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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BuFFal0

Jarvan // The magic of Trinity Force!

BuFFal0 Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introducement !

Hey guys this is my first build EVER posted on mobafire and i play Leage of Legends since it was beta!
The reason i finally decided to give time and post a guide like this is that:

1st: I love the champion (as i love many others too. Mostly assasins, fighters, mages)
2nd: And most important reason, Honestly i never saw another proper Jarvan in my team or in an enemy team! They are always average and they dont make any difference!
3rd: If you like this champion and you follow this build you can make a difference! By making a difference i mean winning 80% of the games you play and when u win you will always have good scores! (Personally my best score with him was 31/7/17 and it wasnt against a too easy or noob team, thats why it lasted so long)

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There are no alternative masteries from what i represent to you! Its a jarvan dps guide so you need the typical 21 point in offensive masteries! The rest 9 point to defensive until you reach Nimbleness !

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Full armor penetration on Marks and Quintessences, Dodge on Seals (Alternatively Armor or mana regen is good too) and magic ressist on Glyphs ofc !

Like that You start laning with enough good defences and damage! After all in Late game you will be Off tank as well as ULTY, PEW PEW, KILL!

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Ok the 2nd most IMPORTANT PART of the guide!(The first is how well you handle the chamion, and you ALWAYS use succesfully the SUPER COMBO of Demacian Standard, Dragon Strike, Golden Aegis to Initiate in battle, catch escaping enemies OR to escape ur self!)

So laning item i choose! Very very good and i dont have to say why!

After that i pick boots for chasing and escaping better and 2 healing potions.
Then its important that u pick ruby crystal and complete early in game. Why ? Because Jarvan is a champion that will find himself surrounded from many enemies in team battles and with this imba boots u will escape 35% faster when its needed!

Then its time forand finally!!! Why trinity force on Jarvan ? Well, slow chance on hit, more attack speed than he allready has, critical chance, health, movement speed, and the IMBA passive of!

Right now you are able to ULTY, PEW PEW, KILL! the squishy ones and not be squishy ur self!

Then its time for more attack speed, armor penetration aura and lifesteal aura! Its time for ...!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you will be able to ULTY, PEW PEW, KILL! the squishy ones faster and more effectively and u will not have to return to base after tanks to life steal! Also i should mention that the armor penetration aura and lifesteal aura are both very helpfull for ur team !!!

At this point of the game ur enemies will start focusing you!!! Here u have 2 options!!!

1st: You grab immideatelyVery very good defence item, maybe the BEST of the game! You will get this extra health you need, the EXTRA mana you need since Jarvan is mana leaking and the perfect passive! Basicly this item will make ur enemies to stop focusing you giving you the chance to devastate them starting from the most squishy ones!

2nd : You grabif most of ur enemy dpsers are Attack damage and if they dont have many stun, snare, root , silence, fear etc etc!!

IF the game is not over yet its time forand!!! Wich one you will pick first it doesnt matter so much but personaly i prefer picking firstbecause its much cheaper thanand u will need the extra armor penetration , attack speed and damage a lot!!!

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Gameplay!!!( skill sequence and unique skills)

This is the MOST important part of the guide and unfortunately i cant do much cause it all depends from your skill to handle this Champion!

The only thing i can do is to give some tips for the skill sequence and gameplay!

First skill you will need to grap the! The passive of this skill is very usefull for farming minions and killing enemies and turrets!

Then u try to keep a bamance between this skill and!

WARNING: DONT usefor harassement ! Ive seen many jarvans doing this and its totaly wrong because it needs lot of mana comparing to the damage it does!

SAVE you mana and cooldowns for the best combo in the world! At the right time!----
At level 4 you should getand use it as slow after you charge to an enemy!

When ur damage skills reach lvl 2 and 3 you can start using them for farming minions! How ?
FIRSTand THENto the weakest minions! The oposit rotation will pull you in front but the way i tell you to do it will be safe from far!!!

When you getits time for some gangs and kills!!! Be sure that ur enemy you target doesnt have flash or other Blinking skills or at least that they are on Cooldown!

Whenever you have time grab the blue and red buffs!!! Both are super for Jarvan!

USE urfor scouting brushes and fast attack speed buff for turrets!!!!

I grab FLASH and EXHAUST! Flash will surprise ur squishy enemy followed up with ur ULTY its almost a sure kill!!!
Exhaust is exhaust! Always usefull especialy when u play meele AD champion like Jarvan!