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Akali Build Guide by Icehero0003

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Icehero0003

Jungle Akali - Jumping from the Bushes

Icehero0003 Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I decided to make a guide on probably my favorite champion in the game and how I like to play her. Yes I know Akali is one of the best laners in the game, no one knows she can jungle and pretty effectively at that. She has the best ganks in the game if executed correctly.

First Guide. Don't hate.

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Pros / Cons

Best Gank in game
Allows Tankier Champs to shutdown mid/top
Fun to play
No Damage suffrage (some champions who aren't meant to jungle take a huge hit in build suffrage)
surprises enemy that Akali can jungle

stronger junglers aka warwick
team thinks you are trolling until you are 4/0 8 minutes into the game

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Unique Skills

Twin Disciplines (Passive) - Spell vamp and bonus magic damage
-Spell vamp is activated at 10 attack damage
-Magic damage bonus is activated at 20 ability power

activating spell vamp at level 1 is key in jungling Akali.

Mark of Assassin (q) - Akali's main attacking skill max first as it has most damage output never forget to attack your target after you use this skill.

Twilight Shroud (w) - Akali's escape and can be used offensively to slow to let team catch up or defensively to let team escape.

Cresent Slash (e) - hybrid skill attacks all enemies directly around Akali .

Shadow Dance (r, Ultimate) - unique for an ultimate as it has charges like Teemo's mushrooms but you get a charge after an assist or kill allowing you to spam and kill several champions in a row. Prime to ganking at level six allowing you to jump from bushes into a team fight. Never forget you can target minions to help escape several enemy champions swarming you.

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Skill Sequence

Same Build as a normal Akali build except you get your "w" at level 4 instead of level 2 and get your "e" at level 2 instead of level 4.

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2 Health Quints for some survivablity while in early game jungle.
1 Flat AP Quint, 9 Flat AP Seals and Glyphs all of these almost get you enough AP for her passive.
7 Flat AD Marks: These runes combined with the Brute Force masteries gives you enough AD to activated her spell vamp passive from the spawn pool.
2 Magic Pen Marks: Just a little boost in magic penetration not much but the AD marks are much more important for jungling.

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Only Masteries that really make jungle Akali viable are the Brute Force, Plentyful Bounty and Burning Embers.
Brute Force helps you get the spell vamp from your passive.
Plenyful Bounty gives you enough gold to get madreds after your jungle route.
Burning Embers when you uses this on a creep you get the extra AP to get you your magic damage buff from your passive.

All of the rest of the masteries are for damage output. Akali does not need the neutral buff durations, well because she has no mana problems which is only reason anyone gets that mastery. You can put the Greed mastery on whatever you like honestly I just didnt know what to place it on. If you feel the need you can put it onto the neutral buff duration mastery because maybe Baron's buff is increased by it, not quite sure.

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Summoner Spells

Smite and Ignite. Period. You may have no escape but if you really want one grab flash but ignite is used for the extra 10 AP early game to fulfill her passives requirements.

Smite is amazing for Akali even in a big team battle if you smite a minion or Annie's Tibbers you heal because of the spell vamp. You could gain another 300 health immediately during the fight to give you a bigger upper hand.

Not quite sure if Ignite heals you from spell vamp because it last so long and doesn't do 500-800 damage to see a noticable heal. Please inform me if it does. Either way it doesn't burst heal you like Smite.

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Creeping / Jungling

My route is golems (smite) > wraiths (ignite big one) > wolves > small blue minions(smite one) > small red minions > golems > wraiths (smite big one) > wolves and back

buy Madred's Razor and another potion

Red > golems > wraiths > wolves > Blue (give to AP carry)

after this route you will be level 6 and ganking pretty much anywhere after you have 3 charges on your ultimate will ensure you have a kill if your team positions them for ganking.

You can gank earlier however it is not as easy as at level 6. You might want to wait atleast level 4 for you cloak/slow to ensure a kill on a low health enemy champion. But ganking at 6 is a lot easier because then you can make their flash pretty much useless. They will have the whole "where did she come" look on his or her face when you jump from the bushes.

May upload a video some time later.

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I think grabbing Cloth first and 5 Health Potions is much more effective than the spell vamp from the Long Sword.

After I grab Madred's Razors for easier killing in the jungle and sell this when i have the components for Rylai's Crystal Scepter because the cost is the same as this items selling price (700)

Next I buy my boots level 1 and an Amplifying Tome or if i have money to just buy the Sorcerer's Shoes.
then just

Hextech Revolver > Hextech Gunblade > Rylai's Crystal Scepter > Rabadon's Deathcap

from here you can buy anything you want I just prefer Void Staff because i like my magic penetration because by now the enemy team has built some magic resist to counter the ridiculous amount of burst damage Akali puts out.

I general don't end up buying any survivablity items because between Twin Disciplines and Hextech Gunblade Akali has 50% spell vamp and 20% lifesteal. So if you like being more tanky than this grab your survivablity items but your damage will end up suffering. Guardian Angel can be picked up if you are focused down way to fast so you can come back into the fight and heal and nuke them more.

Some people like Trinity Force some like Lich Bane. Lich Bane seems to be better as this Akali build is more leaning toward the AP than hybrid build.

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Don't say you made this. This Guide is 100% original don't even know any other players who jungle with Akali. Please give reviews.

Thanks to mobafire's guide maker. Thanks to League Of Legends for making the game.