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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author st0rm

Jarvan IV Tank/DPS/Support

st0rm Last updated on March 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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For people who are complaining about lack or colour and pictures ITS NOT DONE YET

NOTE: This is my first build ever, so please be kind, I havnt quite figured out how to use all of mobafires cool features like showing the items or skill pictures in the text ;) If anyone could tell me, that would be great.

Firstly I would like to advise people that this is not a beginners guide. If youve never played Jarvan, your welcome to have a look at this guide, however i will not explain any of his skills in detail.

Generally when I looked at a Jarvan guide, I noticed that they all focused on one specific aspect of him. What many people seem to ignore is that Jarvan is probably amongst the most versatile champion in the game. You can play him as a tank, as dps or as a supporter. However, this build will combine all 3 aspects into one champion, to make him an extremely powerful and feared opponent. You will not necessarily get a lot of kills with this build but your teams chance of winning are greatly improved.

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Pros / Cons


    High survivability
    Great Damage
    You support your team
    Played correctly, you will win teamfights
    Will generally help you win the game


    Less kills than pure DPS
    Not as much of a survivor as pure tank
    Very difficult to play
    Mana is a *****

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First of all, many people use "over time" runes. I recommend you generally never use these because in the endgame, 50hp more will 99% of the time not save you. However, 50hp less in the early game gives you a high chance of dying quicker, or having to return to your base too early.

For this guide,as Jarvan will be jungling in the early game, 110 extra hp, 6 armor and 6,75% dodge will allow you to jungle faster, with less interruption and a higher efficiency.

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The masteries are pretty standard for a tank/dps. Basic 21 in offense, 8 defense and 1 utility should give you a slight upper hand in battles at any stage during the game and especially during the jungling phase. If you desire to play Jarvan on a more tank level, move from a 21,8,1 to a 8/21/1. Especially the extra hp and less damage taken should make it extremely hard for enemies to kill you. Nevertheless, for this type of Jarvan as described in this build, a 21,8,1 will give you a more balanced Jarvan who will in the end help your team more than just a tank.

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There are many different item builds you can go for with Jarvan. Frankly, I have tried many of them, but this one just seems to work best for me. The balanced build allows you to dish out insane amounts of damage and still survive for ages. With this item build, you will be able to jump into 2 or 3 enemies with your ultimate, knock them up with e and q, kill one or two and run back out by slowing them with your w spell.

Because you are jungling, I recommend the standard cloth armor to begin with. Combined with your increased armor from your masteries and runes, it will significantly reduce any incoming damage from neutral monsters. With Jarvan I recommend that you do not jungle for too long as over time you will not be able to keep up with leveling. This is why i recommend that after the cloth armor, you buy a phage. Phage will allow you to dish out even more damage, and survive even longer. Following the phage will be the Ninja Tabi boots which will add to the dodge chance of your runes. If necessary, Mercs can be an alternative here, although with these runes I strongly recommend the Ninja Tabis. The rest of the items do not need a lot of explanation; armour, damage, hp, damage, damage.


This item build does not give you a lot of magic resistance. If you require more M.RES then do not buy the thornmail and buy a Banshees Veil or an Aegis of the Legion instead. Especially the Aegis will add to your support characteristics.

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Skill Sequence

Now, that I have your atttention down here and not up there, there is a very good reason as to why most of the skill sequence is empty. It is, simply stated, impossible to predict an average game. A build like this can only go so far and in the end it is up to you to improvise and decide to what extent you stick to this build.
Yea... I dont really see the use in Jarvan's shield. While it has saved me once or twice, the damage absorbtion is pretty much useless, and really the only reason i ever use it is to slow my opponent(s) in order to persue or escape. Especially in the endgame, 250hp is hardly anything and really wont do a lot. For a jungling Jarvan especially, it is pretty useless.Instead, get your flag and lance up as quickly as you can. After level 6, it is however advisable to get one or two levels of the shield as it will help you kill your enemies. However, after level 6 you have to decide what skills you spec depending on the game and your enemies.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty straight forward here;
Smite is standard for jungling. Whether you play Warwick, Udyr or Yi and Jungle, you will always take Smite. Dont forget the Smite mastery though, as it will give you a bit of extra gold though.
The way i play Jarvan is usually a quick Jungle followed by some rapid killing of your enemies. You want to give the other team the impression that you can be anywhere you want at any time. They will have to play very defensive and your team will have the advantage. This is why I take teleport. Simply said, it lets you get from A to B faster than anything else. Dont forget to spec it though, as cooldown on teleport is a *****.
If you dont like teleport Ghost is a viable alternative. In addition to getting around the map quickly, its always nice to have when chasing down an opponent or running for your life.

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Team Work

Play with a friend who has Anivia
When playing Jarvan and lane I very much like to play with a ranged champ such as Anivia. Her slow/stun will make it easier for you to hit your flag and lance. Later on, you let them focus down Anivia while you dish out damage, when her egg appears, you use your e and q spells combined to knock them up allowing Anivia to respawn out of her egg. Once she has, your opponents will be low hp and will attempt to run. If you have your ultimate at this point, use it to trap both enemies. Anivia should apply her ultimate right beneath your own ultimate. Your enemies have nowhere to run and will be slaughtered by this combination.


simple isnt it?

USE->->When I jungle, I prefer a sneakier approach at killing opponents. You choose the lane which you only one ally is occupying as they will no doubt push and be pretty close to your tower. If you have the ultimate, try to apply it near your own tower, as if they attack you the tower will kill them and if they dont, well theyll die anyway. If you do not have your ultimate, run at your opponents from an angle, they will then see you and start running back. Now, place your flag behind your opponents, it will not deal any damage there, but now run through them with your lance and knock them up. Now your teammate will have enough time to catch up with you and it should be an easy two kills for you. Especially the knocking up and trapping spells make you an excellent supporter.

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Generally, this build will allow you to win the game. Of course this depends on your skill/luck and your team but with a decent team this Jarvan build will give you the edge in any fight. Please, do not follow this build 100% though because every game is different and you will need to improvise to win.