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Akali Build Guide by Sukidasu

Jungle Akali, God She's Godlike

Jungle Akali, God She's Godlike

Updated on August 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sukidasu Build Guide By Sukidasu 48,776 Views 1 Comments
48,776 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sukidasu Akali Build Guide By Sukidasu Updated on August 7, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my jungle Akali build.
Afther playing alot of games with her I tried out jungling and I can say, shes pretty good.

(Sorry for the bad english some times D:)
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Pros and Cons


+| High amount of burst damage.
+| Great ganks with her ultimate.
+| Can close gaps with her ultimate to.
+| Can escape and juke people with her twilight shroud and her ultimate.
+| Snowballs when fed.

-| Needs specific rune page and mastery page to activate her passives.
-| Ganks untill she get her ulti are very poor.
-| Squishy in the beginning.
-| Often targeted in teamfights.
-| Vision wards and oracles can destroy her.
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I get 7 Marks of Strength to help activate her passive. For the other 2 i get 2 Marks of Insight. I get HP seals to make her less squishy or take Armour seals to help her early in the jungle and its great against AD carrys. Some AP glyphs to give her damage a boost, and flat AP quintessence to activate her other passive.
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Summoner Spells

I take Smite for the jungling and Ignite to take down the champions running away with 10 HP. Other good spells are: Flash, Exhaust or ghost. Ghost is very usefull for the ganking at the beginning and if you dont have anymore stacks for your ultimate and still want to chase down champions.
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I take 21/9/0 To activate her passives and get the most AP boost out of it, and give her some more Armour and HP to make her less squishy.
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I take in the beginning cloth armour + 5 health potions, than when I back the first time I take boots. Later I build the cloth armour into wriggle's lantern. Than I upgrade my shoes into mercury's threads and get hextech revovler to boost my burst damage. Than iI start with the core items, rylais, lich bane and rabadon. Sell the wriggles lantern and get the guardian angel. I do this because in almost every game when I come to this point they will focus me first and with this they will camp around you while your team will do tons of damage to them. Than I build my hextech revovler into a gunblade and with the left over gold you can buy elixers.
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Skill Sequence

Passive, TWIN DISCIPLINES: This is a good passive, but the downside is that you need to activate it. You can get either spellvamp, by getting +10 attack damge, or bonus ability power, by getting 20 ability power. To get more for every 10 attack damage you will get +1% spellvamp and per 20 ability power you will get +1% ability power

Q, MARK OF THE ASSASSIN: It does alot of damage, even on level 1. The cooldown is low to so its spam able. It throws your Kama on a target and when you hit it again it does some additional damage on top of your basic attack and restore some of your energy. The downside is that it has a pretty short range.

W, TWILIGHT SHROUD: This is your escape skill. It not only gives you bonus armour and magic resistence but lowers that of the enemy champions to. It also slows them so its good to use it while you chase other champion. In team fights its very usefull to because they will try to focus you but cant see you.

E, CRESCENT SLASH: This skill is usefull for farming, and to activate your sheen. Further it just gives you a little more damage.

R, SHADOW DANCE: God I love this skill, it does pretty much damage and can close in gaps. Also you can have 3 stacks of it max, and you can get stacks by just waiting. Good to chase people and take down the enemy's carry in teamfights.

I put a point on Q on level 1 because its your main source of damage. Than I put a point into E to get some more damage to help your jungling. On level 4 i put a point into W to gank and have more survive ability because you can easily escape with it. I try to max my ultimate ofcourse always first, than my Q, than my E and at last my W.
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Jungling Route

I use this route:

Blue --> Wolves --> Wraiths --> Mini Golems --> Red --> Wraiths --> Recall. (--> Idle path)

(Idle path: Wolves --> Wraiths --> Mini Golems --> Gank.

Afther that you can start ganking lanes that are getting pushed or doing bad. The Idle path is if theres no oppertunity to gank. The first time you go back you should have enough to buy boots and maybe some pots or a ward.
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I hope this guide will be usefull for you guys and make people see how amazing akali just is.


(My first guide btw)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sukidasu
Sukidasu Akali Guide
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Jungle Akali, God She's Godlike

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