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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaanonWeathers

Jarvan IV: Tanky Speed Demon Vampire Of Demacia

CaanonWeathers Last updated on March 7, 2011
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

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Brute Force
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Utility: 0

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Foreword: Credits

I have taken many ideas from other builds that have been highly rated for Jarvan and as such will give credit where due. Special fore thanks goes out to.


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Pros / Cons

-Throws people like crazy
-Deals great dmg
-great semi tank
-Good towerdiver

-Your ult can get you killed if your stupid
-People can get out of your ult if their smart
-Has mana problems (can be fixed with simple banshees veil
-Bad CoolDown (hence the boots)
-It is possible for him to be squishy... (yes i've seen it...)

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I've been trying pretty much every build on here and so far I've been able to decide that they all sort of have the right Idea but no one has really nailed this one on the head yet. So I thought what the hell I'll give it a try. So as my first build I give you Jarvan IV: Tanky Speed Demon Vampire Of Demacia.

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So since I'm still extremely IP poor, I only have some good all around runes. So far they've worked fine for me but I want to get some Armor Pen on him sooner or later. (not that the cleaver isn't enough but early game it could be useful.)

So the HP Quints extremely useful put together with the HP Marks puts me with a +109 bonus starting HP.

Then of course the dodge helps a ton. A +6.8% dodge.

And finally CD Glyphs. + -5.89% cool down. (cool down is important on Jarvan seeing as his abilities take forever with out these runes and some CD Item.)

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These masteries are genereally agreed upon in every Jarvan build that has been rated number one in the last week, And I got to agree. One of the changes I made however was with my summoner spells. I'll go more into that later.

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For the first build I put in Antiheroes starting items which is my favorite way to start. Also one of the best ways to get first blood. The boots make you fast enough to catch them and get away then the health pots keep you going. After that I build up and get the emblem of valour, this is the beginning of staying up and not dying. The key with these Vamp Items is simply to farm minions when not tangoing with enemy champs. One tactic I use often when I get in a bad spot heavily relies on these vamp items. When I get low on hp but don't really want to go back and or am needed sooner for a team fight or gank. I run and jungle either the wolves, specters, or golems. (or all three) By the time you make it back your ready to kick some ***.
After you've got starks go straight in and farm till you can buy a B.F Sword and then after that you've got yourself a blood thirster. Now your bringing in enough HP you almost never have to go back. One problem though. You probably don't have enough Health in general. Now it's not a ton but it starts the randuins. Give it up for a heart of gil. It brings you some more kash and makes you bit more resistant to people who want to kill you. After that build into your randuins. At that point your can throw your spear run in throw everyone in the air throw randuins and your second slow as needed and more then likely their all dead by then.
Now add some attack speed in there. (chugachugachugachugachugachuga RAPE TRAIN!)
Now if the game is still going, their gonna have heaps of armor maybe even thornmail. So of course now is when you get The Black Cleaver. And there you go. These are the items I almost always get. Of course there are also situational items but unless your new to the game you should know exactly what those are. If you are new here are a few. Banshees veil, Warmogs, Thornmail and Atma's (tank build.) One Item that was pointed out by a contributor/ commenter :NOYOU
The Mercury's Treads. And after trying both a few times in practice and actual games I decided that the Mercs were the best choice. The Ionian boots are the situational items.

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Skill Sequence

Now for skills remember what they do... Lol.
Your DEMACIAN STANDARD deals decent damage but also gives one of the most powerful champ buffs I've seen. Then combined with DRAGON STRIKE and GOLDEN AEGIS makes for... (chugachugachugachugachugachugachuga) ... RAPE TRAIN!!!!! Simply Throw the standard on their head strike to them and throw them in the air, then slow with your Aegis at that point their like "****************" trying to escape... futile... Then you simply CATACLYSM and their dead... hehehe. You really need to get your Standard all the way up first since it makes you able to deal the most damage since it buffs you so much. Then combined with the throw and slow as I said before... chuga chuga... chuga chuga... CHUGCHUGACHUGACHUGACHUGA RAPE TRAIN!

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Summoner Spells

Most people want to have an escape spell... But with your Standard and Dragon Strike you can already escape easily. Not to mention with two offensive spells you can First blood even easier then before. So as I said before more into why my masteries are 22/8/0. You need the bonus into ignite and exhaust and that's it.

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Team Work

Team work is very important for you. Without it you can die easily. You may deal great dmg have good cc and be tanky but mid game to late game you get 2-3 on you at once rape train comes to a halt. You need to be smart about your play. And remember take care of the heavy dpsers with bad health... the squishies... PROTECT THE SQUISHIES! You need help from team remember that... It's a team game. Running of by yourself and not helping is pointless. I absolutely hate bad teammates... Don't be one of those.

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You need to learn how to farm well. Using Demacia Standard you can take back spell casting minions over half their HP then quickly finish them with your passive. I don't like spending to much mana farming since you may need your abilities at any given moment and you'll need the very little you already have on killing those damnable people who want to kill you.

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The Second Build

The second build is ridicules and fun! You can get out of scraps fast first blood easily and you have five B.F Swords to do whatever the hell you want to with.

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He is my favorite champ... He is like Caanon Weathers Grand Master of the Imperial Knights... His wallet has "Bad ***********er" on it. And he slays dragons... just on a minor note badassery. Well that's all again special thanks to

And good luck all!

(Please comment and rate tell me what you think.)