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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wispofdoom

Join the Random Revolution and break some META

Wispofdoom Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Now some of you maybe be wondering, What is the point of this guide? But rest assured, reading through this is well worth your time. I hope to introduce you to a great world full of new possibilities and excitement. I want to change how we play League and this boring old routine that many call The META. If you have read this and are curious and willing to make this change, please, read on...


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The current META goes something like this:

Bruiser Solo Top Lane
Mage/Assassin Solo Mid Lane
Tanky Disrupter Jungle
Support and ADC Bottom lane

But do we have to play like this? There are many other ways to play the game. League is not a game dictated by static methods and strategies. There was no META in preseason, and there honestly is no need for the META. It was only made to help guide players learning to play the game. Through a series of games, I have proved, if not to others, than at least to myself, that the META is not a necessary part of the game (Next Section). The game won't end because you have an AP Soraka in midlane, or if you have a support Pantheon.

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What have I done?

Now it is time for me to tell you about the series of games I did as an experiment to break the META and prove that Anti-META methods do still work. I mainly play midlane, so what I've decided to do is random my champion every game I play. From things like Alistar to Renekton, I've been taking the champions I've been given, and playing it through. Out of the 15 or so games I've played like this, I've won 11 of them, losing only around 4 games, and not even by that much in those losses. Playing this way helps change up the pace of the game. It forces the enemy to play against a team comp that defies all explanation and forces your allies to get comfortable with a team comp that might not live up to their personal expectations. And for me, the best part of doing this experiment was the fact that I had to learn how to play a champion meant for a different role in the role I had taken. I had so much fun I even decided to make a ranked team based on this idea, that we could all play with random champions, have fun and even learn a little bit. I also began streaming recently, so if you would like to see me play like this, stop by at

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So what can I do?

If you have read up to this point, you may be thinking, what does this crazy man's idea have to do with me? Well, if you think I have a point, that the META isn't everything, and you want to try making a change too, now is the time for it, and this is how you should go about doing it:

    Call your role in champion select
    Either press the random button a couple of times, or lock in without choosing a champion
    Finally, play your role with the champion you randomed

It's that simple. I have dubbed this idea the Random Revolution. If you feel like this will be a cool and refreshing experience compared your normal, everyday League games, I challenge YOU to join this revolution and follow these steps.

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Game Journal

This is mostly to help increase my word count so Moba will categorize my guide as a full one. Skip this section if you don't care about the different games I've had while randoming.

3/21/13 : Top Lane Bruiser Thresh
End Score : 3/3/13
Summary : Played against an AD Lulu who actually kicked my *** in lane. I couldn't out trade her, but in team fights, my utility ended up helping turn the game around back into our favor, winning us the game.

3/27/13 : Mid Lane Bruiser Yorick
End Score : 8/3/6
Summary : Played against a Kayle. Being somewhat close ranged, I had trouble last hitting due to lane pressure, but after level 8, I could out trade her and put her far behind. A rather quick win ending with a surrender after several good team fights on our part.

3/29/13 : Mid Lane AP Alistar
End Score : 13/1/4
Summary : Somewhat of a stompish game. Played against a Karma who obviously had no experience playing with the remake. Her poke stopped being a problem after level 2, when I had my Headbutt-Pulverize combo. I rushed a deathcap, and could chunk her for half her health with each combo. My only death was due to me getting caught away from my team after a very messy team fight. Most fun I have had in a really long time.

3/31/13 : Jungle Garen
End Score : 5/2/6
Summary : To be completely honest, I was somewhat useless that game. My sustain in the jungle was absolute ****, so I couldn't gank too often due to my low health. When I did end up ganking, all I did was Q, spin, and ult for the kills. All lanes won more or less, and it ended with a surrender.

4/1/13 : Mid Lane AP Tristana
End Score : 7/1/1
Summary : I've never played AP Trist in a normal game before, so this was quite interesting. I also happened to disconnect for the first 2 minutes of the game, and ended up being 2 levels behind my lane opponent, Nautilus. However, he couldn't deal with my poke and ended up switching with his ADC, Miss Fortune. Needless to say, that didn't help too much. This game also ended with a quick surrender.

4/3/13 : Mid Lane AP Rammus
End Score : 7/2/6
Summary : Played against a Brand who knew how to land his skill shots. Traded a kill early on and was zoned pretty hard for the first 15 minutes of the game. However, after a good gank giving me a double kill, I began to deal enough damage to burst him down before he could do enough to kill me. My team fight presence was also very strong, due to my 300 dps ultimate causing pain around me in a circle. Enemy surrendered after an ace.

4/6/13 : Jungle Miss Fortune
End Score : 3/5/13
Summary : Jungle MF is bad. Gonna give it to you straight. Sustain was terrible until I got a wriggles and a BF. Ganking was kinda difficult. I ended up maxing my E for the slow and just auto attacked in my "ganks". Didn't get many kills, but the assists made up for it. Our Zed carried us, and the game ended in a surrender for the enemy team.

4/7/13 : Top Lane Graves
End Score : 6/5/15
Summary : Played bruiser Graves against a Renekton. Rushed a frozen mallet to avoid dying, and won my lane completely. From there I built berserkers, black clever, BotRK, and was building a randuins omen when the game ended. At first I was focused a lot in team fights until they realized that our Vayne and Diana were of higher priority. Mostly just auto attacked in fights and got lots of assists.

4/8/13 : Mid Lane Jax
End Score : 18/3/2
Summary : Decided to play pure AP Jax. Laned against a Rumble, but I eventually did so much damage, he had to lane swap with their Jayce. I still did too much damage, so I ended up becoming very fed. My full combo could deal about 1.7k damage, and that was still without my full build.

4/9/13 : Mid Lane Poppy
End Score : 15/4/7
Summary : Played AP Poppy and went against a Maokai, so it was definitely not a normal game, but he actually became rather fed, so it wasn't super easy to win. After getting some items, I did enough damage to instagib the enemy graves and yi. Deathfire + Ult = 60% bonus damage = big damage.

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So going back to my main points:

    The META isn't everything
    Breaking the META is a fun and worthwhile experience
    You can help spread this idea by randoming in your games

I strongly urge you to try this out, even if you are a little skeptical of how effective this playstyle may be. If you do this, and dislike it horribly, then I would like to apologize in advance for my destruction of your game. But more likely, you will realize that I am right, and that trying out something new is actually really exciting. Even if you don't do it the way I did, anything out of the ordinary that shows others that there are different ways of playing League will be a success. Thanks for hearing me out, and I look forward to seeing a wave of players breaking the META and truly having fun playing League.


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