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Blitzcrank Build Guide by blueshadowx13

Jungle Blitzcrank - Gank ''n Grab

Jungle Blitzcrank - Gank ''n Grab

Updated on May 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author blueshadowx13 Build Guide By blueshadowx13 27,713 Views 1 Comments
27,713 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author blueshadowx13 Blitzcrank Build Guide By blueshadowx13 Updated on May 22, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



This is my first guide so I hope you like it. I've been playing blitz as a jungler for some time and people now and then love to know how that works so here's a short guide.

This build turns blitzcrank into a jungling Tanky DPS, using mainly attack damage.

This guide will need some improvements later or, but for now its just an example of how you can use blitz as jungler
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Pros / Cons

Pro's of blitzcrank as jungler:- Great ganks due to knockup, rocket grab and speed boost
- Great champ for the team, picking enemies away before teamfights,
- All skills for ganking can be aquired at lvl 3
- Blitzcrank is awesome

Con's of Blitzcrank Jungle:
- Needs blue untill manamune is completed
- No passive sustain abilities (except for shield)
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I personally like attack speed runes, but they could be replaced by other ones (flat AD, armor penetration). The advantage of attack speed runes in the jungle would be that madreds/wriggle's passive will be activated more often, and therefore I think they work better than AD runes).

The cooldown runes however do give a huge advantage with your E being ready in the jungle faster, increasing your damage output, and increasing your grab frequency later in game.

Lifesteal runes provide some extra survival, and allow you to gank early game wit more HP left.

Armor runes are a must have to be able to gank later on at decent HP.
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I'm using 21/9/0 masteries, keeping attack damage high while providing with sufficient armor needed for jungling.
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Start with a cloth armor, the extra armor is needed to keep you alive enough to gank later on without going back in between, and 5 health potions. Build wriggle''s lantern, and after that start on manamune (blitzcranks passive is based on your remaining mana, so having extra mana is a big help in bad situations). Build cooldown boots for movement speed and more chances to grab.

Trifore will increase your damage greatly, and the hextech gunblade will provide you with some extra sustain. As a bonus both these items will be greatly benificial for your rocket grab and static field.

As a finisher build the frozen heart and banshee veil (i prefer to start with the frozen heart but if one of their ap's has been fed it will be wise to build banshee''s first).
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Skill Sequence

Static field > Overdrive > Rocket Grab > Power Fist

Start with a level in your knockup (E), it will do great damage on jungle creeps as well as prevent them from doing you damage for a little while. After that go for Overdrive (W), its attack speed will help you do a lote more damage, as well as its attack speed will help you gank or get away.

If lanes are not having problems and you don't see oppertunity for an early gank, take another point in overdrive (W) at level 3 and rocket grab (Q) at level 4. You are then ready to gank effectivly at level 4.

If you need to go help early somewhere or if enemies ar pushing fast, take rocket grab at level 3 and go gank. Take the second point in overdrive at level 4 then.

After that, max overdrive as fast as possible (but take points in static field when able to), followed up by rocket grab and finally max power fist.
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Summoner Spells

Required:Smite - Must have for junglers

Second spell options:

Good picks:
Clarity - I personally prefer this, even if the enemy takes your blue you are able to continue no problem, plus if activated in battle before your schield activates it might give you the edge (like a temporary heal). Also some other laner like the mana regen (mostly the AP mid)

Flash - Well, this one is kind of obvious but ok. It give you that extra movement option blitzkrank does not have by himself and can be used to gank more effectivly or escape.

Mediocre picks:
Clearvoyance - Could be usefull when counterjungling or looking into clouded area's where you want to grab ab enemy from.

Ignite - Effective on fast healing champs (warwick, mundo ect)

Ghost - Can be used to speed up for a gank or to get away, but overdrive has a very alike effect so another spell would be more usefull

Exhaust - The extra slow and stats decrease could help in a gank, but you already have plenty of crowd control

Heal - Always usefull but I would prefer clarity on blitz

Bad picks:
Revive - Seriously?
Promote - How are you even going to use this in the jungle? Come on.
Teleport - It could be usefull to get to the other side of the map fast, but you should be able to get anywhere woon enough from the jungle
Cleanse - Could come in handy against heavy CC teams, otherwise useless.
Surge - You do use ap and attack speed, but your W shoud provide enough AS. AP only empowers one burst attack, while spells like ignite should give you more damage on a target.
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Creeping / Jungling

Start at the wraiths, activate power fist, smite the blue wraith and finish the rest. Move on to wolves, while you keep using powerfist (especially to engage). Move towards blue buff. If smite''s cooldown is back to 16, engage the ancient golem using power fist, and activate overdrive after your first hit. Finish the big one off with smite then go back to the wraiths. After that kill the golems. If needed at level 3 take rocket grab and gank, otherwise continue to red,

After your first round you should be able to kill the mobs in the jungle freely without any trouble
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League of Legends Build Guide Author blueshadowx13
blueshadowx13 Blitzcrank Guide
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Jungle Blitzcrank - Gank ''n Grab

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