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Build Guide by hadoukan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hadoukan

Jarvan IV - Thats how you joust!! - DPS/Offtank (6-8-11)

hadoukan Last updated on June 9, 2011
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This build is on Jarvan IV, a good run-down on how you can play Jarvan IV effecently as a hybrid dps/offtank!!!

With this build I end up getting 3-6 kills per death(sometimes dont die at all with 10-20 kills!)

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Pros / Cons


- Insane amount of utility
- Beefy
- Sustainable damage
- Good in team fights
- Can take good hits
- Can go threw walls


- Mana hungry once in a while
- High CD's
- somewhat gear dependant

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Early Game Set-Up:

Start with Sapphire Crystal , because Jarvan's mana isnt that great start game especially since the patch went threw, grab 2x health potions along to keep to help you in lane.

Asap grab Catalyst The Protector , it will help you stay in lane for as long as you need, it provides good mana and health so you can last a while in lane, also for lane fights cause Jarvan is pretty beefy as it is early game so you will be fairly hard to kill if you have this around levels 3-7.

After Catalyst The Protector grab Berserker's Greaves , by now your DeS Should be close to maxed out and with Berserker's Greaves to back you up with your runes you should deal decent damage by now!

For your Tri-Force you first want to get Phage , it provides attack damage, health and snare whats not to like? Once you get this your health should be around 2k and thats A LOT in start game when you can dish out some fairly nasty damage!

Early Game: Catalyst The Protector + Berserker's Greaves + Phage

Mid Game Set-up:

Now since your early game build is complete you want to work on your next 3 items.
First you want to grab Tri-Force , Me personally I like Tri-Force because EVERYTHING in it helps Jarvan!!! If its the most expensive item in the game it better be worth it!

Next grab Banshee's Veil ...It shouldnt be expensive at all since you already have Catalyst The Protector, you will get this item within a easy 5 minutes.

Then grab Atma's Impaler , I really do like this item because its so unique for Jarvan it truly fits perfect and its so cheap, Crit to help with Infinitys, Armor to help offtank and since you have good amount of health with Jarvan and will continue to get health it provides great attack damage!

Mid Game: Berserker's Greaves + Tri-Force + Banshee's Veil + Atma's Impaler

End Game Set-up:

Now you have most of your items, now these last 2 items are gonna top everything off perfectly!

Now on to Infinity's Edge ! Ok....Infinity Edge will be looked at in your build to be seen as the main damage item, I feel that this item only can be effective if you have the right amount of Crit, Damage and Speed to provide for this monster. I try to keep Infinity save for last because I want to get all the other items out the way and some of the few cheaper items to be bought first so you can use them threw-out the game effectively...Tri-Force damage and speed, speed from boots and Impalers damage all help this item become really efficent.

Now the beefy item Warmong's Armor ! This tops everything off that you have, more health to tank health regen which is VERY nice and gives you more Damage because of Impalers!

Now the thing is with these 2 items you can get Warmong or Infinity first, its situational...basicly grab what item fits the situation, lets say if theres no tanks on the team or you are being targeted a lot grab Warmongs, if you feel that you need more damage or your alright and nobody is really tageting you grab Infinity. Whichever you feel best with at a 5th item, then after that grab the other item for your 6th item.

End Game: Berserker's Greaves +Tri-Force + Banshee's Veil + Atma's Impaler + Infinity's Edge + Warmong's Armor

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Skill Sequence

Demacian Standard->Dragon Strike->Golden Aegis->Auto Attack->Cataclysm-> Situational

Its not that hard once you get the hand of it just make sure youre accurate with Dragon Strike on Demacian Standard for knock-up. Try to utilize ALL your spells ALL of your spells do have some sort of tool.

Offensively you can use to trap somone to keep them near you, defensively you can trap enemies to keep your team safe and let them get home free.

Golden Aegis:
Offensively you can use to snare somone defensively you can use for the shield

Dragon Strike:
Offensively you can use to reduce armor, knock-up and chase(even threw walls), defensively you can use to get great distance instantly, and to escapre threw walls

Demacian Standard:
Offensively you can use to harras, spot bushes and set up knock-up with Dragon Strike, and defensively you can use to spot enemies in bushes and to get away

Theres so much you can do with Jarvan thats why I continue to play him because he has to much tools and you can use them in so many ways.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite - I love Ignite, it does good damage, and it weakens incoming healing to that enemy so you can use this in team fights vs enemies with lifesteal, healers and mundo!

Ghost - Self-explanitory, use to chase and get away ect...


Exhaust - If you like Exhaust use it with Jarvan its good with him, replace with Ignite tho you still want a summoner spell to help you escape better or chase

Flash - Same concept as Ghost but if you like Flash more use it

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I just want to add this build is meant to get a simple idea not nessasarly a real deep build, I mean its somewhat deep but its mainly meant to give you a simple idea and a good efficent build for Jarvan IV.

I want to add that I tried to hurry with this build so please no Grammar Nazi's, and that I tried to put pictures in this and i tried but it didnt show up right, im a noob at this Ik so if anyone can tell me how they did it properly thanks...

Please vote ONLY if you tried this build and leave comments below

Have a question? Leave one and ill try to anwser asap!

Thank you