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Diana Build Guide by Rickysan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rickysan

Jungle Diana (Hybrid) - Focus Guide

Rickysan Last updated on November 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Diana hybrid jungle- first of all this is not an total in depth guide. This guide will focus on Diana jungling. I will touch on another few points briefly like item choice and champions she is best/worst against.

Now... lets begin

Hybrid Diana? (Why hybrid)

The idea of Diana going hybrid may sound insane. She is an AP mage and I did play her as one, Mid or Jungle. But what I loved the most about her is her passive and her engage. I wanted to make a build that focusses on her passive, making the best of what is. But the problem building full AP and having only her third attack do massive damage and the rest next to none seemed a waist. So when I made the build I used I had the following Ideas in my head:

* Very high attack speed (For her passive)
* High sustain damage
* High burst
* Moderately Tanky

Needless to say that is exactly what I got.

Diana overall is more focussed AP still but has good sustain due to items.

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If you noticed there are two builds. The first is when you are up against an heavy or normal team where as the the other is if you are up against a heavy AP team.


Nasher's Tooth vs Maladay vs Wits end

At first glance Nasher's Tooth might seem better due to the cool-down it has, but it lacks something very important: Added magic damage with auto attack.

I am against getting this item since it does not compliment you build as the rest do

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Pros / Cons


- Counter jungler
- Good engage
- Clears camps very fast early-mid game
- Great Tower Diver
- Very high burst and chase
- Great ganker once you have ult


- Horrible gank before you have your ult
- Easy to counter jungle early game
- Very mana dependant
- Fragile early game

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Creeping / Jungling

In this section:

* Basic Jungling

- Jungle Path
- Gaol as Diana
- Backing
- Dragon

* Advance Jungling

- Timers
- Counter Jungling
- Mid lane Pick
- Warding
- Anti-Counter Jungle

* Ganking

- Early game ganking
- Mid/late game ganking
- Tower Diving

Risk vs Reward

- Farming
- Counter Jungle
- Recemmendation
Lets go:

* Basic Jungling

- Jungle Path

1. Wolves
2. Blue
3. Wraiths
4. Golems
5. Red
6. Wraiths

Then Repeat:

2. Golems
3. Wraiths

//Notes: Get someone to help you with wolves but letting you last hit. And have someone leash Blue. Use your potions when you get past half health.

- Gaol as Diana

Your gaol as Diana is to reach level 6 as fast as possile. Once you get your ult ganks are allot better and end up in success most of the time. So tell your team to play safe early game as you want to rush your ult.

- Backing

The first time you must back is when you are too low health to even jungle wolves or wraiths or when you have enough gold for your first item (860 gold).

- Dragon

Solo dragon at level 10 and higher after you got your attack speed boots.

* Advance Jungling

- Timers

Take special note of these because they are an essential key in making you a great jungler.

Blue/red re-spawns every 5 min.
Dragon every 6 min.

So take note at which times you killed them.

For most junglers the average time blue re-spawns is at (7:15,,,12:15,,17:15,,23:15)
(Assuming they start at Blue, the same counts for if they start Red)

- Counter Jungling

Diana is perfect for counter jungling especialy early-mid game. But is it worth it? YES!! For Diana it is a must.

Early game Counter Jungle:

If your opponent begins at blue (has mana) Head to their Red instead of heading to your wolves.
Note that you should head through your jungle and enter the ramp next to mid lane.
Avoid using tri-bush. Make ready to pop your shield and ghost if they are waiting.
Stand in the bush at red until it spawns. Kill red with smite and head to your own red first then your blue!!
The logic behind it is that when your opponent sees their red is gone they will thunk you are now
doing blue and can get a gank off at your red. It works out that gank works if you did go to your blue first.
After that continue with wolves, wraiths and golems.

If they start at Red, head to their blue. But this time you want to take the long way around.
Head through your jungle pas red and enter into their jungle at the ramp at blue.
Same thing, be careful when entering bush. Avoid walking past dragon on your way to blue, enemy champions usually sit in the bush near mid. After blue head to your blue where you can take it for yourself or either give it to your mid.
Then up to your red.

//Note: Always ask your mid and side lanes if they can watch for an invade.

Later Game Counter jungling:

This is where the timers come in ~

I have not have a case where this didn't happen thus far in all my days of jungling (Since level 10 stright to 30 and even ranked games):

It takes about 30-2 min of blue or red re-spawning for the enemy jungler to come for it.

Thus timing your jungle in such a way that when the camp spawns that you are already there.
Diana clears the jungle fast enough that you won't get caught. But don't head to it when it spawns.
Because then it is too late. Go to it 30 seconds before it spawns.
While you are waiting (if you arrived early) help yourself to either their wraiths or wolves.

After you stole their camp go secure your own then.
//Note: I suggest you take the one they started at and leave their second blue/red to secure your own. Remember don't get TOO greedy.

- Mid lane Pick

The best mid lanes for Diana Jungle is mid lanes that don't require mana, because then they will not e tempted to steal/ask for blue. Meaning you can jungle longer don't have to be for mana. If they do ask for it, no biggy. Buy mana potions, it is worth it.

- Warding

When you play against an agressive jungler (a jungler that clears camps fast)ward your own jungle.
When you play against a sqeechy jungler like shaco, fizz, (And even rammus) ect ward their jungle so you can see where they are. Incase you want to gank.

Instead of stealing their blue/red when it just respawned, you can ward it so that you can get gank on enemy jungler.
Thus getting their red/blue and a kill ~ The down side to this is you sometimes have to stall for time which is bad for your farm.

- Anti-Counter Jungle

When facing enemy junglers like shyvana or shaco who love early game invade/gank in your jungle use the following:

1. Shorten your path: Instead of heading to golems after wraiths head to red instead.
2. check bushes with your Q. Check the one near wraiths and the one near red. Because your Q reveals targets if they are there.

* Ganking

- Early game ganking

I try to gank once in early game (pre lvl 6).

How to:

Only gank a lane that the enemy pushed, and only at lvl 4-5 (Which you get very quickly) Try cutting the enemy's route off and hitting with your Q for initial damage before you are in melee range.
When you are in melee ranged attack them with your auto. They will try to run. So use your E to pull them back and your W to damage them when they are in melee range.
Be careful not to use E when they are too close because that will only waste the ability.

- Mid/late game ganking

Try landing your Q so that you can use your ult twice. But once you landed your Ult once wait until your Q is recharged if possible that way you get 3 ults out of it. Use your E to pull them back and your W to damage them when they are in melee range. don't be afraid to take one or two tower hits. Diana is tough. You can also safe your W to take some tower hits.

When the target is on low health but your ult can't reach him/her ult an minion and use your E to draw the person in. Even if it is under tower. Her ult has very short cooldown.

- Tower Diving

I once tower dived 3 people all on full health. I got a triple and got away...

Diana is an absolutely great tower diver due to her ult and burst damage AND her pull (Gets them every time) but there are a few times you must not dive:

Against tanks with a taunt or heavy cc, unless they on no health. (That your ult and a Q can kill)

The rest is free game.

Ability use when tower diving. This is just me and only do this when you know you will most likely get the kill.

Use R then W,Q, auto attack, E, gtfo.

Risk vs Reward

- Farming

Diana needs to farm but once she has she snowballs very well.

- Counter Jungle

Yes! It gives you an edge and a successful counter jungle usually means GG.