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Diana Build Guide by Wartika

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wartika

Jungle Diana - This is lunacy!!

Wartika Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Firstly, hello and welcome to my first guide ever on Moba Fire. This guide covers jungling with the newest champion to the league - Diana. For those of you familiar with Nautilus, she is very very similar in terms of how you jungle with her... With the exception that she is less of a tank and more of an assassin as many of you may have guessed. Her shield and passive combine to make her fairly fast through the jungle, especially after she reaches level 3 (when her shield reaches level 2). Diana is great for her gap closing and bursting abilities, not to mention that her E ability provides some rather devastating crowd control being both a pull-towards effect AND a slow. In this guide I'll cover jungling order and option for Diana, and tips for successful ganking and team-fighting later on. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful!

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Pros / Cons

The following are her pros and cons if you build Diana as I have listed:

+ Diana has fast jungle clearing capabilities after level 3.
+ Her ganks are devastating and almost always successful, esp after level 6.
+ Great counter-jungler.
+ She has high mobility and extremely high burst damage.
+ Her E provides great CC.
+ Once fed early, snowballs very fast, securing easy wins.
+ Great for assassinating enemy carries.

- Needs a good leash to get started and be successful early. (wolves and blue usually)
- Very squishy to AD based damage. (and turrets)
- Often targeted as high priority due to her burst.
- Feels mildly dysfunctional till Rylai's is complete.

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Build Explanation

I think it's important everyone realizes what and why they are building how they are, so I would like to take this moment to explain the thought process by building jungle Diana how I have listed. Note that this build speaks to the most likely scenario you will face in solo que and ranked que, but obviously doesn't account for all scenarios. If you some how end up facing all AD champions, you should accordingly adjust your build with item's like zhonya's hourglass etc....

You start boots and 3 potions like many support junglers (or any that don't build wriggles lantern for that matter) would most likely start. The 3 potions, with proper assistance on wolves and leash on blue thereafter, provides plenty of early sustain in the jungle to clear the entire minion route and still have enough health for a gank or 2 depending on how good the early performance is and how helpful your teammates are.

For the second item, taking kage's lucky pick provides some nice early ability power while making an investment for some addition gold (usually earning you about 700-900 additional gold throughout the course of the game) making it a very worth while and wise choice.

One major problem Diana and many other assassins face is their natural squishyness. I like to solve this problem early in order to make myself significantly more useful as a jungler in case I need to tank turret hits or any other sort of damage for my ally. It is also important to note that Diana is a melee champion who dashes into people, and without doubt will be targeted while doing so because of her significant burst damage. Building a giant's belt into a rylai's crystal scepter early makes you significantly more useful as a jungler for all the reason's I stated above and introducing the additional slow from rylai's crystal scepter for your ganks.

To complete the final part of Diana's build which I consider to be her "core", building a negatron cloak into an abyssal scepter is a great idea as it begins the ultimate goal of building her exceptionally bursty while tanky to ability power based attacks. The reason it is more important to build magic resist than armor on Diana is because hopefully if everything goes to plan, you should assassinate the AD carrys in team fights first, creating less of a need to build armor and more of a need to have MR so you can endure the AOE abilities of the enemy team's tanks and AP carrys. Realize that you most likely will have to endure some form of AOE crowd control ability since you are dashing into the middle of the teamfights to assassinate carrys, and most AOE crowd control effects are ability power based. Not to mention that all enemy champions will suffer your magic resist debuff since you are in the dead center of everything...