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League of Legends Build Guide Author ONExVOLT10

Jarvan IV : Tank Fighter Guy (Of Doom?)

ONExVOLT10 Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

I would like to say that, first of all, I am quite a low level. This guide may not be quite as suited for those of higher standards, and is more of a proposed way to go around playing Jarvan IV. Some may think of him as a AD Tank, a Tank, or an AD. However I consider him more of a support tank, who can fill the role of AD if need be, or pure tank. His abilities are fit for going solo, but wont tend to do much in team fights as i have found out, his Demacian Standard, Dragon lance, combo knock in the air, if pulled in the wrong direction can get him killed because of the crowd surrounding you, on the other hand it can be the perfect thing to kill those running from your team.

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This was not in much of a particular order, so feel free to mix it up, and decide what you need when you need it. This build allows for a pretty even portion of armor and magic resist. Start with a Doran's shield that you will eventually sell, this item grants some valuable tank stats for the beggining. Next when you come back, wether early or with the money, your going to want to buy two magic null mantles, or cloths armors, or one of each if you need equality in the beggining, what you buy is dependant on wether you are facing AP's or AD's. Next item I would go for is Wriggle's lantern, this provides some valuable stats for keeping you in the lane, and keeping you alive. The armor is nice for tanking, the damage will help you deal out the damage, and grab some kills, and life steal is nice to have to keep you within your lane, and not recalling constantly. Force of Nature and Guardian Angel are the next two on the build, Guardian Angel is more of Hybrid Tank, while Force of nature you should get while trying to tank AP's, so again whichever you need at the time go for that one and not in the exact order. The Black Cleaver's purpose is that of Anti-Tank, this items ability allows you to deal hits to their armor, and with our dragon lance and armor penetration ruins, you'll shred through a good amount of armor of most tanks, and make any semi-squishy casster the squishiest, and the squishies mush. Final item is the Sunfire Cape, good for tanking because you deal some damage to those around you, and gives you armor and what not.

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Runes & Masteries

Runes and Masteries, pretty much are simple for Jarvan. Armor seals, magic resist Glyphs and amor pen marks, with attack speed, and damage quints. Masteries are defensive and offensive, if utility is what your looking at, go for it if you think he needs it, he seems to run low on mana on occasion but not a big deal if your just tanking people, unless you need your shield.

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Summoner Spells

Again pretty simple, heal to keep you in your lane, and exhaust to slow those pesky runners. Flash could also be of use, to get out of your ult if need be. Fortify i have heard could come in handy because of the new more powerful minions, and teleport to go along with that. If Flash is not your thing and ghost is go for it, other than that most of the summoner spells aren't very affective, clarity maybe but not to much, cleanse I don't use at all, but if it seems good to you go ahead.

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Skill Sequence

Use of your spells, since the order to get them is already here. To start with his dragon lance, this with Demacia Standard can be versatile in situations, use it to get rid of armor, escape or to knock people into the air to kill them. Golden Aegis, is an interesting shield, it slows and protects, although the protect is at its strongest when there are more opponent champions, it also slows so use it on running champions to slow them so you can get a kill. For knocking people into the air, I recommend dropping it behind them (in the way they are running or will) and then using it leaving you infront of them and your ally behind them, putting them between two champions, and unless someone like tyrandamere, you will probably get either the kill or an assist from your champion. His ultimate is interesting, and can trap you and an enemy ( or multiples) in a crater for 3 and a half seconds, choose wisely who your going to trap, because a wrong choice can lead to your death. Using his ultimate on runners is nice because they will most likely keep running into the wall, and ignore you until about a second has passed, giving you some important first hits. Save your standard and dragon lance, for when your ultimate goes down so you can continue to keep them fighting, the nat last use your shield to slow them.