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League of Legends Build Guide Author LinuxPro

Jervan IV: The POWER of DAMACIA !

LinuxPro Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Jervan, yes he CAN be a god tank, but he can be even more then this, he is able to be a insane Damager
To be honest, I never thought that Jervan IV the mighty King of Damacia can be a good tank, so I used my experience which I gained, as I was playing him on my 1st custom game, and tried my own build =) Now let's look on my results.

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Pros / Cons

So 1st let's start with Pros and Cons of Jervan

-he is Fast
-he is pretty easy to play
-he is an good farmer
-he got a good escape mechanism
-he got a good attack mechanism (Knocking up the enemy's)
-he is able to deal really high damage
-his ultimate can be really effective if u are able to use it right

-he is squishy at the early game
-he got a pretty small mana pool
-if u use his ultimate wrong, u can die or u can disturb your whole team while a team fight.

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So, now something about my rune set:

The choice was pretty easy, armor penetration, attack speed and critical chance runes for more damage and a fastest farming. The cool-down reduction rune set was a pretty logical choice, becouse the skills of Jervan have got a medium cool-down's, and they all are really useful so we try to use them as much as we can.

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OK, now its time to talk about our mastery's, I tried to disable contras of Jervan IV with them, to have a perfect balanced champion.


At the start of playing Jervan IV, I've noticed that his mana pool is inadequate for his mana consumption, so I hitted mastery's in unity to get my mana regeneration on such a level, that u can formally spam his skills and get an easy farming. Although the speed mastery is important to, because Jervan IV is in the way to get over 500+ speed in late game. The 9 offensive points, were a humbly selection.

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Early Game:

How we already know, is Jervan IV really squishy, what doesn't mean that we need to play defensive at early game, no! we just start the game with Boots of Speed which give us movement speed of 380 and 3 HP pots. With such a speed we are able to dominate the line easily. Starting with the q skill give us a chance to be really annoying for our opponent's.

How to use the skills of Jervan IV:

E > Q > W > Auto attack, we are trying to knock up our opponent's to give us and our team mate more time to score a kill. It's important to use Jervan's ultimate smart, u can use it either for an separation of a single target, and making him gank able or simply to catch an escaping booty. Although we are trying to farm a big number of minions.

Late Game:

If we were successful with our farming, we have got more then 10 stacks and are almost ready with our build, it means we got a really high critical damage, attack speed and are really Fast. Jervan IV is able to hit more then 800++ Critical damage to a target with normal attack, with our ultimate it's an unstoppable killing combination.

Game Technique's:

We know that if we place our Flag in a certain location, then is this space for us visible. Here are some ideas how to place it smart:

It's good to place a Flag in front of a tower if u need to push it solo or with a team mate.

When u know that some of your opponent's is missing, travel the across jungle to get an easy kill and/or a aura.

While killing a dragon, its never a bad idea to look if some of the opponent's are planing kind a gank, and it's an good thing if u need to escape quickly.

Here are some of my 1st confrontation's with Jervan IV:

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Finally I need to agree that Jervan IV is a great continuation of the Damacia Family in League Of Legend's. So be prepared because ......