenishment seals to lane for long periods of time, because Jarvan has incrediblely low MP. You could swap these with dodge runes for survivability.

I get CDR (Cool down Reduction) to spam flags and cataclysm respectively.
Flags are AMAZING, as they give vision and gives your team around it increased armor and attack speed, which procs on you passively and doubles on activation.

I get Quints of desolation to further increase my Armor Penetration.
25 Armor Penetration, very fun to poke with.

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3. Masteries

My masteries are set around attack because attacking is key to winning obviously.
If you play carefully but bravely then this set of masteries will be effective.

If you want to set them around defense, then please kindly exit my build because my build is NOT for tank Jarvans. Not sure what you call my build actually. Offtank I guess?
Anyhoo, my masteries are all set to THWOMP the enemy with Q and E's. You could take off the neutral buff duration and put it in archaeic knowledge but I find getting neutral buff duration + more useful late game and early game considering I don't build Jarvan around my E. (AP Jarvan? Sounds intresting...)
I ALWAYS get the EXP + so Jarvan can do some early leveling quickly.

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4. Items

I start off with Longsword and a potion. I level to 3, (By then you have E Q Q) and get FB (If my team wasn't stupid enough to die yet or too careful to rush anybody). Make sure you last hit as much as possible. (Solo laning with this build is fun too) Get enough for boots + ruby crystal. Lane s'more, and get ionian boots. If you got more kills while laning (Which I do), rip out a phage while your there. If you got ALOTS of kills, get a pickaxe too. Build up to a frozen mallet. Your enemy (or your team) may think your building initiative tanky, but thats where you fool them... Rip out a Last Whisperer and you get a nice attack bonus and 40% Armor Penetration.
Thats like... 33 armor penetration? Which is great because your Q will pierce the enemy with its OWN penetration! From this point you can get a B.F Sword ( I LVOE THIS SWORD) or a brutalizer, which would make your armor penetration about... 50 armor penetration!! Then build off to a BloodThirster (If you want more dmg and L.S)/BlackCleaver (If enemy tanky) or a Ghostblade (For the armor pene, atk dmg, and the other useful buffs).

This build is USELESS for those who can't get kills. Also your going to be pretty vulnerable early game and possibly late game.

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5. Skill Sequence


I get E first to check bushes and to get the armor bonus ( Which is nice. )
Q starts off decent but near late game, your Q becomes... EXPLICITLY AWSOME. Ever seen a 400 dmg poke? I SEEN BETTER. I LOVEEEEE Q. Any squishee champion, or for that matter, ANY champion without super hp will feel the burn of this POKE. I made Xin Zhaos eat face, Jax's raeg, and Fiddle's cry with my POKE OF DEATH. If you followed my rune guide and my masteries, this POKE is more then JUST a POKE. ITS THE BEST POKE.

W is useful for escaping and chasing but you already HAVE a chase/escape mechanism... E & Q.
If you got the boots of ionian and my rune set, it should be fairly accessible. I never get W unless the circumstances change and I have to go tanky or I level up in middle of a fight and the enemy ignites me. (Haha funny story this happens to me alot. I survived more then a hundred ignites with my lucky 1-40 hp thanks to W...)

It will always do...
1. Fail
I only use R to stop runners... (dont use untill they flash away once. Scare them into using flash by E & Q.)
Or to kill a champion that overextended and is alone and I know his team is away from him.

You can KILL your team by a reckless R or make a perfect zone for AOE skills (I personally love professional R's. My best work was trapping 3 champions in the middle of Pantheon's ultimate! :D Ever seen Pantheons ultimate kill 3 Champions at once? DAM it must be a good feeling.)

When you use R, drop flag outside of your terrain wall and try to aim Q towards it while hitting your victims. Makes it easier for you to escape and to help your team kill the squishes since only tanks usually get R'd.

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6. Summoner Spells

I personally use ghost and ignite all the time for my attack builds.
Ghost is great for ganking/escaping/chasing and this saves me loads of times in the beginning of a game or gets me a kill. I set my mastery on ghost infact because I trust this skill so much. Yeah you CAN get flash but I find its high CD unreliable and its use limited compared to ghost. Yeah you can escape through walls, break out of Jarvans ult, dodge a trap, chase with it, but you can't actually RELY on it because its range is somewhat shaky and its CD is just so long. If you went Utility 21 it would be ok but this isnt Jarvan's Utility build.

Ignite is so awesome. I always get FB with this. Its epic early game, epic late game, epic all game. Jarvan is so reliable to middle lane BECAUSE of ignite. He can pretty much square off against ALL champions including a professional Vlad because of Ignites epic rejuv block. Mundo pissing you off? BAM. ULT REDUCED AND RIPE FOR KILLING. Tyrandmere laughing at you for not being able to kill him? BAM. He gets plugged. Ashe thinks you can't kill her next to tower? SHABAM. R & SMACK & E & Q, IGNITE RUN! ( I mean catalcysm her at her turret, ignite and a melee hit, drop flag OUTSIDE of the terrain wall, and Q to that. If done correctly, she wont have time to react and you get away scott free. Well. Maybe if her minions dont smack you too hard and her team isn't there...)

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This build will roflstomp if done correctly!
I will edit this build later on as I get more experienced.

You can add me "KingOfFate" in North American Servers.
My channel is "Fate"

NOTICE : Things this build cannot handle

Nasus (Late game, attack speed with lifesteal > this build Jarvan)
Anyone fed to oblivion.

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Late Game?

Well... I usually get

BloodThirster + Banshee for dmg and tankiness against magic
Trinity Force + Thorn Mail for ridiculous bursts and defence against stupidly powerful AD.
Phantom Dancer + Infinity Edge to chase and kill all them squishies

Depends on situation really.
Don't be scared to sell your items for something better!