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League of Legends Build Guide Author killer347

jax: fear master

killer347 Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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introduction was by me i posted it as guest my mistake. so will be fixing the errors in time this is my 1st time using this bare with me.

Jax: master of fear
This will be so op you will always win if your team don't suck
Jax is one of best champions in game a lot of players say he's op if he is op at all its the way he can be used. And this guide will help you be Over powered. This build is based on hes passive there and items of choice complement it and items them self work well with each other . If you can do better then this I dare you to try. If you are new to jax this guide is not for you. I will not explain every detail for those who don't understand the logic behind this build . But it should be pretty self explanatory. A lot of math has been done in this.

Why AD jax? Because its what he meant to be why sell your self short . Unleash hes inner beast unlock hes full potential.
Why no magic resistance? Because he don't need it if you use his ultimate correctly and time it right.
Example: active it when fiddle uses hes ultimate and the magic resistance you will get from that is should good and your health should be high enough to survive.
Why Solo? Jax is weak early so this gives him the advantage he needs you will have a hard time last not being hit trying to last hit any minions with out risking health or death. Jax is the best 1v1 champion he could beat any champion in this with this build.
Why no attack speed runes?
Jax's ult has a passive that gives you an attack speed buff, so why would you not take advantaged of that? Because of that ability I stack attack damage and a little attack speed in my item picks and masteries this gives you crazy longevity and the best 101 champion.
Why no dodge runes? Ask your self this how many tanks need dodge seals they don't cause they do enough heavy damage to take you out fast and jax dos the most damage in the game at level 6. if it was a 101 no item fight any champion jax would win. You should have no problem getting counter strike to trigger if you play jax like mordekaiser . You want to be in front tanking for your minions and just the dodge you get from counter strike will trigger it.
Tip: if you know can defeat a champion with out using stuns do so just use empower. And if he tries to run use leap . Waiting to use the stun allows you to keep more mana and be ready to stun any one tries to gank you. It may be wise to carry a ward if your top its a great idea to put one at dragon location this allows you to leap over the wall and quickly recall.
Tip: buy your self ad buff potion and 4 healing potions and 2 mana potions wait to use ad buff because it can heal you and you can turn the tables with it if your not doing enough and you know your gonna die pop that ad potion and you will most likely win .
Tip: save your exhaust and ignite. Use exhaust only to get away . Use ignite to finish off champion running away that you cant catch ignite should kill any one at 1 bar hp
Tip: wait to use your ultimate active part .time it with there's or use it to run away

Tip: pretend to be weaker at start of game and just stay back out of rang and last hit minions . Should be pretty easy to do with all the ad you will have the ad scaling runes will kick in at level 5
Tip: if you can park your self behind there tower. You they fear you you can do this wile they are in lane with you and want dare come near you its funny how many times I have done this but dos not work so well if your facing rang champions
Tip: early on try not to focus so much on killing champion in your lane and just last hit minions you make much more gold then bye trying kill champion in your lane. Instead go and gank bottom lane. This would best be done when champion in your lane has gone back to heal and most likely shopping he may not call missing because he would be busy and mind focused on task at hand getting health back and shopping :) I know do this a lot and team mate dies and they get mad lol on that note
Tip: have some self awareness of of whats going on. Every so take a peak at health of bottom lanes champions and if low go kill them. Ask your team mates to ping you to alert you that there health bars are low so you can go get a easy kill or help them get one. Also if you notice your team is having hard time just go any way do it more regardless of bottoms health levels so they regain control of lane.
Tip: try to regain zone control . By intimidating other players if they fear you and you will most likely win fights cause they could run prematurely or not fight at all. I've had games ware my team feared other team and would not fight 3v3 battles or 5s
Tip: stay in lane as long as as you can and you will gain levels over other players. If you choose to get life steal asap this should allow you to farm jungle for your life back at level 6 this is best done not worth it at lower levels. Don't use stun on jungle minions just use empower or no spell at all if you don't need do. This will allow you to quickly counter any one that finds you.
Tip: gank bot a lot gank it when you have pushed to tower
Tip: when you get jungle speed and health re gen buffs from 3s map just kill the one for the buff leave others when before going back to base so this denies other team of buffs once you are back then go finish them off.
Tip: if you are making tons of gold buy wards for your team place them in smart places if your really rich put them all over map . Be like there own personal map hack
Tip: let your team mates have your kills if you they low score or lack gear this will be in your favor latter so stop being greedy:) you will win this way