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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrasH

Jarvan IV the Survivability Prince

PrasH Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you my first build.

This is more of survivability build so you will be able to harras the enemy team much and could even start teamfight when there is no tank in group.

Well first off all Jarvan is pretty good character.

Just try not to use his ulti in bad ways to close your teammate in or something like that he dies.

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Pros / Cons dmg build

-Can gain easy kills in early game
-Easy escape (when used well)

-Don't try to tank in teamfight even if you have much hp it wont help you when 5 people target you

Don't realy know much cons so i'll add them when you comment :P

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Proz / Conz tank build

-Can still do pretty good dmg even on this build
-Can escape easy

-They will probably target you in teamfight (even i don't know why when you are tank)

Like i said before i don't realy know much cons so comment :)

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Items dmg build

Well at both build I use Doran's Shield as first item because it's just great for early harras and you have more hp/armor/hp regen to mention. But you should sell it in late game and buy other items mentioned in build.

Mercury's Treads - It has CC reduction which will help you a lot in game and some magic resist

Wriggle's Lantern - Because of good starting item. You are able to stay on line for long because of life steal + armor + dmg and when you hit for +500 damage it will just help you a lot.

Tiamant - Just great for Jarvan (yeah i know you don't believe me) but it's just grat when buffed from the last patch it has much dmg and hp/regen and mana/regen will help you to stay on line and harras even more. You will even kill creeps 5 times faster.

Frozen Mallet - Gives you very much hp and slow so you can easy kill people 1v1

Black Cleaver - It's just great. Gives you more dmg and attack speed. Don't mention the passive that is good.

After getting this items it's time to sell Doran's Shield and get Infinity Edge or Guardion Angel. Depends on your status. If have lack of survivability go Guardian Angel. You can even go Thornmail when they have a lot of AD or Force of Nature when they are a lot of AP. But when you are able to kill them fast enought without focusing you, you should get Infinity just for greater damage.

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Itemz tank build

Doran's Shield - For good start have more hp/armor/hp regen.

Mercury's Treads - It has CC reduction which will help you a lot in game and some magic resist

Sunfire Cape - Overall god for everything. Gives you pretty much hp/armor and great passive.

Force of Nature - Just great hp/regen + magic resist item that you should use.

Warmog's Armor - Epic much hp + some hp/regen. Try to get as fast as you can minion kills so you max the stacks.

Atma's Impaler - Will give you MUCH dmg + armor + crit. Best thing to get finally some damage.

Guardian Angel - Awesome passive + armor + magic resist

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Skill Sequence

Yeah in both builds I use exhaust and ghost I think they are the best summoner spells for him.

You can even use Flash or Ignite if you want.

But I think exhaust is good for chasing champions and killing them or for saving yourself from them.

And ghost is just great to escape when you need it or to chase your enemy.

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I start with Demacian Standard Because it gives you armor + attack speed.

Then take Dragon Strike and start to harras the other team.

I guess I don't need to explain how to use Demacian Standard + Dragon strike.

Well at level 4 take Golden Aegis for some slow when catching your enemy or when running away.

Just max as fast as you can Demacian Standard because of passive and awesome active in teamfights.

DMG: Dragon Strike should be maxed after that so you can realy start to killing the other team

TANK: Golden Aegis shoul be maxed after. It's just great protective skill. It has slow so your team can catch the enemy and you can tank realy good.

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I know some people take Ador in Defense Masteries but i don't realy think you'll need that. It gives you only 4% attack speed and 4% ability power which you realy don't need so we won't take that.

And in dmg build we don't need spell penetration because he has only the skill based on flag throw spell which you don't realy use common to damage them but to make combo with dragon strike.

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Well thanks for reading the whole build and try to leave comment or vote :)