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League of Legends Build Guide Author jppeer123

Jungle, a neutral guide (W.I.P)

jppeer123 Last updated on April 13, 2016
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This is a basic Jungling guide to set you on the right path (seriously, don't go down the dark side). So don't expect me talking about what items you need to buy or what champions you need to play, or counters... (there is already a great site for that!) This is my first guide, so please make suggestions/give tips on how to do things or make things better! Thx!

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Let's get Started!

Hello, i am jppeer123, a Bronze II ranked player (W.I.P!) So... Today we are going to talk about Jungling! In jungle you don't really have an exact champion you need to outlane, you have the most freedom of all the lanes because you can go anywhere! You can do most things on your own in the jungle, some champs can even solo dragon! And (in my opinion) a jungler is more of a utility role, giving ganks (and thus, farm) and adapting your Role (AP/AD/Tank) to your team's needs.

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The ways of the Jungler, you are the chosen one...

These are some basic/most important rules to jungling

  • Ping when ganking
  • Have map control
  • Dragon is a must! (try to get the first dragon)
  • Help a lane, if he's losing it
  • keep farming throughout the game! (But do help your teammates!

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Early game

You spawn, buy items, lvl your ability and then you have lots of ways to go! But the most recommended/used way is the jungle-Three-way-High-way

  1. Krugs
  2. Acid Frog
  3. Invade

Krugs and Acid Frog are the standard jungle monsters to start with, but if you go invading you may not always be at the side of the map where the enemy jungler is waiting for the monsters to spawn. So i would recommend going to the enemy side, where the krugs/red are.

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Invading isn't always recommended, you need to have good team communication and a good team comp may also work it's magic! If your there and there is no enemy/backed of/recalled. Then you have free game, you can just steal some of his jungle while he is gone and then just return back to yours.


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