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League of Legends Build Guide Author pizzailike

Jax No luck build

pizzailike Last updated on November 4, 2010
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Hi all. This is my favorite build for Jax but I'll also be providing other substitutes for good items. I want to point out before I begin, that many of you Jax players may disagree with my build but don't disagree with my luck. I have terrible luck of teammates and enemies. This build is created to counteract luck and mages and provide defense since I'm usually targeted by the enemy first and a dead Jax is a useless Jax.
I tend to focus on magic res, ability power, and a variety of life steal since they keep me alive. IF YOU OPPOSING TEAM DOESN'T HAVE MAGES: Don't use this guide. It's useless. Besides, if they're all dps and tanks, YOU'RE JAX, mess them up. You shouldn't need help. You're built to destroy them. Lol.
First things first. You have two choices as Jax. You can lane with a partner at which point you should give up smite for something like ghost or heal, or you can jungle. I prefer heal if you're laning because you have no skill for healing and it's good for suprising people late game. Flash is a must. You will be focused more than likely if you are sucessful which means a quick get away is a must.
Laning: If you are laning. GL. You will need it. Jax's early game is rough. Very rough. You can not heal normally. Lane if you have someone such as Sona or Taric with you. They'll keep you alive and with the new buff to empower, you're a good early game assassin. Aka, a good combo. If you are laning with Mord, Garen or anyone else usually tanky, Jungle. Jungle now. You will die if you engage, cause they'll focus you. That being said, just be careful and hope your teammate can stun. This helps a lot. Empower + leap + stunned = kills. Lots of them. I've gotten up to 10 kills in the early game alone from this combo. It was beautiful. Tear. Sadly usually, I'm stuck with an twitch or worse, gangplank...........omg gangplank I HATE YOU KSER.
Jungle: Golem > Wolves > Then your choice. Either mini golems which will level you up or a quick ghost kill. Either is good. Now go lane. You should come out just under level 4 with your teammate almost level 6. Go back and heal, get ninja tabis and 2 pots and go to your lane. Tell them to go shop while you pick up what you lost in levels soloing. Assuming your team isn't full of feeders you should have the upper hand now. :)

Post jungling/ level 6 to level 8: Ok you've survived the harsh early game unscathed probably. Good. You aren't a feeder and you not useless. Horray. Now that you're level six and may have picked up some money. Sounds dumb but go and jungle again. Get life steal item and take the dragon on first. It will be very fast. VERY FAST. At level 6 you can jungle faster than other characters thanks to your passive ult. Go to each jungle spot and jungle it assuming they have no jungler. Gank or scare them whenever possible. If you fail gank, oh well, they'll back up and lose xp. Better for you. When you have red and blue buffs, gank your lane assuming the tower isn't lost already. If your lane is having issues, don't worry about the tower, it always goes down, worry about the person. Don't let your teammate become a feeder, HELP THEM. Gank or scare. It will affect their aggressiveness.

Team battle time: Omg I'm afraid. At some point around this time, towers should be falling. Now it's time for teamfights. Sweet. Continue to lane as long as possible to gain xp. You need it. You are best late game. Get there first. Ok teamfights are annoying. Mages focus you and you die. It sucks but true. That's why you have flash and the new ult dodges magic. Use it. When your tank engages, don't. Give it a second. Area ults hurt. Your teammates are back away from their people, your tank will be hurting. :( Sadness but you are not dead yet. Time to attack. Now that the dust has settled and ryze has ulted someone else or annie has used her bear to rape someone not you, enter the battle. DO NOT ENTER the battle when your team is running unless they are uber low on health and your empower plus leap can kill a person. Otherwise you will die and be useless.

End game: Time to own some people. As you complete the magic res and sceptor, you will be tanky enough to kill almost anyone, literally. Spells will wash off you like nothing with your ult on, and you dish out damage like non other on your magic hit and you have 15% penetration. Gj. Still flash out and heal if you are getting targeted in teamfights but don't worry. If you don't die, just jungle to heal back and go back into the fight. Also use the free ward to mark baron all the time. Don't let up. If they go for him, kill them. Don't let them get it.
If the game goes on indefinitly as a stalemate, I usually sell the latern for another Gunblade. They're very useful since they got buffed. :)
By the end with this build, you have around 3,200 or more hp, 35% dodge change, and 35% lifesteal, and lots of magic res which can stack with your ult to make you a magic res tank. GL, hf, and hope this guide helps you. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them. Though as said before, this guide is for those of us without luck and who face lots of mages. Not for lucky bastards who face Olafs and Yi's. Oh Yi, how I love to kill you.