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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ebbe38

Jungel/Udyr guid

Ebbe38 Last updated on December 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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It this build will i show you how to jungel with udyr how to gank and how to team fights and mutch mutch more. Udyr Mutch damage at start and awesome tank mid game!

Summoner spells:

SMITE You must have this summoner spell for jungel.
GHOST I use this its make you fast easy too flee and easy to gank.
FLASH You cud use this too becuse easy to flee and kinda good at gank if you know ho to use it "Go bear form flash to the target stun him" But i recomend ghost for new beginers Flash is only good late game for him.
CLEANS You alredy have one boost attack "bearform" and you cud gank with cleans you wont get stunned in the gank, but make sure your enemy you gank push your tower so they wont flash from or ghost.
Rest summoner spells are useless for udyr.

Early game!
Grab cloth arrmor and 5 health bots, take your phinex stace. go to golem tell your alliens to cover you till golem spawn, when you got golem buff go direct down to wolfs kill them with phinex stance. keep going to "ghost things" kill them with phonex stace.
Littel golems you use your phonex stace till one of them die then spamm turtuel stace to get your mana and healt up on then next golem. Take down lizzard with phinex stace and smite. when you done with him learn bear stance look at the ennemys on the (SIDE LINES) and see if anyone got low health if someone got like 3 bars you gank him direckt ghost in with bear form stun him change to phonex stace the turtuel keep going like that in ganks. if no one got any low health go back buy a (long sword) and tell chose your side you will gank on (ONLY SIDES) not worth to gank mid you can higest only get one kill but in side you can gert two. tell your alliecs to let your enemy on that line push go th the bush wait till they are kinda close your tower use ghost/bear form and stun the target cnange to phonex stance then when you can turtuel and bear form again and phinex.... to make this easy for gank Go this "Bear,phonex,turtuel,bear keep going like that and you will at least get one.
Mid game/Teamfights
WHen a team fight starting to happen tell your team to not attack before you go,
when you told your team who to focuse you cange to turtuel stance ruch in with bear stance and stun the target then you go turtuel again for block mutch dmg the go phinex stance for get assist on all then change betwn phonex and turtuel Only use bear stance if someone try to run or if you need to interupt one uliti or spell.

wriggles Lantern: i use that item becuse with it you can ward the dragon, and with that life steal dont you need to waste so mutch mana by switching turtel,phinex.turtel,phinex.

Banshees Veil: I just love this item, mutch health mana and ingnore one spell... so whats wrong with it? NOTHING! If you tower dive and he try stun you that item eat him if you got Hunted that item help you so i say one of the best udyr items:)

Innervating Locket: Not mutch to say about this OP item Great health great mana, and you wont get out of mana so easy with it.

Leviathan:why i take this item so late in game is becuse,Banshees Veil and Innervating Locket is mutch more importan and does 2 items will make you invisable and thats why i took this item alter so you get up stack after stack without any deaths/if you play right and got a good team you never die but i recomend Innervating Locke and banshees before this item.

Randuins Omen: Love this items nice health, health regen, aoe slow for teamfights, CD reducer.
file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/e/Skrivbord/AWESOME%20BILDER/asdasd.bmp <-- my picure on my wins,cant put a picure in here dont know how to do im sorry about that....

Please comment and give tips :) if you rate you comment why

Im sorry for my bad bad english but i hope this helped you alot!