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General Guide by Olenka05


Jump to gold with midlane!

By Olenka05 | Updated on April 16, 2019

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Champion Build Guide

Jump to gold with midlane!

By Olenka05
What will be in this guide?
Hello guys!
In this guide i will show you how to quickly jump to gold with playing midlane. I will tell you when you should roam and I will show you a bunch of champions to play with and have easy wins. I wont focus on champions but on way how to play on lane so you wont find here runes or builds.

Who am I to give you tips how to play midlane?
So I play League since season 3 and i main midlane. This season I'm trying to hit platinum and now I'm gold. I hit gold easily this season (in less than 1 month starting from s4) and I want to show my knowledge to help you.
Pros and cons Back to Top
So why I should play midlane in lower elo?

+easy map control
+ potential to solo carry
+ huuuge dmg
+ you can roam to every lane
When you win your lane its easy to roam and give your allies help and even win their lane. When feeded you can deal a lot of dmg and you have huge potential to solo carry.


- Can be camped so hard that you wont do nothing.
- when you lose and give enemy advance its easy for them to win
- If you die its huge chance that you will lose teamfight
When playing mid its easy to carry but you have chance to lose your lane and give your enemy opportunity to carry. Sometimes even when you win you can't feel safe. Enemies can roam from top and bot so if you don't have wards you will get killed. When your adc and top don't deal too much dmg you are only chance of your team so if you will die you can loose teamfight.
Early game Back to Top
Until lvl 6
In these first minutes you should focus on poking enemy, looking at map to see if your jungler don't need help. If your jungler needs help go. You can earn free kill and save his life. If you don't get kill (both you and your jng) and enemy use flash its sill worth it. And ofc you should focus mainly on farming.

After lvl 6
When you hit lvl 6 you can easily roam to your bot/top (depends on matchup) and take
free kills or assist. REMEMBER roam when your wave is pushed near enemy tower so your wont get pushed too hard. When your enemy roams you should decide if you want to follow or stay on lane. You should follow when you know that its free kill. Stay when your lane is pushed or your top/bot is really behind. Its better to stay and take free money from turret platings.
Mid game Back to Top
Mid game
In mid game you should focus on helping your teammates and taking dragons. Why dragons are so important? They give you buffs (speed regen dmg and push) and when you will get elder dragon they will buff you even more. You should take as much towers as you can and if you can end do it. When you don't end its chance that enemy team will stole your baron and win. Its risky so better don't do that.
Late game Back to Top
Late game
In late game you should end with team fight. If you know you wont end you can take baron (when its ace! In lower elo your jng can miss smite and someone can steal baron). If you have chance to end or take baron/elder its better to end. In tf you should stay on back (ranged champions) or if you are meele champ just go when your team goes and smash enemies with your power.
Champions Back to Top
Great champions to play with
Poke with Q and aa in early and in late with Q and W. You have shield which you can use on your allies and when they jump into fight just use your R and W and teamfight is won.
Huge dmg. Easy to kill enemy adc, mid, support, jungle, top. Enemies will hate you. Free win vs. squishy champs. You have energy so you wont run out of it when poking. Easy to dodge skills with W and with R you can dodge Fizz's R
Great champion to escape low elo. You can easy counter champions like Lux and Veigar or even Syndra. You can dodge a lot of spells with your E like Zed's R (when he starts casting it you just have to use your E) Veigar's E or Syndra's R. With your Q and E you can dodge lots of spells. Unfortunately he is often banned.
Easy champion and deals big dmg if you hit your Q. When you kill
somebody you have lowered cd on your R ( in late game you can have even 12 s). Even with bad prediction you can land your E and with champions like amumu you can hit your Q easily.
One person carry. You can stack infinite with your passive. In late game you can have over 1000 ap. With his passive on W (50 stacks lows cd) you can spam it and hope someone will walk into it. When you stun sb with E you have easy kill with Q and R.
Ultra carry after 11 lvl. With his ult its easy to roam. Enemies wont run away from you with your R. With core items you wont die fast in teamfights. Great champ to have pentakill.
Huge potential to have 1st blood with his passive and long range Q. Great roamer with his E. Can easy kill squishy champs with his R.
Tanky in late but with his passive he can have huge ap even when you don't build it. You can dodge ult's with your W. Great combo with E and flash and gigantic heal with Q.
End Back to Top
Thanks for looking at this guide!
I hope this short guide will help you and you enjoyed it!
Have fun and gl on fields of justice!

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Jump to gold with midlane!