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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Boofoo

Jarvan IV: Whos The Tank?!

Jarvan IV: Whos The Tank?!

Updated on January 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boofoo Build Guide By Boofoo 3,452 Views 3 Comments
3,452 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Boofoo Jarvan IV Build Guide By Boofoo Updated on January 10, 2012
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Jarvan is by far one of the most under-rated tanks in the game. His CC is unbelievable, and his durability is great for having as much damage as he does. This build is mainly a tank build, but also has a great damage output for what is built. We all know the At-Mogs build on any champ is a great way to go, but when his abilities are mixed with this durability, he is next to impossible to kill.
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Pros & Cons

-High Damage Output for a few amount of damage items
-Great Initiation
-Great CC
-Great jungling option
-Great for solo lane/ganks
-His O***** is huge

-Mana Hungry
-Under-Rated as a tank
-Slow to start
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I went with these runes for a basic tank rune set up. But with the exception of the Armor Penetration marks. When initiating, these stack with his passive and do a great deal of damage to start a team fight. I want him to be as much of a damaging champ, as a tank.
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The masteries are a basic tank set up as well, but I also go into the Damage tree to get the armor penetration and some extra damage. I also spec into the Summoners Wrath to get the bonus for the exhaust I use with him
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Summoner Spells

I go with flash and exhaust for a few reasons. Flash is good for chasing down enemies as well as initiating, I use it to get away but usually, in a team fight you tend to stay alive long enough for your team to take down the main focused champs. Also, exhaust because you are a tank, you dont need Ignite, or CV or some other spell. Your job is to keep the other team on you and around your team so you can bring them down, not get kills or what not.
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As a tank, you should almost always get Dorans Shield first, some may disagree with me and say, "Dorans Items are for noobs/scrubs/idiots" but it gives you everything, health, armor and Health regen. Why get just one of those things when you can get all 3?

Second, I get Heart of Gold. It builds right into Randuins Omen, which I get after Mercury Treds. The heart of gold gives you that nice gold bonus since, in theory, you should only be assisting and not getting mad kills or farming alot.

I then proceed to get Warmogs. I get this before armor and MR because early game, most champs dont have huge damage unless they get fed in lane, and if that happens, I get armor or banshees earlier than later.

Sunfire Cape is a great item for a few reasons, you get that nice armor, a good amount of health, and plus the constant damage of the passive. Being the tank, you wanna help your team out as much as you can

I also get Banshees Veil or Force of Nature. Usually there is only 1 or 2 main AP threats on the other team so I dont focus that as much, unless there is a Le Blanc or Lux who is doing a crazy amount of damage.

To top off the build, and make you a bigger threat in team fights, i get an Atmas. This gives you a HUGE damage boost and will make the other team actually be scared when they see you lunge in to start a team fight.

Thornmail: If they have a AD Carry who is just shreding you down, you can switch out the Sunfire cape for this, it will decrease your damage output a little bit, but with the 30% dmg put back on the enemy team, it kind of balances out.

Frozen Mallet: If the other team isn't completely decimating you, you can get this to have that extra damage plus the health bonus goes into your damage from Atmas Impaler

Guardian Angel: If you feel you are living just not long enough, get a Guardian Angel, you will also feel more comfortable staying in the fight longer with that second life.

Wriggles Lantern : If you have to solo lane, a Wriggles is a great item to have, it allows you to farm faster, and keep you minions pushed forward and you get that nice little lifesteal that comes along with Wriggles. Also, if their team has a jungler, you have that ward you can put in the bush so you have a better defense against ganks, and since J4 is so slow moving until you get boots, its a great idea to have that edge on their jungler
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When I lane with an AD carry or AP nuker, I just keep the other team off the minions so they can farm to their maximum potential. Its not the tanks job to have a 200+ CS at the end of the game. When in lane, CONSERVE YOUR MANA! Jarvan is one of the most mana-hungry champs in the game, you throw your standard 5 times and youre out of mana to use any combos when your jungler or mid comes to gank for you.
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This is only my 2nd build. I know its not PERFECT or MLG Quality, but it definitely gets the job done. It makes you a beefy tank, with a semi-high damage output. So please, vote, comment and let me know if there are any changes that would make this any better!

Thank you

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boofoo
Boofoo Jarvan IV Guide
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Jarvan IV: Whos The Tank?!

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