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Jarvan IV Build Guide by elnino9

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elnino9

Jarvan, King of armour penetration insanity

elnino9 Last updated on August 18, 2012
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Jarvan ultimate build (2012)

Hello everyone, were gonna talk about Jarvan, one of the mightiest champions in all the league! that's right, with his amazing abilities used to harrass and his amazing ability to initiate and start a fight is beyond amazing, he is incredibly fun to play with aswell and he is my main champion in all the league, he is definatley a great champion to go for if you like to control that top lane.

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Tips on Jarvan and Runes

For runes I use armor penetration marks and armor penetration quintences, this gives me the high damage output and insane damage when you do your ult on a person, it takes alot from the enemy's health. i also get seals of vitality and i get 6 of them, the reason i do that is because i need 3 more spaces for the seals of replenishment, which gives me mana for the beggining of the game, this also helps at late games, it provides jarvan with more mana and that is very helpful, he's really a type of champion that sort of relies on mana most of the time and it does kind of run out fast early game, definatley needed. for glyphs I chose cooldown reduction, if you want to do true damage with jarvan, you'll need the armor penetration, it's the only way to make true damage and jarvan's most abilities are made through armor penetration. cooldown makes it even more awesome... you can simply use demacian standard, then use dragon strike to knock the enemy in the air. hit him once for a double hit then use cataclysm on him and he would simply have no chance. everyone will panic from cataclysym, beware of those who flash, use exhaust early when you're in the cataclysm.

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Laning and Ganking

Laning with Jarvan is AWESOME. I recently had a match with shen solo top and he couldn't stand a chance. keep poking the enemy with dragon strike and go back to wait for cooldown, you can easily do so much damage just by one dragon strike, it really drops the enemy's health. go for last hits on minions for the extra gold, Jarvan would already be doing great once you get phage, thanks to his passive ability which is extremley awesome :).

When you're at solo top, you might wanna think about how you're going to attack the enemy and when. DONNOT use your ultimate when your enemy is low health, use cataclysym when you know you're going to win the fight. don't use it recklessly on a tank, use it wisley as it does amazing damage and would really help your team. If the enemy ever decides to run, hold him in place with cataclysym, most people will panic from Jarvan's ultimate, just him shouting out "DEMACIAAAAA" is already a heroic and strong approach, and believe me, it absoloutley dominates the enemy. when ganking be sure to use it after the enemy has a bit low health, don't use cataclysym on a tank unless he's all alone and you got your teammates with you, rip him to shreds and hold him into place so he can't escape.

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So why do I choose this skill sequence?

I like keeping jarvan's abilities balanced, everything for me has to be balanced to do the great damage output, i use this skill sequence because you would definatley want all your skills ready to go in the beggining when you're level 6 in a lane. what i do is immediatley release demacian standard, go with him on dragon strike which knocks him in the air, i use golden aegis too so he gets slowed and then use cataclysym, exhaust, and if he gets away, I would flash if needed. this completley dominates and i love it, it's so much fun. :) so here's the order you would want to use on the enemy. demacian standard, use dragonstrike on it to knock enemy in the air, golden aegies for slow movement and keeps away harm, then hit him once for a double hit which is part of his passive, use catacylysym on him and hit him with basic attacks inside, with cooldown reduction you would already now have demacian standard and dragon strike so use it again on him and that should be your kill. if you do this on a tank, it might not kill him as he would have loads of armour and health, Know when to cataclysym. Jarvan's passive is just AWESOME, it is what makes him such an amazing off-tank champions, it takes his health to be used as attack damage and add an atma's impaler to that with loads of health as shown on top of how I build him, INSANE. he is definatley my type of champion, his passive is amazing and has excellent damage.

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Items and Jarvan's awesomeness.

For items you might want to start with doran shield, this helps with the health regeneration making you live longer in lane, you also have seal of vitality and the seals of replinshment, you should be fine in controlking your lane.. instead of it controlling you.

First off, Doran shield is the way to go to start off your rampage. I don't recommend boots and 3 health potions.. because it's just now how Jarvan IV roles. after doran shield I go get boots of speed, and then phage. phage is incredibly useful because it's just awesome for early damage and health, making it so that you control your lane better. enemies like Darius are hard to counter when you're playing Jarvan... so becareful when deciding to go on him for a 1vs1. poke him with dragon strike and wait for a gank to happen so that he wouldn't have a chance.

Okay, so it's doran shield, boots of speed, phage.. after phage I go back to my boots of speed and upgrade it to mercury treads which are incredibly essential because of the tenacity. After that I buy hexdrinker because it has great damage and also magic resist and a shield that blocks AP damage when you're low health... believe me, I've survived karthus's ult loads of times with this item. very important to get. after that I upgrade Phage to a frozen mallet, lots of health, very good damage and slows your target. perfect for jarvan, it also helps with his passive which is awesome. then I go back to hexdrinker and upgrade it to maw of marmolus, just takes hexdrinker to a whole new level of.. AWESOMENESS with even additional magic resist and additional damage, after that, it's time for some armour, I go ahead and grab sunfire cape, it has good armour and lots of health and also helps with your passive, from there you're dominating the enemy. after sunfire cape I go for atma's impaler, it takes part of your health to additional damage... and jarvan's passive is exactly that, you would have ALOT of damage with your passive hit and critical strike from atma's impaler, it's incredible. By now you're an incredibly initiator and you start the fights like a BOSS, lead in with flag and dragon strike onto the enemy and that should get the fight started, also knock someone up who isn't a tank, the team wouldn't want to be focusing a tank. to end it.. sell doran shield for last whisper.

That my friend.. is an insane build. Try it out yourself :) my friends weren't dissapointed when I told them about how I build Jarvan, he isn't a tank and most people don't understand that.. he does do some amazing damage and have lots of healths and still be tanky! he's the true king of Demacia.

He is ALSO a boss in escaping enemies, with flag and dragon strike over the wall.. with the cooldown reductions... he is a BOSS. If someone ever decides to chase you with low health and you're moving to your tower and he decides to move to it aswell.. DONNOT hesitate to use your ultimate, use your ultimate immediatley to hold him into place, knock him up with flag and and dragon strike so he can't hit you, and golden aegis after that and let the tower do the rest of the job.

Here is a great video showing you the BOSS of escaping... Jarvan :)

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-He is very reliable to have as a teammate and can knock up enemies without a sweat.
-He starts the fight and can survive through it without that much harm.
-His passive is excellent as you build what I've told you in the build.
-Cataclysym makes people panic.

-He has low mana regeneration at early game, but that's really a small complain.
-You have to time E and Q correctly.
-Ultimate has quite a long cooldown --- cooldown reduction really help, trust me.