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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jarvan IV Build Guide by amaterasu51

Jarvan IV-You Will Find It At The Point Of My APing Lance

Jarvan IV-You Will Find It At The Point Of My APing Lance

Updated on October 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author amaterasu51 Build Guide By amaterasu51 2 6 6,522 Views 4 Comments
2 6 6,522 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author amaterasu51 Jarvan IV Build Guide By amaterasu51 Updated on October 14, 2011
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Hello everyone. This is my first build I have ever made, so try to bear with me. As the title says, this Jarvan build is based on Attack Damage and Armor Penetration. Jarvan is a bruiser and the attack damage and pen mixed with Demacian Standard off the bat is really effective in, for example, 3v3 ganks. If you don't know this already, AP for this build=ARMOR PENETRATION (AP is all that would fit in the title -.-). I like to use Jarvan to initiate team fights. This build also eats the **** out of tanks. Also, Jarvan's armor looks like Tigrex armor from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, am I right?
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Passive: Martial Cadence- First attack on a target deals 10% of their current health as bonus magic damage (every 6 seconds).
Dragon Strike- Extends his lance dealing physical damage and lowers armor of all enemies in its path. If it makes contact with Standard, Jarvan is pulled to it knocking up enemies in his path.
Golden Aegis- Creates a 50 (+20 health for nearby enemies) health shield for 5 seconds, which slows surrounding enemies by 15% for 2 seconds.
Demacian Standard- Throws a flag dealing 60 magic damage and granting nearby allies and himself bonus 10% attack speed and 10 armor for 8 seconds.
Cataclysm- Leaps towards enemy dealing 200 physical damage and creating an arena of impassible terrain for 3.5 seconds.
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For runes, I use Armor Penetration Marks, Health Per Level Seals, Magic Resist Per Level Glyphs, and again, Armor Penetration Quintessences. I take these for obvious reasons as Armor Pen is what this build revolves around. Also, the extra health and magic res are extremely useful mid and end game.
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Summoner Spells

I use the summoner spells: Ghost and Exhaust
These spells combo nicely and are very useful together. If someone is getting away, ghost to catch up. If they ghost as well, exhaust them.
There are numerous scenarios where Ghost is a great help. For example, your teammate is getting beaten and your close enough to help him/her out. To get there faster, simply Ghost. To catch up to a fleeing target use ghost, which also works the other way if you get ganked.
Exhaust is also helpful to stop fleeing enemies and for running away as it slows down the chaser/runner dramatically. It also lowers their attack.
An optional summoner spell I like to use is Teleportas it gives very good map control and is good for cutting into team fights, ninjaing a turret, and ganking.
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For Masteries I follow a 21/8/1 build increasing basically all forms of damage. Increasing armor pen, attack damage, slight attack speed, and crit rate. I also upgrade some cooldown masteries and health. Also, of course increasing my summoner spells ghost and exhaust.
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I start off with Cloth Armor for some extra defense off the bat.
I also start with 3 health potions just so you can stay in the lane a bit longer. I only get 3 instead of 5 as Jarvan shouldn't get low enough to use 5 before heading back to base for any other reason.
Next I buy Mercury Threads for some movement speed and res.
Then I buy Wriggle's Lantern getting rid of Cloth Armor for some more armor and damage. Plus, the lifelink is cool too.
I get a Banshee's Veil for extra health, mana, and more res. In most games, the negative block is very helpful as well.
Atma's Impaler is an awesome buy as it gives more crit, armor, and it's passive increases more attack.
This weapon is FANTASTIC for this build. It gives attack AND even more armor pen!
To finish it off, I get Infinity Edge. No need to explain why. Even without this item, up to Last Whisper will make you insanely crazy.

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Optional Items

After buying the Banshee's Veil, you may want to consider buying this item and in the end, selling Wriggle's Lantern to help with Infinity Edge.
Depending on the opposing team and the damage output of your team, you may want to consider buying Frozen Mallet.

You can choose whether or not to sell Wriggle's in the end and get either Sunfire or Frozen in between, but I kinda like the lifegain. It helps a lot.
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Skill Sequence

DEMACIAN STANDARD!!!!! It is an amazing ability to start with and max first as it boosts you AND your allies. It works as a sight ward. Plus, you get to throw a freaking flag at people from bushes.

Of course I get Dragon Strike after so I can use the combo and possibly get a quick first blood if done right.

Then, get Golden Aegis so in case you get ganked, you can boost your health AND slow them down. If that for some reason isn't enough to get away, don't forget about your summoner spells!

Up Demacian Standard more, because majority of the time, you won't be laning alone and it helps allies as much as it does you.

Time for ult. Be careful when using this as you can accidentally end up screwing yourself over. Try to trap them with you and an ally, cuz then they die no matter what. Be careful about accidentally trapping yourself with 2 enemies, cuz you will LIKELY not survive. Also watch out for enemies with flash abilities (Jax, Ezreal, Maokai, etc...) because they can still get inside the arena.

The rest is really up to you, but I suggest always maxing them in this order:

1-Cataclysm (It has to max first...)
2-Demacian Standard (The boosts are amazing)
3-Dragon Strike (lowers armor, has reach, and can combo with Standard)
4-Golden Aegis (the shield and slow are useful, but it doesn't matter how much it gets maxed for them to help, so this comes last)
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Armor Pen
Attack Damage
Health and Mana Res and Regen
Critical Hits
Demacian Standard
Non-****py Teammates
You Win.

Seriously, look at a pic of Tigrex Armor.....
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League of Legends Build Guide Author amaterasu51
amaterasu51 Jarvan IV Guide
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Jarvan IV-You Will Find It At The Point Of My APing Lance

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