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Build Guide by Ianeri

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ianeri

Jarvan, Prince of Demacia

Ianeri Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my build as told to me by my friend uka. I was looking through all the Jarvan builds and pretty much came to the conclusion that they suck. For me it does. Since it doesn't match my playing style exactly. I prefer more DPS than tank and if you're looking for that Jarvan, read on!

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Skills~ Do you got it?

First of all. Skills. Do you got it?!
Lawl, but no seriously. You have to know that with Jarvan, if you're following this build you need to master some of the following tricks.

-Demacian Standard to escape through walls
-Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike accuracy
-Cataclysm and Demacian Standard to confuse and or escape
-Good usage of your Golden Aegis

"Well that all sounds simple Ianeri!"

Well yeah, it is. It's simple if you're experienced and know how to do it.

First off the Demacian Standard is a perfect escaping tool. If you neglect to use this when you're about to get ganked then you pretty much are going to be feeding the whole game.

Secondly, you have to get used to using Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike while opponents are moving and even in certain cases preplace the standard before the enemy escapes.

Third, your ulti is perfect for ganks, you can appear out of brushes or behind a wall with a demacian standard plus dragon strike to then trap the enemy while your allies assist you. Or the other way around.

Remember teamwork is good.

Most importantly and I don't see this much. Is the good use of Golden Aegis. You need to remember that dragon striking your standard isn't the only CC you have, but golden aegis is too. When you ulti you should save your aegis for when the terrain breaks down if you think you cannot kill them before it does. If you think you can handle it straight up use W before you ulti and then rush in and hopefully your CD will be done by the time you kill them, ready for use again as you rush that turret.

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The Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I picked, I picked because it matches my play style. It allows me to be incredibly aggressive if I need to be. Rushing at opponents with low HP or mid-low HP with ghost and exhaust pretty much means they will die. The exhaust is the spell you pretty much definitely need. But if you're set on not having either, make sure you avoid the following:
For the fact that it's not useful to someone like Jarvan. Save this for a support champion

I can see the appeal, and I've seen Jarvans with this already. But by the end of it all, it just wasn't worth it.

It's true, Jarvan does need mana. But is it really worth it that by mid game clarity becomes useless? Just like on every champion.

Unless you got some kind of plan to feed the enemy. I hope you're not dying fast enough to get raped. While this may be a DPS guide, Jarvan is still TANKY with this build.

Leave this for the support champion. A soraka maybe.

Any other spell, is fine. Really just depends on your play style.

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The runes I picked for Jarvan is just obvious. Good early game is crucial.
The armor pents will allow you to deal a little extra bonus damage for early all the way to late game, and the extra crit chance will make it so instead of dealing 50 damage you'll deal 100 or 150!

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As for the items, you'll want to get a lifesteal scepter. Soon you have to get a greaves. Then a wriggle's lantern. It all really depends on you. Do you want the lifesteal? If not get the build ups to a zeal first then the greaves and some health pots to lane longer. Otherwise. If you're doing it my way. Sell the wriggle's lantern after you've bought the bloodthirster. That is all <3