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League of Legends Build Guide Author Igneel

Jarvan IV, Spiderman in Your Face

Igneel Last updated on March 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first guide ever on any LoL champions. Many believe that Jarvan is a good AD champion but i think otherwise. I believe that Jarvan can be one of the strongest tank and probably the most deadliness if use correctly in a certain team. With Jarvan's skills, he can literally change the outcome of any teamfight.

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The runes set up I built for this character is the basic. The reason why I chooseis because Jarvan's skills dash out a lot of dmg. But when combined with, it will truly devastate any squishy champs like teemo. With, the defence on Jarvan is increased and will allow him to tank a lot of dmg early in-game and maybe allow you to feed off the other teams champ. Believe it or not,actually helps a lot in team fight. With his skills only being a couple of seconds, it can truly decide who survies and dies in a team fight. With the cooldown reduction, you can spam your skills more often and maybe even allowing no one to survive on the other team. Last but not least,helps give Jarvan an extra +76 hp in the beginning of the game allowing him to survive more.

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The reason why I only have 3 core items for Jarvan is because not all games are the same. I believe that every game has its situational item which you need to utilize so you can survive more so I didn't put it on. The first item I would buy is. The reason why i bought this first is because of the extra armor, hp and hp regen it gives. Then after that I would wait for 995 gold and buy. The reason why i would buybefore boots is becausewill help with the mana problems on Jarvan. It also has a nice ability which allows Jarvan to gain more mana. After finishing ToG, I would always buy. The reason why i would rather gooveris because in almost all the games I played, my opponent will always have some1 with cc effects. But this item really depends on the user though. After i finish Mercury Threads, i would rush and finish. The reason why i built Manamune is because it erases one of Jarvans biggest weakness, his mana. It also allows him to spam his skills more often in team fights and maybe alter the events of team fights. With his mana being so high due to the effects of Manamune, he will be able to chase and maybe even killing an opponent. Manamune also gives out another effect which is quite good for Jarvan. It gives out additional AD dmg due to its other effects which will allow you to kill any weak champs. After that i would rush and buy. The reason why i would buy warmog armor is because after this far in the game his defece is already considerably high. Its also nice to have a lot of hp. With Warmog giving off 1.3k of hp when its fixed, Jarvan will have a total of 3-4k of hp starting from lvl 15-18. This will also decide the survivability of Jarvan in team matches. Then it comes the situational items.

Heavy AD Team

For Heavy AD teams i would always build these items because it helps Jarvan survive more. With sunfire, Jarvans hp would roughly be 4k. But then all these really depends on the user because their ideas will differ.
Heavy AP Team

For Heavy AP Teams, I would build these items because it helps negate the effects of AP champs. Also I believe on of Jarvans biggest weakness is magic dmg so it really provides a nice magic resist to counter his weakness.

Mix Team
OrOrOk these items are for teams with equal amount of AD and AP chars. With these gears, it would allow you to survive longer and maybe even dish out a lot of dmg.
The items i always buy in any match i go into are. The reason why i always buy these items is because it really helps negate the dmg of most champs. And with atlas, I would deal out a lot of dmg due to warmogs effect. With these gears i can literally rape any squishy chars. Also Jarvan is incredibly strong in 1 vs 1 fights against other chars.

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Summoner Skills

This skill helps a lot in slowing down an opponent. With this and Jarvan's disabling abilities no champ can escape from him being unharmed.This skill provides a nice escape mechanism. It really helps to run when you know you wont survive a battle. Its also really nice to have to chase down and opponent and disable them so you can get a kill.

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Early Game

I usually buyfirst because i believe its one of the necessity for any champ to have. Because it deals out nice armor and hp bonus. The first skill i would lvl up isbecause its really good to harass people with it. The main reason why i lvled it up first is because the addition armor penetration dmg it provides. With this, any champ would be harass so bad. Also you can literly take down any squishy chars with this move. At lvl 2 i would lvl up. Demacian Standard provides a view in bushes so you can just scout if your unsure where the enemy is hidden. But when you combine it with Dragon Strike, it can literly do a lot of dmg. This combo will stop most champs ult like katarina or nunu for example. Once i hit lvl 4 i would lvl up. With this no champ can escape the slow effect and with his e+q combo any champ would be disable for your partner to help u finish them off. Once you are lvl 6, its ultimately over. Withyou can trap any champ inside of the chamber for 3.5 secs. It also deals a great amount of dmg. Because the range is so far out, you can sometimes trap a whole team within the Cataclysm. But since this is early game, i believe its more useful to at least trap one champ within the Cataclysm. When trying to trap a champ within the Cataclysm, your teammate should be nearby. Make sure your teammate is in the range of Cataclysm and then use it on the enemy champ then spam Demacian Standard ahead of them and use Dragon Strike towards your flag within that little circle to utilize the dmg dealt towards that champ. By doing this, it can be an 2 vs 1 assault and most likely allow you to have a kill. If they have survived it, use Golden Aegis to make sure they are slow. Then you and your teammate will be allowed some more seconds to rape them. But they still survive that throw your Demacian Standard ahead of them and use Dragon Strike towards your flag, which will result in the enemy flying up high. By this time, the enemy is most likely dead. Either that or u missed them. I believe that one of the necessity to utilizing this champ to the fullest is by being able to predict the movement of them champ. By doing so, no champ can escape from you when you use this combo.

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Mid Game

By this time you would already have attain your. With the additional 900 hp, you would be able to survive most ganks. By this time, i would recommend either ganking with your teammates or farming off minions to lvl and fixed the effects of warmog. The next item you should get depends on your enemies. Just look to see what type of enemies you have and decide what gears to get. For example, if your teammate fed a certain enemy, just get a item dat would make them useless like FoN or Thornmail.

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Late Game

By this time, you should have almost all of your gears. Since many of the gears your gonna obtain are situational i can't help that much but just keep doing some combos with him and maybe you will win a game.

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I believe that Jarvans skills can ultimately change team fights when put together with a whole group of nukers. Because his ult holds an opponent down for exactly 3.5 secs, i believe if he teamed up with Katarina and Nunu, the dmg output will be amazingly high. With these twos ult, i believe no team can manage to survive it. Also it would be a little nice if Karthus was on the team just to make sure they finish them off properly. Hopefully this guide has helped you a lot like it did me and prove to be considerably helpful in a real match.