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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Gutzs

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gutzs

Jarvan the Beast!

Gutzs Last updated on January 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jarvan IV hibrid champion,he got nerfed but still he is able to do serious dps while he is still "hard to kill champion".Many of u will say he is not,well he is not 1v1 combat champion,but im team fights he can survive alot while he is able to output serious dmg.
And in this guide i will explain you how to get maximum from Jarvan IV champion.

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My choise of runes is simple,magic ressist is never enough,doge rune's to add more doge to your mastery build will save your life in many combats,and last is armor penetration,since u have low dmg early lvl this will alow u to do more dmg with your Q+ autoattack,and mid/late game u will just melt your oponenets.

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This Mastery build is only for high dps Jarvan tipe of play,if u like to go more tanky u should pick 0/9/21 that will allow u more survival,cooldown reduction will aloow to use jour Q E combo more often and be able to do more CC or faster escape from "gank" or some high risk situation.With this curent build u dont need that,when u jump in fight u fight to the end,NO runing back!But still your oponent pick should be carefuly picked,u should go for fast kill at the start of the fight,with Q E combo and 1 second stun you are able to land 2 hits before oponets is able to hit you,massive advantage,then you should follow with W u will be able to recive some amount of dmg and also will slow all the enemies around u making them eazy kill and u will have enough HP to continue fight or push.

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Items HM,this is hard part.You need to be able to farm,solo lane and last hit skill will alow u to make this build almost impossible to kill,if u cant get solo lane dont worry u can still get enough gold for early game items.Solo lane:focus last hit,while u push your opponets back,u dont need to send him to base or go fo kill,just enough harass so he cant do his farming as well as u.Dual lane:focus harass oponenets,from lvl 2 u are able to "stun" them,and if u have any dmg dealer with u on the lane u will do some awesome work on them, Q E combo qith some autoattack hits with assist of your teammate its a 100% kill,but still u should try to get as much as possible last hits on minions to be able to get mid game items much faster.Philosopher's Stone is best early game item u can get for him,gives u all u need,mana regen,HP regen and 5 gold per 10,AWESOME item!Also u should have minimun of one HP pot all the time,it will save your life from ignite or some hard situations,soon as u get low HP other players will try to ignite u for the kill and they dont want to dive in turret,just pop up the pot and u are good.Dont give them "Easy" kills.
soon as u get Giant's belt u are able to "tank" 1-2 champions,which will give your team more time for kill,and u will survive the fight,next item Phage if u dont get enough to make Frozen Mallet,Phage will give u slow that u rly need,early/mid game u still dont have enough dmg to have fast kill,so u NEED slow and u can save your mana for next oponenet or escape,if u dont have slow u need to spam Q E W,and with low mana pull and slow regen u can end up dead.Now its time for NUKE!!!Atma's Impaler will give u dmg u are looking for + u will get crit(u start with 0% crit) so this is VERY IMPORTANT,this small crit chance will give u enough for fast kills and oponenets will not be able to escape even with blink,u can blink with them or just use E Q combo an continue to DMG them with slow.At this rate with this 2 items u allready cane make a chanege in fights u myb lost before,this crit is just AWESOME! u will not end fight without any crits even with such a low crit %,u will crit enough to make them RUN,and soon as they start runing back u will OWN THEM with Frozen Mallet.The rest is very optional,it rly depend on the team u are against,if u have more AD oponents u just gor for HP/arrmor items like Sunfire Cape,if u have more AP oponets or AP oponetsn is strogest one in the oponent team u go for Banshiee's Weil,it will give u HP and HP=more DMG with Impaler,and enough MR to survive the fight,and if u are against "soft tipe" champions just get The Black Cleaver,will give u more armor pene and attack speed u kill champions like Ashe/Talon/Brand... etc in just a few hits,but if your team is a bit more tanky,like Udyr/Morde/Warwick...etc just get Madred's Bloodrazor and u will be able to take them down very easy.

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Skill Sequence

U should open with Q(Dragon Strike),it will give u that lvl 1 gank armor pene u need for fast kill,if u donr get lvl 1 gank a, dual line u can easy last hit minions that are in "RED ZONE",from a safe distance,u can last hit minions without taking any damage from your oponents,but dont use only Q for farm,6 sec CD and low mana pull will not give u 100% on last hit,try to hit in mele range the mele minions and range ones if u cant get to them just popuot Q,second skill sould be E (Demacian Standard),when u have E u can start to "KILL PPL"
but also u can farm faster,u can use E for atacck speed buff when u are pushing and wana get turret down just put E down,if u wana "intercept" someone just put E in front of him and insnat Q in the same direction of the E and u will pull yourself to the Demacian Standard and stun the oponent,and u can escape high risk situation or early gank.Your W (Golden Aeigis) u dont rly need untll lvl 4,adn u get it on lvl 4 joust for extra slow u need to catch up a oponent,but if u have hard line u can take it on lvl 2-3,just for some more dmg reduction,and then start maximise Q and E.and ofc Ultymate R (Cataclysm) u should be very careful with your ulty,u dont wana trap low HP teammates in it,u can use it to trap and run,u can use it to kill low HP enemy,u can use it to trap as much as possible enemy's in it and combine with teammate's AoE ultymates or abilities,like Gankplank,Katrina,Fidle .. etc

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Summoner Spells

Blink is a MUST,u still have E Q combo that can take u out of combat very fast,but still u dont have cooldowns fast enugh,Ignite is just for safe play,even if u know u can dive for kill,bete to use ignite and save as much HP as possible for a possible push,just killing a oponent and porting back to base is not very eficent,u need to push evry time your lane is empty or u kill the line champion,u NEED to push,dont go for kill at any cost,will get u to low HP and force u to port or easy gank,u gain 300g!? yea it ok,but if u stay in line and push u have 150 gold for all in he team + EXP + easy farm,by just getin kill and porting back will get u to the same situation,again u need to fight to get to the turrets.U can play aggresive but dont chase to much,ignite low HP champion take a pot and CRUSH the Turret with your E.

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Jarvan IV is not very popular champion,specialy in high lvl games,but he is still one of the best offtank/dps champions in the game.I LOVE to play him,u should try this build and let me know how did it work foru u guys.I will make some videos with me playing Jarvan to show u some more details about playing stile etc.
Hope u enyoj this guide and it will help you become beter Jarvan :D

Regards Gutzs.